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8 Jan 2007 (updated 8 Jan 2007 at 17:11 UTC) »
Find and remove mp3 files:
$ find . -iname *.mp3 -exec rm -rf "{}" \;
24 Nov 2006 (updated 24 Nov 2006 at 15:04 UTC) »
PyGTK Widget Test #1

I'm trying to make a widget that roll texts and later to place in a gnome applet

import gobject
import pango
import gtk
from gtk import gdk

class ScrolledTextWidget(gtk.Widget): def __init__(self): gtk.Widget.__init__(self) self.__start = True self.set_font() self.set_text('Caio Eduardo Canestraro de Souza', 'Ana Julia Canestraro de Souza') # update once a milisecond - time.sleep(0.010) gobject.timeout_add(30, self.do_redraw)

def set_font(self, font='Sans', size=10): font = '%s %s' % (font, size) self._font = pango.FontDescription(font)

def set_text(self, t, tt): self.p = self.create_pango_layout(t) self.p.set_font_description(self._font) self.pp = self.create_pango_layout(tt) self.pp.set_font_description(self._font)

def do_realize(self): self.set_flags(self.flags() | gtk.REALIZED) self.window = gdk.Window( self.get_parent_window(), width=self.allocation.width, height=self.allocation.height, window_type=gdk.WINDOW_CHILD, wclass=gdk.INPUT_OUTPUT, event_mask=self.get_events() | gdk.EXPOSURE_MASK) self.window.set_user_data(self), gtk.STATE_NORMAL) self.window.move_resize(*self.allocation)

def do_unrealize(self): self.window.set_user_data(None)

def do_size_request(self, requisition): width, height = self.p.get_size() requisition.width = 150 # Fixed width requisition.height = height // pango.SCALE

def do_size_allocate(self, allocation): self.allocation = allocation if self.flags() & gtk.REALIZED: self.window.move_resize(*allocation)

def do_expose_event(self, event): # Create first context c = self.window.cairo_create() c.rectangle(event.area.x, event.area.y, event.area.width, event.area.height) c.clip() # Create second context cc = self.window.cairo_create() cc.rectangle(event.area.x, event.area.y, event.area.width, event.area.height) cc.clip() fw, fh = self.p.get_pixel_size() # First text size fww, fhh = self.pp.get_pixel_size() # Second text size x, y, h, w = self.get_allocation() # Window size if self.__start: self.x = h self.y = 3 # Fixed value self.xx = h + fw + 5 self.yy = self.y # First context c.move_to(self.x, self.y) c.update_layout(self.p) c.show_layout(self.p) # Second context cc.move_to(self.xx, self.yy) cc.update_layout(self.pp) cc.show_layout(self.pp) if self.x == -fw: self.x = self.xx + fww + 5 elif self.xx == -fw: self.xx = self.x + fw + 5 else: self.x = self.x - 1 self.xx = self.xx - 1 self.__start = False

def do_redraw(self): if self.window: alloc = self.get_allocation() rect = gdk.Rectangle(alloc.x, alloc.y, alloc.width, alloc.height) self.window.invalidate_rect(rect, True) self.window.process_updates(True) # keep running this event return True gobject.type_register(ScrolledTextWidget)

11 Nov 2006 (updated 29 Nov 2006 at 14:57 UTC) »
Starting with an installation

Yesterday, i made an installation of Ubuntu Edgy Eft and start to compiling GNOME 2.18 with jhbuild.


$ sudo aptitude install build-essential cvs m4 docbook docbook-xsl flex bison texinfo lynx doxygen gawk libpopt-dev libfreetype6-dev libpng3-dev libxrender-dev libtiff4-dev x11proto-kb-dev libxext-dev libexpat1-dev libbz2-dev libaudiofile-dev xlibs-dev docbook-utils docbook2x openjade libxft-dev git-core subversion libgdbm-dev libxml-simple-perl libcupsys-dev xnest libexif-dev libexchange-storage1.2-dev libldap2-dev libsdl1.2-dev libc6-dev cvs


$ sudo mkdir -p /opt/gnome2
$ sudo chown `whoami`:`whoami` /opt/gnome2
$ mkdir -p ~/cvs/gnome2
$ cd ~/cvs/gnome2
$ cvs -d login
Logging in to
CVS password: <hit enter>
cvs login: CVS password file /home/waa/.cvspass does not exist - creating a new file
$ cvs -d checkout jhbuild
$ cd jhbuild
$ make
$ make install
$ cp sample.jhbuildrc ~/.jhbuildrc

Add following lines and set the name of moduleset variable in ~/.jhbuildrc file

os.environ['PKG_CONFIG_PATH'] = "/usr/lib/pkgconfig"
os.environ['PWLIBDIR'] = "/opt/gnome2/include/ptlib/unix"
moduleset = 'gnome-2.18'


$ jhbuild bootstrap
$ jhbuild sanitycheck
$ jhbuild build

I had following problem:

Avahi dbus-protocol.c
Eel Can't find freetype/config/ftheader.h


Jhbuild Issues
Jhbuild Dependencies
Luis Menina Jhbuild Guide


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