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I had such great fun doing my SOFT125 uni work. It took me hours, honest ;)

Hehehe =)

Well what a fun day!

I've been suffering from a really bad case of the flu this weekend, it started on Friday evening.

I woke up this morning to answer the phone, tried to talk.. and no words came out! I lost my voice.. Arghghg.

So I missed my morning lectures, by the time I got into uni, the lectures had finished for a few hours, so sent into a 4th year lecture instead with pookey. Now far more interesting it it. Although I knew most of what they were talking about, at least they are not waffeling on about HTML, basic OSI layer explanation, and other boring stuff I learnt 5 years ago.

Maybe I should just miss all of my lectures and go to pookey's instead ;p

The uni appears to have a wavelan network there. I found 4 of them, one of which was called "BGB Student Net", so i'm hoping that they are doign something sensible for once and offerign student access to the network via wavelan, so I won't be forced to use Windows at the uni - which will be nice.

I still feel terrible, but hope i'm better tomorow morning - lots of lectures tommorow, some of which may turn out to be interesting.


Out of interest, there only seem to be 6 linux users at the whole uni, which is mighty scary. pooky, me, 2 others that I know of, and 2 lecturers.

6 linux users out of thousands upon thousandls is bad!

It's the end of my life as we know it!! Jordan and I have decided to get married at last!

Well, there goes the sex ;)

The tentative date is towards the end of May, so Jordan has 8 months to learn her new surname - it took me far longer to learn mine ;)

I'm uberhappy, and so is jordan, PoBK is the maid of honor (hey - who said the maid had to be a female, besides.. PoBK's gay ;)), and Richard Sierakowski is to be my best man. Ohh dear....!

For those who can't make it to the wedding, i've already decided it will be webcast live.. we just need to find a church with either wavelan or an ISDN line - hmmm ;p

happy happy bouncy me!

Jordan is a bit broody, so there may well be more news soon! arhghghghg ;)

On the uni side of things - my god... I can't belive what they are talking to us about... BASIC html design. as in... a blank page with a yellow backgbroudn and a title. Ohh dear.

I've already been pissed off with the lectureres, after I heard this is one:

There are 2 browsers in use today: Internet Explorer, and Netscape. The only one really used is Internet Explorer, as it's the only decent one.

You know how much it took me not to stand up and scream at him? ;)

Still, I hopefully have exemption form a year on the degree.. as the 3rd year is a "work placment". I explained I am operations manager for an ISP, and director of a hosting company, and it seemes to have worked ;)

On the note of people on my course, I have already had to explain what ethernet is to one of them... and this is someone on a Compuiter Sci Degree with 4 A-Levels. Help meeee!

Another good one was when someone asked my advice about getting ADSL in his house, and how to share it with everyone in his house....

Me: I guess they are all running windows?
Guy: *laughs* Well it wouldn't work without windows would it?


Ohh dear god... i'm not sure how much of this I can take ;)

Still there is hope: We had the freshers fair for TermiSoc, the uni Computing Society, of which I am secvratary. This year was a record breaker.. with 74 members!

Now all I need to do is explain to the university why MS-Exhange is nasty, and making all of the Student Extranet work only with IE is Baaaaaaad.


Long long day.

I think I was supposed to start university today. After deciding for far to long I wanted to go to uni, I finally applied.. and got in for a BSc(Hons) in CS + Networking.

Not bad considering i've not got a single bit of formal education. Based on my work experience over the years, they said it will be no problem.

Besides, the course is fairly easy (so i've heard, anyway), so i'll be trying to keep work going at full steam at the same time as studying - shouldn't be too hard, but if it is, i'll drop some work load off. (joys of my job!)

Anyhow, I think I was meant to start today - but I didn't send the final forms off until wednesday last week., so my paperwork seems to have been delayd. Ohh well ;)

Woke up this morning, and jordan needed a tshirt to wear to work - so, i gave her one of my old ones. I never knew linux looked so sexy here, here, and here ;)

On that note, this digicam still seems a bit, err, foobared. the DSC-F1 linux programs all seem to have problems with it./ I dunno if it's the camera for linux, but whatever it is, it seems to wibble downloading certian images :/ - Another thing to look into!

Arrived home yesterday, after a whole two days holiday! Woooo!

I feel a lot more relaxed, though my eyes seem to have un-ajusted themselfs from starting at an LCD monitor for 16 hours a day, so I had to give up and go to bed at about 11pm last night, grrr.

Still, wales is nice, even if people there have a damn strange accent. It was nice to see PoBK again, and being able to spend some time outside of plymouth with jordan was also really nice.

I've just started to look at ny todo list, and outstanding tickets, and ohhhhhh dear!

Time to get to work on them, i think!

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