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6 Dec 2016 superuser   » (Journeyer)

Devember 2016 – Day 5

Another day has gone by.  Another video.  And more code. I learned that the recordings are difficult or impossible to see on screens smaller than an ultrawide, so this means they are mostly useless.  I need to come up with a solution to that if I mean to keep streaming.

From my commit:

So, didn't really think about it before, but decided to add
configuration injection into our commands.  This seems to have worked
out well and I'm happy with the results.  The command defines the
configuration and where it expects it, and the application provides the
external configuration in the appropriate location and it automatically
gets injected.

We also now can display route details.  This still needs more work, but
we are doing well and progressing.

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5 Dec 2016 berend   » (Journeyer)

Just had an ancient HP ProLiant dying on me: simultaneous failure of a memory bank, and a hard disk. Luckily hard disks were mirrored, phew.

As it was urgent, I bought a server I could pickup: an IBM Express x3100 M4. Warning: do not get this server. On a good day the thing takes 5 minutes to get to disk boot! Very time consuming to get that going. Also needed to apply an urgent firmware update, but no clue how that worked. Tried to run the IBM UpdateXPress ibm_utl_uxspi tool, but somehow that didn't seem to want to work on Ubuntu. Tried everything to get that going, booting OpenSUSE disk, booting SUSE EnterPrise Server 11 rescue disk, simply didn't want to work.

In the end I discovered that I had to use the IBM Bootable Media Creator utility. Doesn't run on Ubuntu. So installed a supported OS, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 via my VMWare Workstation tool, and could then run BoMC. Once you know how updating firmware works, it works quite well, but boy is this hard to figure out. Took me a day of trying things, before I hit on this. And five minute boot times don't help. The IBM readme's are written by lawyers, not for people in a hurry.

This IBM X Server is apparently nice with something called Integrated Management Module II, but couldn't get that going, because I needed an activation key which I didn't have for some reason. I'll email IBM support, see if helps.

Pity I was in a hurry else I would have gotten a System76 or IX Systems box, they just work without getting in the way.

5 Dec 2016 salmoni   » (Master)

I just released a Python-based interpreter for the CESIL language.

When I was first being taught computers (1983-1985), this was our first language. It had a massive total of 14 instructions and initially ran as a batch job. In my school, we had a Research Machines thing that ran the code but getting access was hard.

It was a good experience though. I was taught to plan properly: Write the expected output for a set of inputs (unit testing on paper), draw a flowchart of the flow, and then write the actual code on paper before even sitting down at a computer.

More information on CESIL.

BTW, I got Salstat running on FreeBSD as well as Linux, OSX and Windows.

5 Dec 2016 superuser   » (Journeyer)

Devember 2016 – Day 4

Day four is done. Got the UI up today, though it’s very basic.  Decided that the API builder should, obviously, not worry about HTML output.  It should be focused on outputting results as if it’s an API, not acting as a template.  That being said, nothing prevents that from happening.  HTTP is, effectively, and API.  But the focus is on data in a format like JSON.

I streamed it once again so you can follow along with the thought process.

I think tomorrow I’ll continue with the UI, building out a system that allows you to compose commands together.

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3 Dec 2016 superuser   » (Journeyer)

Devember 2016 – Day 3

Day three is done. Not much done today.  Cleanup and work on the output functionality.  I streamed it once again so you can follow along with the thought process.

Added a file, which I think is handy in terms of keeping track of my thoughts, on what has been done, and what needs to be done.  I think tomorrow I’m going to work a bit on a UI that is built using this system.  Still not sure of a name.  Still, three days down.  Let’s keep it going.

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3 Dec 2016 superuser   » (Journeyer)

Devember 2016 – Day 2

Day two is complete. Continued work on the stuff I was doing yesterday.  Streamed it live to no one. That’s fine.  Overall, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made tonight.  Handled outputs, both from defining the API along with the context of the request.

I think tomorrow I might want to tackle parallel commands.  So, if I wanted to fetch multiple pieces of data at once, I could do that.  Maybe I can do something more real tomorrow, such as have something that requests someones Twitter and GitHub feed at the same time.  I could do that.

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2 Dec 2016 mjg59   » (Master)

Ubuntu still isn't free software

Mark Shuttleworth just blogged about their stance against unofficial Ubuntu images. The assertion is that a cloud hoster is providing unofficial and modified Ubuntu images, and that these images are meaningfully different from upstream Ubuntu in terms of their functionality and security. Users are attempting to make use of these images, are finding that they don't work properly and are assuming that Ubuntu is a shoddy product. This is an entirely legitimate concern, and if Canonical are acting to reduce user confusion then they should be commended for that.

The appropriate means to handle this kind of issue is trademark law. If someone claims that something is Ubuntu when it isn't, that's probably an infringement of the trademark and it's entirely reasonable for the trademark owner to take action to protect the value associated with their trademark. But Canonical's IP policy goes much further than that - it can be interpreted as meaning[1] that you can't distribute works based on Ubuntu without paying Canonical for the privilege, even if you call it something other than Ubuntu.

This remains incompatible with the principles of free software. The freedom to take someone else's work and redistribute it is a vital part of the four freedoms. It's legitimate for Canonical to insist that you not pass it off as their work when doing so, but their IP policy continues to insist that you remove all references to Canonical's trademarks even if their use would not infringe trademark law.

If you ask a copyright holder if you can give a copy of their work to someone else (assuming it doesn't infringe trademark law), and they say no or insist you need an additional contract, it's not free software. If they insist that you recompile source code before you can give copies to someone else, it's not free software. Asking that you remove trademarks that would otherwise infringe trademark law is fine, but if you can't use their trademarks in non-infringing ways, that's still not free software.

Canonical's IP policy continues to impose restrictions on all of these things, and therefore Ubuntu is not free software.

[1] And by "interpreted as meaning" I mean that's what it says and Canonical refuse to say otherwise

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2 Dec 2016 superuser   » (Journeyer)

Devember 2016 – Day 1

Day one is complete. I’m working on something completely different, but it’s started.

I want to build a system where APIs can be built using Node.js in a way that allows you to piece together different methods.  I realize there are systems out there like this, but I couldn’t find anything that meets my goals.  Besides, I wanted to build it.  Today was a longer day.  More than an hour, mostly because I didn’t want to leave it in a half state.  I can continue tomorrow where I left off with a working system and clear next steps.

I live streamed the entire session using Twitch.  There was one point where I was dealing with an error that I could not figure out.  Here is the moment I discover the very simple error. At some level, it’s fairly embarrassing to have that live on video.  But things like that do happen.

Most of this is being designed as I go along.  I’m not so concerned about performance at the moment.  Mostly it’s about getting it working.

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1 Dec 2016 caolan   » (Master)

Impress LibreOffice OpenGL Slide Transitions under Wayland via GTK3