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24 Apr 2001 (updated 24 Apr 2001 at 21:18 UTC) »

University started again. lots of new stuff to learn ;-)

Discussed more editor stuff with mhk and Cornelius.

Had my first session with the big band of the uni. Very cool! Feels great to play in a band again (after such a long break) , and they have the kind of music I love (including modern stuff)

Just returned from the lake. Enjoyed the break. Felt good.

Also as I had my laptop with me I hacked a lot on konq/e :-)

Did a big koffice API cleanup patch. Still missing is the cleanup for the image scan stuff, but that will have to go in after beta1.

Now I'm off for a few days, taking a break, looking at refilling my batteries down at my parent's, at the lake of constanze :-)

Been at mekka & symposium over the weekend. It was a hell of a lot of fun, met people I haven't seen for a year. It's amazing to see how this party manages to keep that special spirit alive (over the years) .

My favourite entries were 'm den riet - symposion' from the mp3 compo (wonderful song!) and 'salt - glucosil' from slow motion compo (in fact a most of salt's songs are awesome) . Also the kolor demo was very nice.

Hehe, and like every year shortly after Mekka I'm highly motivated to hack up something. In the past that movitation didn't hold long though :-( . But I discovered the ipaq as possible nice platform, and I figured out how to do this comics vector gfx style. So maybe there's a chance of keeping things rolling for me (in fact I started some stuff at the party, but party coding sucks when you lack sleep and the music is loud)

But on the other hand I kind of already see myself being back at KDE hacking in a week, addicted as I am :-)

Let's just see. It's me free time, and in there I do what's fun for me, and that's what counts.

Now I urgently need sleep. I haven't had much at the party...

Was ill last week and still am, sort of :-( .

Also fecked up the exam today. Hmpf.

Well, at least found some time to hack up a konq/e section for www.konqueror.org.

Did some minor file dialog image preview class cleanup and bugfixing (now automatic preview works again ;-) . Still would love to have more time for hacking though, especially for that !@#$!# table thingy.

Tried to motivate myself to do some serious studying/learning, no real success though :-(( I hope tomorrow will be better!

Found a wonderful smooth jazz sampler in the CD shop. Tons of beautiful songs. (watch out for 'Smooth Jazz On a Summer's Day')

Saw 'Thirteen Days' in the cinema. Better than I thought. Not really good, but ok as late night entertainment ;-)

Did some konq/e hacking in the morning. Hacked KSocks replacement and fixed some bugs.

Comitted Jack's make-dead-keys-work-when-the-keyboard-is-grabbed patch together with a tiny autoconf fix to HEAD kdm. Glad this is finally in. Will backport to 2_1_BRANCH tomorrow.

Spend the rest of the afternoon on learning, with the others. Figured I have to catch up quite some stuff.

Learned (and realized) that my khtml table fix is wrong. Bad luck, it looked so easy and also fixed #14000, but it's wrong :) Now it's a real pain to find a better fix ;-) I don't give up, yet. I'm too tired tonight though.

Gosh, I really enjoy that the summer is arriving here! I almost feel the sun refilling my batteries :-)

Did some minor konq/e hacking. Catching up with the latest kdelibs stuff.

Also fixed a nasty KTrader bug and minor bug in the properties dialog. Now plugins work again :)

We had a local KDE meeting (tChris, Tackat and Adrian from Nuernberg and Matthias and /me from Erlangen) . Had a lot of fun, as usual :-)

Have to start learning for the next upcoming exam :(

29 Mar 2001 (updated 29 Mar 2001 at 21:30 UTC) »

Continued on my secret make-it-compile patch ;) . Got pretty far up to now.

Also debugged a khtml table problem and submitted a patch with longish explanantion, let's see what the others say :)

Nothing really exciting otherwise.

Slept long. I deserved it, after the exam ;)

Wasn't really productive today though. Hacked a little bugfix for kdesktop and tried compiling some stuff with todays qt3 snapshot. I'm amazed how much source compat has been broken, but then...maybe I shouldn't compile with QT_NO_COMPAT ;-)

Went carting (with real carts, not computer carts ;-) with friends from Caldera. Was fun.

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