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So, we finally got net. Now I will just have to hack up some evil database to manage our users and hosts.

On the Debian front I'm proud of what we achived during last weekend's bug sqashing party. I'm looking forward to the next one.

The net to nautilus (main devel host) is up again, I finished my script to track down br0ken dependencies, and I'm finally certified as Journeyer (thanks dtype). Nice day.

19 Feb 2001 (updated 19 Feb 2001 at 17:48 UTC) »

The network to my main development host (with all my cvs repositories etc) is down. I don't even have local checkouts (working with remote shell usually). Hope it will get up again soon. I wonder how I can survive in the meantime.

Currently a lot of packages in sid depend on packages that don't exist anymore. I'm currently hacking something up to check this automatically on all 6 archs and will probably file a few bug reports this week.

Upgraded the cvs2cl package too and gave the #debian.de hompage a new layout. Not much news besides this.

Just uploaded deborphan 0.1.24-1. I upped Standards-Version to 3.5something which means I had to support DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS. Well, not actually had, according to policy it's only recommended and not a MUST. I looked at a few packages and how they did it and found out that hardly any packages have support for it yet. Hmmm.

Hope to get really online this week, radio lan to the university is finished now so I just need them to plug the cable into router port "csrkbd FE1/0/13".

At home and having new connection over the weekend. Used it to build new debs of empire (fixing one packaging bug) and deborphan which has some nice new features in it's new upstream version. I still need to do a new deb of Class::Methodmaker which has a new upstream for a few days now. I should also check out how cvs2cl is dooing.

I hope to get Inet connection in Munich (where I study) RSN. I bought a computer to act as proxy,file,ntp et al server this week for the LAN at the students' home home. If only the uplink would get installed soon....

I built new debian-keyring stats this WE, you can have a look at them at http://www.palfrader.org/weboftrust/20010203/. You'll probably be most interested in the gfx/ dir there. I'm not too bad in the web of trust :)

Also finished an acceptable version for the #debian.de hompage on IRCNet. Used some wml, some sgml (insert other buzzwords as needed). Stole the layout from www.debian.org since it looks nice and makes sense. Joey Martin Shulze is thinking of creating another layout looking STish. Should be no real problem using it once it's finished due to the nature of wml.

The LinCVS author mailed me stating that one more version of lincvs will depend on tmake to build. This is unfortunate as I refuse to build a package that needs non-free software in the build process. Upstream promised to change to autoconf/make RSN tho.

Uploaded libgnupg-perl.deb yesterday. It is yet another perl interface to the Gnu Privacy Guard. It has some advantages to libgnupg-interface-perl which I also packaged some months ago. It is easier to use (IMHO), has less overhead but is by far not as powerfull as GnuPG::Interface.

Also got a jabber account these days. My id is weasel@jabber.at.

Now 4 ppl on #debian.de (IRCNet) asking the same question within 1 or 2 hours finally was the last straw. I took action and startet the FAQ collection immediatly. First time I used sgml.

I also started a rebuild of my homepage using wml (my first time using wml too). I'll probably be able to finish it within a week or so.

Crist van Pelt released a new upstream version of deborphan which I've yet to package. Because some fellow developers on #debian asked /NOT/ to upload a package soon it's not really of a high priority. Rationale for not uploading is that a Package needs to be at least 14 days in unstable to get into testing. The current deborphan already is 4 or 5 days old so I'll have to wait about 10 days. Should be plenty of time to do an untar, cvs import, dch, and cvs-buildpackage. Not to forget the dupload.

Somehow I absolutely don't feel like coding currently although I have a few interesting ideas wrt anonymous remailers. I already collect remailer stats from several pingers (which remindes me to check out that perl script - it produces hanging processes every now and than). It would be great to analyze and visualize the numbers somehow. Like what's a remailer's mean latency and uptime, how does it evolve over the time and such things.

Shorty promised to do some work on keylookup a few weeks back. Nothing happened so far. Looks like I'll finish the project alone. Only two or three things are still in the TODO file. For those who don't know, keylookup is a small script that allows you to query a given keyserver for a searchstring, shows you the list of matches and then offers to import each of the keys into your gnupg keyring. Should be quite easy to support pgp too but I don't care.

Had a short email conversation with Martin Michlmayr and Joy about that wnpp should really be a mailling list. We agreed and I filed a bug against lists.debian.org. Hope we get it soon.


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