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no running imapd / slapd under gentoo

Today, I discovered that my mailserver was down on a root server (running gentoo). I tried to search why and whats the problem.

  1. I see error messages, that some processes cannot connect to ldap
  2. I tried to use phpldapadmin to check whats wrong. Here I got the next error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare password_hash()
  3. I changed the used php version from php-5.5 to php-5.4 … phpldapadmin again works, but I cannot login
  4. I see imapd segmentation faults in dmesg in libwrappers …so I guess there is a problem with sys-apps/tcp-wrappers
  5. I rebuild tcp-wrappers, restarting nearly all processed from /etc/init.d without success
  6. I get deeper into the logfiles of my server (needed to take a look into the live logfiles (which logs all into one file, which is heavy under a root server with many hosted domains)
  7. I see an error, that some processes (one was also slapd) cannot read /etc/hosts.deny
  8. I see, that only root has the permission to read /etc/hosts.deny
  9. I change the permission to get all a read of this file
  10. Restarting slapd and all stuff works again … what a pain

Feels like one of my living years are gone … sometimes I love, but sometimes I hate gentoo.

I do not know who has changed the permissions on this file … but if I found he/it … *g*

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no CSS in mediawiki anymore

After upgrading my gentoo system, I discovered a problem with one of my new mediawiki installations:

No CSS anymore!

That’s frustrating. Looking with my browser tools, I see, that the load.php from mediawiki returns nothing. Searching around and found only one place which helped:

https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=64836 <– the bug entry on php.

Now I tried to downgrade my gentoo package sys-apps/file back to 5.11 and restarting my apache … viola … it works.

emerge =sys-apps/file-5.11

Now the load.php works again and it looks like, that this has nothing to do with mediawiki itself.

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testing REST interface with Spring 3.2 and a session scoped bean

There are some nice articles around the “spring 3.2 testing capabilities” like the spring documentation itself, this blog and this blog.

I wanted to not only test one request/response action against my REST interface. I wanted to simulate and test more of a conversation as it typical happens in the UI.

Following REST interface I wanted to create and test:

public interface RESTCustomer {

method = RequestMethod.POST)
Customer create(@RequestParam("firstname") final String firstname,
@RequestParam("lastname") final String lastname);

method = RequestMethod.DELETE)
void delete(@RequestParam("id") final String... customerIds);

produces = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE,
method = RequestMethod.GET)
Collection<Customer> getAll();

value = "/update",
method = RequestMethod.POST)
Customer update(@RequestParam("id") final String id, @RequestParam("firstname") final String firstname);


Following test steps I had in mind, to test the create method:

  1. Get a list of all customers and remember the count
  2. Create a new customer
  3. Check, that the ID of the returning Customer was updated
  4. Get again a list of all customers
  5. Check the size of the customer list before and after creation … they should differ between one entry/li>

The new Spring Framework version 3.2 introduced some nice feature to do REST testing with minimal effort.

To test such conversion, you need beside the WebApplicationContext a MockHttpSession which has to be used between different mockMvc calls, on one test case.

The following base test structure is required:

  classes = {
public class RESTCustomerTest {
  private WebApplicationContext wac;

  MockHttpSession session;

  MockMvc mockMvc;

  ObjectMapper jsonObjectMapper;

  public void setup() {
    mockMvc = MockMvcBuilders.webAppContextSetup(wac).build();
    jsonObjectMapper = new ObjectMapper();

  public void testCreate() throws Exception {

Let assume, there is an implementation of the RESTCustomer service interface like this:

public class CustomerResource implements RESTCustomer {

  private final PlatformService service;

  public CustomerResource(final PlatformService service) {
    this.service = service;

  public Customer create(final String firstname, final String lastname) {
    return service.createCustomer(firstname, lastname);

  public Collection<Customer> getAll() {
    return service.getAllCustomers();


Assume also, that the autowired PlatformService is a Session scoped bean (somewhere configured inside the spring configuration).

Now our testing method can be like this:

  int countCustomers() throws Exception {
    final MvcResult mvcResult = mockMvc.perform(get("/customer").session(session).accept(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON))
    final Collection<Customer> customers = getRawObjects(mvcResult);
    return customers.size();

Collection<Customer> getRawObjects(final MvcResult mvcResult) throws Exception {
    return jsonObjectMapper.readValue(mvcResult.getResponse().getContentAsString(),
        new TypeReference<Collection<Customer>() {

Customer getRawObject(final MvcResult mvcResult) throws Exception {
    return jsonObjectMapper.readValue(mvcResult.getResponse().getContentAsString(),
        new TypeReference<Customer>() {

  public void testCreate() throws Exception {
    // get default customer list and count
    final int originalCustomerSize = countCustomers();

    // create new customer
    final MvcResult mvcResult = mockMvc
            post("/customer/?firstname={firstname}&lastname={lastname}","testFirstname", "testLastName").session(session).accept(
    final Customer customerObject = getRawObject(mvcResult);
    assertNotNull("id of new customer should not empty", customerObject.get("id"));
    assertEquals("newly firstname should match", "testFirstname", customerObject.get("firstname");

    // again get list of all customers and check, if one more is available
    assertEquals("after new customer was created, the size should be one more", originalCustomerSize + 1, countCustomers());

To get such conversation to work, you need to pass the session with .session(session) between the mockMvc calls. Else, every new mockMvc call creates a new session and your test fail.

REMEMBER: The trick is to pass the autowired MockHttpSession between the mock MVC requests.

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cannot longer login into squirrelmail with chrome (solved)

In the last days I’m unable to login into my webmail client, which runs with squirrelmail on a gentoo box.

I have tried to check whats going wrong and googled a little bit around. I have inspect the cookies with chrome and saw, that a (in some posts mentioned) cookie named “key” was never set.

After that, I have start to deactivate some of my chrome extensions and viola … login works again … the problematic extension I have found out was
“Simple Adblock” which I have installed in the last weeks.

Now I’m using again “AdBlock Beta” and added my webmail domain to the white list filter.

Everything fine again :-)

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2011 in review

Die WordPress.com Statistikelfen fertigten einen Jahresbericht dieses Blogs für das Jahr 2011 an.

Hier ist eine Zusammenfassung:

Das Sydney Opera House bietet Platz für 2.700 Konzertbesucher. Dieses Blog wurde in 2011 etwa 30.000 mal besucht. Das entspräche etwa 11 ausverkauften Konzertveranstaltungen im Sydney Opera House.

Klicke hier um den vollständigen Bericht zu sehen.

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