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4 Jul 2002 (updated 4 Jul 2002 at 05:08 UTC) »

I finally caught up on the sleep that I lost during OLS only to find myself submitting corrected patches to kernel-janitor-discuss and the trivial patch monkey. Perhaps my wannabe-ness is pretty evident (most likely, with a few one-liners), but the feedback from the authors seems pretty positive, or at least non-threatening (even when one of them pointed out that the patches I sent were all wrong). So now, after sending out corrections, it's 1am and I have to wake up in 5 hours or so in order to catch a bus to Toronto, where I'll visit friends that I have never met and afterwards attend Debconf 2.

My iBook made some weird screeching noise when I woke it up from sleep at OLS today. Fortunately it happened between talks, so I didn't annoy a speaker or make myself look like too much of an ass. It also looks like I'm not the only one.

Discovered driftnet while at the conference. With this being my first time on a wireless network, this is pretty scary. Mental note: try to apply the FreeS/WAN patch to my benh (PowerPC) kernel, so that I can start using wavesec tommorow.

Last night was a busy one. The first ever OCLUG GPG keysigning party took place, and I think it went quite well. At least it was easier to put together than the GPG tutorial that I gave last month. Many participants want it to become an annual event, and I agree with them. Hopefully next year it won't conflict with something like...

...the mozilla 1.0 release party! Most of the keysigning participants also made their way over to the James Street Feed Co. in downtown Ottawa to celebrate the 1.0 milestone. The music sucked and there weren't enough tables, but there were some cool people to meet and some good conversation. Our group of 5 managed to obtain the last little table in the corner (with just enough chairs) and were joined by random people over the course of the evening. Big thanks to the guys at OEone that booked the room and set this up.

27 May 2002 (updated 27 May 2002 at 02:03 UTC) »

Sorry, very thin on the free software news in this entry.

Linux stuff

Got an airport card for my iBook, so that ends my laptop-related purchases for the next few years. Now I need to compile a new kernel to get it working. I'm still excited about it - it is by far my favorite machine.

I also made a patch for the kernel janitors project for the first time. As it turns out, someone else submitted a patch for the same problem about 2 hours before I was finished mine, so I didn't submit it. I was actually pleased with that because I had a chance to see how they had done things. I'll have to wait and see whether I'll become an active participant in this project (which I have always thought was neat).


Went parachuting for the first time today at the Gatineau Airport. Dropped from 3500 feet and had to contend with some wind, which was a bit intimidating (at least on the ground before the jump and when stepping out of the plane door). Letting go was actually very easy, but the first full turn scared the crap out of me because you tilt at a 45 degree angle (and drop a hell of a lot faster). Lots of fun, though, and I got a few pictures of other people from the ground. I will definitely be going back.

Oh, and I found another double of myself (one of the guys jumping from 11,500 feet). That's the third person that I have seen that looks a lot like me (and have had other people along to tease me about it). Scary.

17 May 2002 (updated 17 May 2002 at 19:05 UTC) »

My iBook has been here for a week now. I spent the first day playing with OS X, but after that I made a Debian partition and I haven't looked back. OS X is nice but I really don't feel as comfortable in it as I am in Linux. I have, however, kept a small OS X partition in case I get a bit curious again (or decide to install Cro-Mag rally).

I should really send out an announcement for the OCLUG keysigning party this weekend now that this busy week is over.

Three weeks of waiting and still no new iBook. This is really frustrating.

Had the OCLUG GPG Tutorial last night, which seemed to go rather well. This was my first talk for OCLUG and although I was a bit nervous at first, the talk opened up quite quickly and many of the audience members took an active part in the discussion.

The next event is a keysigning party which will take place on June 12th.

29 Apr 2002 (updated 29 Apr 2002 at 20:48 UTC) »

The first day of work almost invariably sucks. No one is organized and you get stuck going to a few meetings, so nothing really gets done (apart from a few notes jotted down on a piece of paper). Then, once said meetings are over, you still can't really start doing anything because you have to wait for another meeting later in the week where certain people will tell you what is and is not acceptable (apparently PHP is not acceptable anymore, which is a shame since I used it in this same job last year and it suited the job well).

Still waiting for my iBook. I was supposed to have it by this morning, but it hasn't even been shipped yet. So it looks like I'll be waiting another week or so. *grumble*

It snowed here in Ottawa yesterday. How depressing. I love skiing and winter and all that, but enough is enough. It's not like this snowfall is going to reopen any ski hills, it just delays rollerblading. This is why I hate spring.

dyork: Congradulations!

Announced the OCLUG GPG Tutorial and Keysigning Party, both at the meeting last Thursday and on the mailing list on Saturday. So far, the response is pretty good, with a number of people already registered within the first week of it being publicized. Now to finish preparing the presentation...

It's official: I'll be purchasing an Apple iBook at the end of April or the beginning of May. By all accounts, Debian runs fine on these machines, and the battery life can't be beat. I'm sure I'll grumble about the single button for the trackpad but some simple keybindings will help alleviate that problem.

I just got elected as Vice Chair of our IEEE student branch at the University of Ottawa. I ended up winning by one vote!

Regular exercise seems to be helping me shift my schedule forward (or "chaging phase", as defined in the jargon file). I used to wake up at 10am or later on weekends, now I have trouble waking up any later than 7:30am. This will help next weekend when daylight saving time hits here in North America.

It's fun having two very different families. On my dad's side, I got: "You're going skydiving? Cool!". On my mom's side, I got: "You can't be serious! I can't tell you how to live your life, but I know I wouldn't jump out of a plane."

Any Free software work has been put aside for the weekend. The only exception is some work on the GPG tutorial that I'm preparing for OCLUG, but even that has been put aside for this evening. Hopefully I'll have it ready for the end of the week (at least before reviewing and editing it).

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