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    I have integrated a patch from a user to allow HOSTMIB Processes (SWRun) Applications to be monitored from the NMS. Now you can see when your processes go down with only SNMP, no TCP (trying to connect) involved. We could also graph the number of instances of the process, do you think that's useful? It could be used for: if there are less than 10 httpd processes running, alert me, or do something.
    The MIB Parser is starting to work, I think I've parsed all the relevant MIB Data, now I've to make the application which will use the data to create JFFNMS Interface Types (graphs, pollers, discovery, etc).
    I'm also thinking on adding a Host Tools framework, to allow the use of the discovery or more data to do certain things like show the ARP table, Show the TCP Connection Table (and allow to close a session), Show the Process Table (and allow the killing of a process), but I'm not sure how to implement it, do I let the coder control the look and feel and data, or just allow him to create callbacks?
Work (Contracting)
    I've got a new customer, it came from my employer :), because they hosted a machine here, and they got Hacked and want me to help them fix it, or reinstall the Linux Box. They run a Web-to-SMS gateway and the hacker made them send thousands SMS messages :). I've an appointment with them tomorrow (sunday) at miday.
    It was a busy week, and I'm tired. I'm also planning on adding a Wishlist link to the JFFNMS page. Because nobody donated anything to my PayPal Link :( .
    I Finally released version 0.7.0 on Monday and 6 hours later a user found a bug in the code he contributed, but I don't plan to release again (apart from nightly) for a few weeks.
    I'm working on an MIB Parser (based on output from libsmi) to create JFFNMS interface types, allowing the user to select which OID of the tables are relevant and which ones are used for graphing, etc. This should allow more people to create new interface types for their needs.
    The Satellite Carrier Poller works fine, to allow the input from different Satellites I need to manage a switch, which is commanded via Relays, so I got a CIO-PDISO8 to work under linux, it was my first IO Port programming and It was nice :)
    I've check if this little thing could be useful to manage some serial devices we have here, like install a remote linux box in the customer site with connectors to Satellite Modems, Transceivers, etc. and manage them via SNMP.
    We went to see Chicago and I really liked it... The songs were great and it wasn't boring at all. I want to see The Course of the Jade Scorpion (by Woody Alen) but I dont think Analia will stand it.
    Analia didn't go well in her exam :( but I hope she will get it right next time, if she doesn't get despressed too much, Her classes start again in a month or so, and I didn't ask my boss to switch my schedule so I can stay weekends at home with her (we are living together since November when her classes finished).
    The release package is ready, it will be advertised tomorrow. Thanks to all the users/people who make this possible. I Plan to discuss here the New Features and ways of implementing them, if you like of course.
    I almost finished the Satellite Carrier Monitor System, it has Real Time Requests now, and I've integrated it into JFFNMS to graph the C/N over the time, now we can see the errors increase when the C/N decresses. Tomorrow I'll what my coworker/boss thinks about it.
    No news, I really think me and Analia should find some hobby to do together. Anyone has an idea? I like Computers and she likes netting. I didn't finish the szysz.com site, I've the translations left.
    Today I read about the CondorII Missile, it was created by Argentina (during Military Government) with Irak/Egypt Founds. It was latter cancelled because of US Pressure. Maybe that's the cause of the Israeli Embassy Bombings here also.
    A user (from Sweden) started to work on a HostMIB Process Table Discovery Script & Poller, which is very useful to monitor the processes on a remote host (thanks Anders). We talked a bit about our countries, money, work, etc. He is also going to monitor a huge network with JFFNMS.
    The only issue left for the release of JFFNMS is no more.. it was only a bad table problem, no code modification involved. So I will release version 0.7.0 on Monday.
    Also another user reports that his Debian Box is passing the '&' sign as part of the argv array on PHP 4.2.1/4.3.1 so the respawning of processes (or putting a process in the background) doesn't work, anyone saw that before?


    I got the Satellite Carrier Poller System working :), it's a C, PGSQL, GPIB Project, I can now measure the C/N and last plot of any carrier on 1 transponder, tomorrow I will include on-demand polling and on Monday Transponder Switch Communication, and I didnt do a mess with the pointers. I plan to make a JFFNMS plugin for this, to store the C/N of a carrier over the time.
    Mozilla 1.3b is now working on my Sparc64 Gentoo Machine, this is the first time Mozilla finish compiling on sparc64 without any GCC ICE's, Thanks to the Mozilla & Gentoo dev teams (No more X over SSH to run it), I'm also trying to get MozPlugger to work fine, I think there is some config file problems.

    I'm at the middle of the 'Lord of the Rings: The Return of The King' book, in Spanish ('El Se~nor de los Anillos: el Retorno del Rey'), this one of the first novels I read in a long time, I mostly read Manuals, Tech or Political Magazines, or some Science Book (The Age of Spiritual Machines).
    My Brother Martin (Web Design), My GF (Translations, she is studying to become an English Teacher), and I (content, idea and direction) are modifing the SzYsZ Networks site.

Also, as some of you already noticed, English is not my First Language, so excuse me if I made some mistakes.

Hi, this is my first diary post...

So...I will introduce myself, I'm Javier Szyszlican aka szysz, 21 years old, OpenSource Developer, Geek, Fat, Boring Person.
I live in Argentina with my GF. I work as a IP NOC Operator / Coder for a Satellite Earth Station.


    We're at -rc1 this week, plenty of people are testing it.. that's great.
    I'm only stuck with a user with only one problem... I think the problem is in his DB rather than in my code... If I discover exactly what the problem is, I'll be ready to release the final 0.7.0 version on Monday. (crossing fingers)
    I've been talking with my users a lot (list & icq) and they seem to really like it :) . One of them has a Wireless Network in Australia, and are going to use JFFNMS to monitor it... other is Chip-Maker in the US which is going to install it in several locations and try the new Disitributed Polling system.
    I've been assigned a project to measure Satellite Carriers (in space) with an HP Spectrum Analyzer via a GPIB connection on a Linux Server and storing the historical data in a Database, It's really interesting, and the project is half done.
    I hope I still have time to finish JFFNMS this weekend.
    I really need to use my bike to go to work (5 km) again. I stopped using it like a year ago and because of the lack of security at night (I'm on the night shift) in Buenos Aires and I never re-started.
    We (Analia and I) went to the cinema on Tuesday and Wendsday (my free days) and watch 'Adaptation' and 'Catch me if you Can', very good movies I must say... 'Adaptation' really got me.. and the other was a nice comedy.
    Analia (my GF) is very excited about the Oscars, so we are going to see most of the movies nominated, Chicago has been presented today here, so.. next week we'll go to see it I guess.

I hope I'm not being too boring, I'll try to continue posting.

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