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Aim-T is seeming solid, and I added tons of new power to it. I really don't like the amount of hacks it took to get it to that point, but oh well. I'll rewrite it soon. Jer and I just got done laying out our plan of attack for this week. We should have our RC for 1.0 put together by this weekend. Everything feels great, but there is still a TON to do. I really hope that DizzyD gets in gear on Gabber. It needs a lot more real fast, and I'm not going to have the time I hoped to devote to it.

DOCU DOCU Here I come Doo Daa Doo Daa Docu all my next day

Hmmm seed system seems borked again, I'm rated Apprentice, alls well don't really care after today. A toilet downstairs decided to never stop filling it's bowl while I was outside helping clean the deck. Came inside to find about 1.5" of water all over the floor. What a grand time I had cleaning it up. At least the barbeque chicken dinner was good. Time to work on Jabber.

I think I'm going to get into the groove of entering diaries daily. When I do it so sporadically I just feel lost when I finally come to write one. So I'll just sum up todays events.

Had a conversation with Keith about groupchat inside of transports. We came to the conclusion that we'll use subagents, should work out nicely. I also got a great start on the Client Implementation Guide. That document should really help us get on a level playing ground client wise.

I got my cell phone today. I was surprised at how painless it was to setup the account and get the phone. I guess it helped that I had a nice, helpful, and knowledgeable salesman. I was surprised at the bill, it was A LOT cheaper than I thought it would be. I guess they are averaging the cost of the phone across a few bills. Not too bad for right now.

What a whirlwind I've been living in. Last week was spring break for the local HS' and my gf's college. On top of tons of Jabber work the gf was extremely demanding in my time. Then I had a few meetings with some lawyers. They keep pressuring me to finish their HUGE project sooner than scheduled. No chance of that happening, I hated the entire project and started a rewrite of it tonight. Networked the lawyers office the other night, and today they called to complain about network slow downs on their file shares. Guess I'll have to go check that out tomorrow.

Jabber News
Well I redid the entire Jabber build system twice. Finally I found a system that I think works nicely. It uses sed to process the type and how to compile a module from a file. It also stores your settings for later use. I'm currently happy with it, but I have a few bad reports on Solaris 2.7, maybe I can get access to a machine with that on it tomorrow. On the future front, I've begun work on cleaning out aim-t. Hopefully that nasty random race condition gets hit out of the cob webs in the process. I also began a stock ticker, and news transport (going to borrow some of TCharrons code for this one). I'm doing them in Python so I can force myself to learn the language, so far the language it is quite cool. WOW! Just started talking with a guy on AIM about adding a Skytel Pager gateway and then client to Jabber. That would be amazing. It was going to happen eventually, but sooner is always better. On another front I'll be heading to Denver, CO for Thur and Fri. We're having a little summit up there, should be fun. I could have sworn I had something else on the Jabber front. Oh well. Signing off.

Wow... what a quick 4 days. Can't believe I never updated. We had the jabber "flush meeting" somewhere back there, it was extremely beneficial for setting the mood towards 1.0. After that e-t and I met to lay out our documentation plan, WOW do we have a lot to do. Hopefully we get doc issues done some what quickly, cause I would really like to jump on some code again.

Wow, I haven't updated in a bit, it's just been so busy. Jabber, Inc launched, spun off from the company who pays me to work on jabber (Webb). It's very exciting cause I've been able to watch it be created pretty much from the ground up. I'm just glad that I still get to work on Jabber, and everything that is good for it.

Jabber News
I got digest auth working, and TONS of build issues for 0.9pre3. After 0.9pre3 I discovered some more issues thanks to e-t packaging for Debian, got the fixes in CVS. This week I'm primarily going to focus on documentation. Starting with API issues, then moving on to source commenting, protocol issues, and end user documentation. All the while, generating ideas for business level white papers.

Should be a fun week.

[02:43:08] <temas> And voila
[02:43:09] <temas> it works =)
[02:43:10] <jer> and interesting one no less
[02:43:13] <jer> really!
[02:43:18] <jer> ROCK!
[02:43:23] <temas> <stream:stream to="" from="localhost" xmlns="jabber:client" xmlns:stream="">
[02:43:23] <temas> <?xml version='1.0'?><stream:stream xmlns:stream='' xmlns='jabber:client' from=''>
[02:43:31] <jer> WOWOWOWOWOW!
[02:43:31] <temas> all through an ssl stream =)
[02:43:39] <jer> temas: feel proud man!
[02:43:44] <jer> VERY proud!
[02:43:45] <temas> hell yes
[02:44:01] <temas> I conquered the evils of you tstream and xmlstream
[02:44:09] <temas> as well as documentation for openssl

Nuff said =) I'm a happy man. Time to go have some free time with the gf for the weekend.

I just got my first segfault for the night working with SSL in jabber. I have mixed feelings right now. We decided to scale back the initial use of SSL. We'll support client<->server SSL right now but not server<->server. This is mostly due to the fact that server<->server is completely succeptable to a man in the middle replay attack, but who isn't eh? After battling my frustration with API documentation and samples (or lack thereof) for OpenSSL I finally got jabber to speak SSL. Now I'm just hooking it back into the system. Quite fun, and should be done in 30 minutes or so. Then I'll add in the digest authentication, and voila more security for jabber =)

/me runs into the opensource community and tries to take it over. HAHA, now that everyone respects me I control them. Hmmm... Why isn't anyone listening to me? Hello... Hello... Hello.... Ignore me, I'm an idiot

On a much lighter note a fun thunder storm took me out last night. I'm thankful there was no damage, but it hit my coding pretty nicely. Didn't get much done on the SSL integration yesterday due to events, but that should happen today.

Well I've thought really hard about all this now, and have come to only one realization. I don't need other people to judge me or what I do. It doesn't bother me now, I'm over it, and I'm just going to work on jabber, because even if others don't use it I damn well will, and everyone else can go away.

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