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This is mainly to avoid the shame of a diary that hasn't been updated in years. Most of my blogging has been at my MozillaZine blog which you should check out.

Also, I'm amazed that I'm certified as a master. I really don't deserve this.

I've been swamped lately with my Bar Mitzvah and school. I was finally allowed into linuxworld thanks to the kind people of oeone (who I will give a plug here since they do some really cool work with mozilla embedding It was a lot of fun and I met some good people and saw some great things including the Sun Accessibility Toolkit which got me thinking about Mozilla ccessibility. I also got a chance to poke at what ximian is cooking which was pretty cool. Best of all, I saw timeless who I have done a whole bunch of work with online with Mozilla but never met in person.

I've been pretty busy with school. It was camping the first week, so no hacking from there (the perl-by-pencil idea doesn't appeal to me). Just getting back to normal, but I'll be at Rosh Hashana services on Tuesday and Wednesday to break the cycle again.

I didn't do much today, listened to the radio and heard Bush's morning address and the news on the airport. Still trying to figure out if I am going to LA at the end of the week or if staying in town is safer at the moment.

I did try out the new automated smoketests for Mozilla which are very cool! It's going to take some work to get them to be as good as the human run ones, and we _will_ have to run them manually at least once a week at least for a week for a while to make sure that things are semi-sane.

Tinderbox is also working well. Bugzilla is now being tested with 0.9 and abisource should be upgrading soon as the perl scripts are now released on the web. Email if you are interested in using them as a tinderbox client.

Well, my "free linuxworld campaign" seems to be going pretty well. I have gotten a bunch of emails that have been sent to LinuxWorld, and there are probably more that I was not cc'd or bb'd on. Someone from the EFF who is working the EFF booth at LinuxWorld emailed the show manager. That is pretty cool as long as I don't see "Free Zach Lipton" alert messages on homepages around the world.

I just posted an article which would have gone here. So I'll leave out a diary entry for today and refer people to the article about the linuxworld age policy on

I am swamped now. I will try to write here daily, but who knows... My Bar Mitzvah is Saturday and I read Torah at the minyan today. Going to LinuxWorld tomorrow with a bunch of Mozilla People which will be fun and a much needed break.
I don't know what the wiki tag here does, but here goes <wiki>this is in a wiki!</wiki> I'll have to see how that comes out.
I took over BiDi qa the other day, which means I have lots of bugs to verify. Got tinderbox scripts under control for abisource and perl though, so things are looking good over there. Thanks to hwaara for pointing us together.
I really don't have too much more to say. I hope to get some docs stuff under control next week, though I have the layer slayer to work on and school, ugh, which starts Tuesday.

I have been so busy. Life is wrecking my life! I am junking some of my ideas. No time. If someone else with time wants to do them, go ahead! More entries to come later.

Oh. And PLEASE cetrify me!

Ok. I haven't had a chance to update this for a LONG time. Oh, I have to mention that Nina is cool (don't ask, but if it makes her happy...). I am doing 8 million things at once so I will attempt to list them.

1. Life (an important one) 2. Write a gateway that allows users to edit webpages through http instead of cvs 3. Learn perl to do step 2 4. Write a test-suite management system 5. Learn Mysql to do step 4. 6. Work on bugzilla 3.0 7. Learn OOP in perl to do step 6 8. Add a "cite" button that interfaces with noodletools to mozilla 9. Learn XUL to do step 8 10. Learn JS to do step 10 11. Be a good QA contact for evangelism 12. Actually file bugs :) 13. Confirm the darn mac bug reports 14. Write more diary entries 15. Wade through 100 bugmails 16. Yell at my ISP because they won't install the perl modules to let me do any of these things 17. Figure out what else should be on this list. 18. Reply to the 15 emails from James Russel that I got while writing this 19. Stop writing and get on working

Oh, I hate my life in opensource :) If only SOMEONE at Netscape would remember to pay me once and a while:)

Well, I am getting involved with the mozoffice project. See http:// for more information about the project. We are still in the planing phase of the project, but rcassin (hurricane) is working on the task launcher phase of the program.

Hello everyone. I am Zach Lipton and a newbie to the opensource world. I have been involved in QA with the mozilla project and am starting to get involved with openoffice. I am going to be the mirror site cordinator for open office and I will also be in charge of the status reports once that gets off the ground.

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