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I 've tried to post a new entry of diary.But after clicking [submit],one of my old entries was [updated].

I suspect my ISP proxy fucked up the whole thing.

Here is my diary ::

The Linux Cookbook

The Linux Cookbook contains Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use!
Over 1,500 time-saving recipes and hints for busy modern computer users!

``The Linux Cookbook is a good guide for beginners who want to learn about the standard commands that are available on all systems."

Avaliable for free at

http://cookbook.xcyber.org/ (unofficial mirror)

Hope you enjoy this new mirror.
Disclaimer :: All of my works about open source softwares will be open source.If some of them cannot be open source,due to contracts between i and the opposite party,half of the profit will go to Free Software Foundation.


Still coding a simple web application in ASP in office.I found its connectivity to a plain ACCESS .mdb file thru Standard SQL queries is very useful and interesting.

Who said those programmers in Microsoft are all idiots?



Wrote an article on ASP vs. PHP.

In conclusion,PHP is more versatille and efficient.

Writing an article about web caching. It talks about caching of both dynamic and static contents and compression of PHP outputs.

It also details the advantages and disadvantages of using caching.

This one is about broadband DIY at Hongkong.A newbie style screen-shots based article.Not for geeks.
CodeRed and CodeRed II
Although not all programmers in Microsoft are all idiots,but some of them are!

Below is my apache access log. - - [06/Aug/2001:01:31:45 
+0800] "GET /default.ida?
u00=a  HTTP/1.0" 404 205 "-" "-" 0 xcyber.org
Microsoft,thanks for creating such a robust OS and web server product,which screw up 20% of web sys admins in the world.

The above attack is caused by Code Red II,a variant which can actually destroy your OS.

1 Aug 2001 (updated 10 Aug 2001 at 19:53 UTC) »
The Linux Cookbook
The Linux Cookbook contains Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use!
Over 1,500 time-saving recipes and hints for busy modern computer users!

``The Linux Cookbook is a good guide for beginners who want to learn about the standard commands that are available on all systems."

Avaliable for free at

http://cookbook.xcyber.org/ (unofficial mirror)

Hope you enjoy this new mirror.

I am disappointed!
There are no new ibook models.....
Originally ,i plannned to buy the new ibook and install mandrake on it.
Now the wait is over.I will buy the ibm x21 and get cle rocking on it.


I have been deploying mySQL servers to several clients' websites for several years.The recent dispute between mySQL AB and Nusphere is really fustrating.

mySQL AB said the Gemini stuffs ,produced by Nusphere is not released under GPL.While in doubt,i have emailed to Britton Johnston,CTO of Nusphere,hoping that i can get some clues. Below is his reply:

> From: "kwan kwan"<xcyber@yahooo.com>
> Will i get sources code of your modified mysql ,when
> i purchase your mysql adv? 
Kwan,  NuSphere distributes source code for MySQL with its
products and licenses them under the GPL.  In the specific case
of Enhanced MySQL, we provide the sources for the Gemini table
handler under the GPL license, we provide the gemini component
which is a separate library not derived from MySQL under our
commercial license. Britt... --
D. Britton Johnston       603-578-6707 Nashua
Chief Technology Officer  781-280-4954 Bedford
NuSphere Corporation      781-280-4600 Main
14 Oak Park               781-280-4646 Fax
Bedford, MA 01730         www.nusphere.com
I am now doing data entry.
I am a moron.

Just wrote a Linux-Help Yourself Guide

jmallett :: Concerning the requirements of an sysadmin,the situation is the same in Hongkong. Flipping the Recruit,you can find that almost all computer-related jobs,namely:
    Junior Programmer
    Network Operator

    Newtork Admin

    Unix/Linux Admin

They all require a CS degree. I think there are 2 reasons:

    Excessive production of CS students
    There are many CS students produced each yrs from 7 universities.A CS degree seems to be the minimum requirement to get a computer-related job.As the supply is greater than demand,why don't those employers employ more CS guys? As they are at least professionally trained and quite cheap in term of salary.Fresh CS graduates here are pulling USD 1200-USD 2000 /mo only
    Misunderstanding of job requirement from the HR dept of that company
    Those HR dept people studied HR only.How the hell can they spot the differences between network admin and programming? How can they know a CS student never study admin of an OS in university? What they know is simple:If i need a computer guru,grab me a CS student,isn't it the Title "Computer Science: clear enough for them?

To recap,even a CS graduate is facing difficulty to find a job this yr,so what do you think?

Based on your impressive experience,i think you should grab a M.Sc in CS,so that you may face less difficulty.

11 Jul 2001 (updated 11 Jul 2001 at 06:31 UTC) »


I am now developing a website for linux.org.hk tech team for them to communicate and hack together.As if you may read my diary entries,you may know i seldom hack softwares to contribute to the community.

What i do most is to give introduction of those COOL software like PHP to newbies,in form of printed articles and online articles.

I also maintain a couple of mirrors like GNU,LDP,CLDP,Webmin and LinuxFocus in my collocation server for speedy access of newbies in my country.

I think my cert level reflects (or a bit above) my contribution to the community.

deven,i think you can also help the free software community in similar ways if you don't know how to hack software.We are not at badvogato,so instead of shouting for certs,you should do some real solid things.


Writing an article for LinuxHall about XML-RPC implementation in PHP.It is available in Traditional Chinese format only .
Writing an article for Linuxpilot about ASP vs. PHP.It is an invaluable chance for me to do some PHP Advocacy
All of my published articles will be available on my website,so don't buy those books =p.


I am really interested to pursue my career in legal sector.But now i am studying biology and CS in university.i think i will finish my degree study and take the Common Professional Exam or LLB course.

What if no school admit me?

Well..I don't know.......


I am now helping the company to process a pile of papers,how?

Those papers contain the email addresses of customers,my job is data entry..

I am updating my C.V.,adding the title "Data Entry Specialist" to it.

10 Jul 2001 (updated 10 Jul 2001 at 05:49 UTC) »


Now having a japanese style lunchbox.It contains roasted chicken,roasted eel and egg with rice.

Do you love asian food?

9 Jul 2001 (updated 11 Jul 2001 at 06:35 UTC) »

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Going to year2 at CUHK,declared as a CS minor student.

Can i attend M.Sc. course of CS after graduated as a biology student?

This bothers me!



My original task is to dump 1.3 Millions row of data from 200 tables containg over 150 fields from various databases living in Oracle and MSSQL using ACCESS.

Do you guys think it is possible to do so?

2 weeks before,

i have suggested to my manager that it is impratical and stupid to do so.He refused to comment on it.

3 days later,he quitted the company.

i am told that the task was out-sourced to outside company.

I have not received any prior notification.I acted like an idiot in my company.

Although i am just a summer job worker,i think it is a matter of courtesy and they should treat me like a member of their freaking team.



Get assigned as a web developer to make the website of linux.org.hk.

My task is to make a collaboration site,e.g. SF for linux.org.hk tech team .

The deadline is 2 weeks later,is it possible?

Opinions are welcome!DO you think that SF is good and useful?



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