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allenchen has reinforced my faith in humanity with this diary entry.

stuff i'm hacking on:

profterm (tab highlight on output):

zvt might have a but in its "got_output" signal emission code, but i'd be more apt to blame the problem on my own code.
freshmeat's search-xml started returning blank documents to non-browser clients in the past few days. sent mail asking what is going on.
also working on a notebook widget with integrated tab close buttons. coming along decently so far.
5 Jun 2002 (updated 5 Jun 2002 at 05:48 UTC) »

worked on adding tab highlight on output to profterm. trying to attach to the zvt "got_output" signal resulted in an infinite loop of signal_emit()s, and i have no idea why. i basically just copied and pasted code for the title_changed signal, so it "should have worked". here is the patch so far, let me know if you fix it.

i'll mail the first person to fix this for me 2 us dollars.

heh, ok, let's see

did well in $SCHOOL this quarter. tonight is the last night of work. then going home. going to sleep. going to some shows this weekend. the crown on thursday, down on friday (i know), and sigh on saturday. and i saw motorhead and morbid angel last friday. quite a start to the summer. not really sure beyond that, but i don't really care right now.

so, i may be able to attribute my newfound academic success to, among other things, distancing myself from the desire to work on projects. this must change for the summer, as i have much planned.


also, went out to dinner with duncanm and Ankh the other weekend. had a really good time with those 2.

so, next week, i'll hopefully be back.

listening to white stripes all day. bored as fuck. should hack. should.

i need to get out of this school. before it kills me.

premise: i have to do homework
conflict: i hate homework
resolution: ?

5 Feb 2002 (updated 5 Feb 2002 at 06:01 UTC) »

the patriots won the superbowl. i know, it might not seem like much to you, but it means so much to me. i know most tech people are condescending towards sports and sports fans, but i've always been a fan. i love watching sports. and i follow the boston teams. aside from 1986, when i was 4 years old, this is the first time my team actually won the game that mattered. the whole weekend was just really great, and then the game, and we won. i'm still nowhere near coherrent. we just ran around worcester at night, screaming at cars. this article sums up how i feel. i don't even know how to end this. i can't really describe what i'm feeling, because i've never felt it before, and there aren't really words for it. of all my friends, i've known gabe the longest. we're fans. we always talk sports. i talked to him tonight for the first time since the game ended. this was the weekend it all just came together:

23:54:54 Gabe Leiner:  yeah 
23:55:09 Gabe Leiner:  this is just like 
23:55:20 Gabe Leiner:  so much better than anything else 
23:55:35 Gabe Leiner:  this doesnt suck

spam subject line: anthony, your time is running out.

a quote from one of my floormates, as the end credits of Full Metal Jacket begin to roll: dude, i thought that movie was going to be a comedy.

quote from the movie, just before the end credits roll: i am in a world of shit. but i am alive.

went to boston the other day. matched 2 more faces to nicks. i wonder if i would enjoy living in boston more than i enjoy living in worcester. of course i would. why am i constantly steering myself into suboptimal situations?

the events of the last week, blurry as they may be, presented as a series of vignettes:

it's snowing. the kick is good. the patriots win.

the spaceghost intro is weird. who's running? you are.

i have a hit song about a knife, and yes: i'm married.


oh no, not another test.

we meet, we go to wendys. thats it.

it's not snowing. the kick is blocked. that patriots win.

"dude, if the pats win the bowl i'm shaving the goat". -- Ryan "The Only" Johnson.

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