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It's been a really busy weekend. Been hacking a lot on konq/e. It's got a nifty bookmark editor now and quite some other fixes.

And whee, finished the article. My first ever :)

KDE valley is filling up :) . Werner arrived in Erlangen and Lars was here for a few days. It's just too nice to see KDE'ers in real life. Looking forward to LinuxTag.
Uhm euhm uni? oh, yes, I almost forgot. After LinuxTag...
Yippee, got 'make ipkg' working in konq/e . So building an iPKG from konq/e is a piece of cake now :-)
Smallish concert with the uni big band with grill party afterwards. Ahh, that was great fun!
Oops, have to hurry up now, to avoid being too late to the lectures.
Did some konqueror and ksirc bugfixing (looking forward to 2.2) . However I should learn to organize my bio-rhythm better....to avoid seeing myself hacking till 2 in the night and the next morning wondering why I don't get anything in the lectures at university :)
Welcome aboard Lukas . You might want to add yourself to the project :)

Wow, traffic on konq-e is increasing and some patches are coming in, nice :) . Ohh, qt 2.3.1 is out and oh joy, there's now a qt ipkg suitable for both, qpe and konq/e :D . Wonderful. Still, as Devin noticed, the package (konq) is getting bigger and bigger :(

Looks like the mosfet trouble is over and KDE is back developing at light speed. Awesome.

I'm looking forward to the holidays. Studies, KDE and Caldera work is extremly time consuming lately. Want to see the lake again, and make a bike tour there :)
Congrats Gilligan for finishing the abi!
It's been a really weird day. It starts with seeing that mosfet removed all his code from the KDE CVS Repository. wtf? Reading up the mailinglists it seems there was a hot discussion about code releases and testing and the like. Aha. The discussion still goes on (kde-devel) . Oh well. Spent almost the rest of the whole day (crazy!) in discussing a tiny design issue on #kde with frerich that lenny brought up ('do you have 5 mins for a tiny design question') . Exhausting, but a great fun. What a day...
10 Jun 2001 (updated 10 Jun 2001 at 22:21 UTC) »
Not a very productive week(end) . I was hoping to find more motivation (and time) for hacking. At least I fixed some ksirc stuff, which was fun :) .

Cleaned up the mess of different .emacs and .zshrc files on all my accounts. Now it's all synchronized from one central account, using a nifty script :)

Still not fully back up yet. It's changing back and forth. Can't do much right now, so I sit and wait :)
Is it just me or is the layout of the advogato front page busted currently? the page is far too wide and the column at the right (showing the recent diaries and recent accounts) is way to narrow. Doesn't look like a browser bug to me though, as it's broken in konq, moz and ns. Just me?

It's been a while since my last entry. Lots of things have happened. Been hacking konq/e lately, putting it under a strict diet wrt feature dependencies to Qt :-) . The goal is to get it working with the stock QPE Qt.

Been upgrading the iPAQ to v0.4. Awesome stuff, truly awsome (especially with TT's qpe ipkgs ;) . Ah, and Devin Butterfield made konq/e ipkgs. Thanks!!

Also started on hacking a mc68hc05 simulator with friends for university. Got to get more in touch with java, and that's an excellent opportunity. Besides some oddities I have to say I like it.

Now if just the wheather would be fine ... ;)

Tough week, at least for my kindney :( But it's getting better, less pain. Slowly.

The increasing amount of sun is pushing everything :)

Started playing around with the 3_0 branch of gcc. Just compiling some stuff.

Spent most of the weekend on hacking konq/e. Fixed quite some bugs and missing features. Time for a new snapshot. Getting nearer to 1.0 .

6 May 2001 (updated 6 May 2001 at 22:42 UTC) »

Weekend started with accepting on an article thing. Took me quite some time to take the decision, but I'll take it as excercise and hope it won't take up too much of my time. Let's see, it's a new experience for me, kind of.

Once again enjoyed one of those completely spontaenous hacks. Frerich had some problem with class ownership in knewsticker and it was real fun to quickly jump in and hack right away (problem was clear, solution was obivous) . That's what I love with KDE stuff, if you want you can just go in and focus on a tiny little detail and do something.

Hunted some Qt/E bugs I found while debugging konq/e. A bit of a strange feeling (no immediate feedback) , but good all in all (well, let's see if my patches get accepted...) . Also fixed a bit in konq/e itself, namely the proxy support and the config behind it. Really got to push myself to reach the 1.0 goals. Oh well...

Birthday party of ematthias. Was great fun. Freed up my mind :)

Had a second flashback on good old scene stuff, on irc. Well oh well. Made me even loose the focus for a second. But then it's good to figure again that the current 'situation' is closer to my dream.

Looking forward to the second band session on tuesday. Am really keen on pushing this tiny little music flame inside me more :)

But first I got to visit the doctor tomorrow again, because of my kindney (uh, hope the translation is correct, at last babelfish says so :) . Maybe this chapter can finally be closed (although it hasn't really been bothering me that much the last weeks) .

But I'm looking forward to the upcoming week. Last one was nice. Gotta push myself to do more uni stuff though. really, grr.

Closing the day with some completely relaxing Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz jazz music. Lovely. Just the right thing.

And now someone explain me why I'm suddenly writing such a detailed diary entry?

Did some kdelibs and konq bugfixing (ftp-proxy was broken in some cases, some other minor fixing)

Enjoyed a bike tour to Nuernberg with friends. Yippee, hope summer is arriving for real now :)

Also found an ugly QPopupMenu bug (dangling pointer) .

Did some bugfixing here and there and comitted my 'go-url' patch to Konqueror (fixes two bugreports :)

I passed the algo exam, yippee :-) (...and skipped the algo lecture today, because it was just too boring ;-)

Hacked a nifty script which allows me to keep my home installation in sync with snapshots, using the magic phi tool. So it wraps around phi-upgrade, parses the output a bit, downloads only the RPMs necessary for the upgrade and writes out a file containing the necessary rpm commands. Seems to work, gotta test it a bit more though, before releasing it internally :) . Thanks Marcus for the help with phi.

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