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11 May 2004 (updated 11 May 2004 at 15:05 UTC) »
Fedora tips
faced problem trying to run Realplayer 9 on Fedora? check this link out : Personal Fedora Core 1 Installation Guide. Shall try this when i have time, but my brother said it is working...

enjoy :)

quote of the day
Wrote this somewhere in another mailing list:
best thing about human is that they don't possess the capability of "Undo" (such as Microsoft Word) but instead a better and flexible function "Improve" which Microsoft Word would need to consider in its next 10 versions (or perhaps a few versions earlier).

10 May 2004 (updated 10 May 2004 at 13:39 UTC) »

did you ever think about the possibilities to reboot "fast"?

looking at the article here describes how one can make use of kexec to do the job. if you have got bored of waiting for reboot (when must do so) perhaps this tool will be of good help.

oh ya, kexec runs only on the 386 platform and linux, nope, no windows 9x/2k/XP/whatsoever... :)

8 May 2004 (updated 8 May 2004 at 13:47 UTC) »

got this from a friend.. found it pretty, interesting.

Lesson Three
A little bird was flying south for the winter. It was so cold the bird froze and fell to the ground in a large field. While it was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on it. As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, it began to realize how warm it was. The dung was actually thawing him out! He lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy. A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate. Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung, and promptly dug him out and ate him.

Management Lesson -
(1) Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy.
(2) Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.
(3) And when you're in deep shit, it's best to keep your mouth shut!

how much can we learn from this story i wonder? :)

7 May 2004 (updated 7 May 2004 at 22:45 UTC) »
got a news from a friend, telling me about another linux distro that claims to work well with Windows apps and integration. first came to my mind was Lindows which apparently now is known as Linspire (stated in the homepage), but decided to take a look at this new (to me at least) guy Ignalum.

from the site looks nothing new, but from the features it is to me great news since their new releaes would be a FC1 based system, with many promising stuffs added. One great thing i would love to try is the out-of-the box direct integration with a Windows network with Active Directory i presume... that i have done since the release of Samba 3 alpha, but a working integration of Openldap with Active Directory would be a good news to me :) hmm, better keep an eye on this fella.

anyone tried this? mail me your feedback please? :)

hopped shortly to lcf's site and read what he posted about Sasser, the new kids on the block for "clever" and "automatic" virus award from me. did not think such things is bringing endless problem to the users,but after reading his blog, the question comes:

"when would linux viruses go bizzarre and bring linux users to the same situation as windows users?"

something to ponder on i guess....

3 May 2004 (updated 3 May 2004 at 14:44 UTC) »
malaysia offering contents for al-qaida?

i personally don't think so, but the german site had discovered something here. a babelfished version for non-german readers can be viewed here.

it was reported that the site was tracerouted all the way til cyberjaya in Malaysia. double checked with a jordanian friend and he said the site is all about killing people. wonder what would the pages4free.biz do?

dang. can anyone confirm the contents for me too?

today is the day...

got lazy, had to sit in office, have no mood to start reading my java and byte code, ended up doing head figure for myself.

since i have time to write, let me call today's diary:

How to be a OSS wannabe: vol.1
before you can pretend to be a OSS fella (that is, a wannabe) first you must get yourself a head picture that you can (shamelessly) let the whole world know you geeky you are. so follow the instructions stated here and start searching through your photo collections, and make at least 1 for yourself, then politely force a planet admin or who ever maintain an open sourse software related site to put you fresh created floating head online.

after that just spam the whole world to at least peep at your floating head and (hopefully) blog/diary/writings/nothing once a day.

you are well on the way to be a real oss wannabe. so good luck.

29 Apr 2004 (updated 29 Apr 2004 at 15:34 UTC) »
had ever google yourself?

had wasted sometime today google-ing someone to track him down with my brother, and ended up trying to locate ourselves and also people we know via google. results are rather, amazing :)

once i did quite some on friends i have long not met. and guess what? i found an old friend far in Canada, a good friend of mine that we have almost lost contact. hmm, did not thought google is good at jejak kasih :)

perhaps it is time to "google" someone you know today?

(real) spam?
got a spam directed to me, and curiously i checked out the domain and the person registered under the domain chezpas.com it actually exists! surpsingly with a whois reveals his name and also his location.

i still don't think then he is allowed to send out spams to anyone, but only surprised to see "real" spammers with such content and erm, method used.

if you insists to help him, go ahead :)

28 Apr 2004 (updated 28 Apr 2004 at 11:14 UTC) »
sigh. got woke up early in the morning from office, said something screwed up with surfing at client's side. dialed up, ssh'd, looked high and low.

no, still does not work. dang.

took a break, reported to boss (he is away for training) and took a small cup of breakfast. decided just to pop by office and standby instead of learning at home.

suddenly came the idea, perhaps the windows server is no longer routing. called up client, told them our linux gateway is in perfect shape and no problem. please look at the windows server that should allow routing from another subnet....

"erm, Routing and RAS is activated. so?"

"hmm, wait wait.."

a short while.

"hmm, is it started?"

"oh, let me see. no."

"start it then please"

"ah, it is started."

"please try now from a client to surf the Internets"

another while...

"ah, it works!!!! thanks!"

and there goes my whole morning sleep.

talk about creativity...

how many times you bring your banana somewhere (banana, yes, real banana) and found out it was just smashed or not perfect to be eaten? now someone came out with a good idea :)

take a look at bananaguard. it might save your (banana) day.

hoho.. seeing myoss planet getting alive is a good thing :) me should also attempt to (pretend) participating actively <grin>

saw some grumble(2) on Unicode stuffs on linux, but i think since i have the iiimf stuff my fedora core 1, i have no problem at all viewing unicode things (chinese mainly though) on firefox and other softwares. my gaim is "chinese"fied, and i have done quite some chinese input with gedit lately. no luck with openoffice yet, but perhaps that is next thing to do.

as the biggest satisfaction (and sadness since i did not finish my planned work) of the previous week is seen here. so much for beautifying my desktop and forgot about productivity.

shall find time to write a little more on my t20 with FC1 (later FC2 when released) experiences soon.

after much consideration.. i better start off with an account here in advogato before i take more time to have a rss-able website. that would come much later.

all the motivation came from byte's effort at Planet MyOSS. i think eventhough i am just a wannabe i can still attempt to participate and get something moving.

anyway, need to get busy with my T20 now :) happy getting it and would be exploring it these few days until i finally get over the excitement.

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