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rasmus We really want you back on #php on OPN. From me, newbienetwork

Sorry, had to pass that on for the guys. I do understand your reasons for leaving though.

lilo yay, you helped create an IRC network. Should we bow down before you? No. Maybe when a thousand other people say you are doing something wrong, maybe you should listen.

I am just raning now, I feel like maybe something good is getting slowly turned into something bad.

What's even worse is an OPN guy, InnerFire works with me. Maybe I can smack him around into talking some sense into lilo, but I don't see that coming.

Honestly, lilo, if you can't find a job, it's your fault. Rather than ask for handouts, get a real job like the rest of America. McDonalds pays the bills, and many people surivie off of that.

Sometimes I wonder about people.

Haven't updated this site in a good while. Well, I might as well. =)

Turned 22 in January 19th, and I am now living in Montreal as a PHP Developer. Oo...we use so much OSS its not even funny. Boss won't even listen to the ASPers talk anything ASP. In fact, I am sure he is also very open to using Debian on the desktop.

Okay, what else is new. New computer, NewbieNetwork still rolling along, and work on DevNetwork.net beginning.

Oh, yeah, my job. I develop backend and e-commerce software for gaming sites. Yes, I get paid to play games.

Been fooling around with C#, and I really like it. Been slowly putting together a PHP IDE in it. It's a really nice language, well put together, well thought out. Really stands on its own. The only downside is when you say C#, people think M$.

It's like saying Java, people think Sun. Which as I see it, Sun would be Microsoft if McNealy(sp?) could. He is just pissed that M$ gets the spotlight.

Oh well, two giants can fight it out on their own time.

I tell you, stupid phone company and foobar to my roommate who sent the payment in late. Argh!

Without a phone until Wednesday..argh!

Anyways, I guess this means extra time for busy work on NewbieNetwork and the CWK.

Daylight savings time... 0 comments ...can really mess with your head. I tell you, it is just a really funky thing. I never quite understood why we still need it, but I guess it's just that ritual that we will never get rid of. Ahh, at least its good for an extra hour of sleep in the fall.

Been working a lot on the CWK, and it's looking rather nice. Some features are going to be tough to implement, but once it's done, watch out!

Wow, no updates in a long time. I recently posted this to NewbieNetwork.net for various reasons, and thought it would be good here.

Well, here we go again! I have been messing with Drupal, and I love it. And not only that, but it is very secure, and is professional to say the least. Hats of to the developer Dries on this one folks. Well done indeed.

Now onto what is going to happen here at NewbieNetwork. I have decided to evaluate where we were going, and what we are doing, and I have decided for NewbieNetwork to continue to grow as it has, I need your help. Duh! Not in the form of volunteers, though these people are always appreciated, but in the sense of a community.

Building a community of like-minded developers is what I envisioned with NN from the beginning. These are some of the ideas I envision:

PHP is a solution, but not the only solution. To fully harness the power of PHP, you need to learn other skills, like SQL, JavaScript, Linux, IIS (Yes, evil as it may seem), and may other technologies. While our focus on PHP will never waver, NN will start to open to other technologies, with your help.

A community approach has proved successful many times over. With a community oriented approach, NN has the potential to be a high-quality store-house of information. NN want's to assume the position of not on being the PHP coders online community, but also a community of developers eager to learn more. We are all newbies at something.

An oriented approach at giving back as much as recieving. Before, NN was tied in to its technology. With Drupal, we can harness a more robust setting where my original vision can be manifested more cleanly. A community that gives back to itself is a strong community indeed.

An open community. Not soley in the sense of Open Source, but in the sense that all things are equally treated here (except for Java and ASP, both of which are always fun to poke fun at, eh Brando?).

A community tied to not only technological development, but also personal development as well. Friendships and romances are made on the Internet, and why shouldn't they happen here with people who are just like you? A community, a home, a place where "everybody knows your name"TM.

A powerful vision, and on not firmly set in technology. Don't worry, the old NewbieNetwork won't go away, we just want to build on what we have.

In other news, I am working on bringing all the tutorials back online soon enough. Fear not, we will not falter!

Hey, just felt like I should update.

So, NewbieNetwork.net is still going strong, and even cooler is the fact that I am now running the only weekly PHP Newsletter. We just released issue 8 today, and I have over 350 subscribers.

Scary, huh?

I am also still working on Echelon SQL scripter, which is cool, and school is rocking along. I should have a 4.0 this semester. Hehe..dean's list, here I come.

Hehe..haven't posted anything in a while. Thought I should. Well, still rocking in school. 4.0 all the way, baby!

I am now an official developer on the Echelon project. I helped develop the MySQL Version, as well as the Functional versoin, 1.1, and 1.2 releases. =)

I am also taking a personal approach to developing Echelon Scripting Language, or ESL. It will sit on top of PHP, a scripting language itself, and will be used primarly for content retrieval from Databases (databi?). Any ways, it should be interesting. It uses an simple HTML like syntax, and so far works. Just need to set things up for content retrieval from the database. It has its own looping system. =) I am working on developing a mini variable system as well, all geared at allowing non programmers to 'program' in a simple simple simple goal-oriented programming approach.

All OGL of course.

Ever notice: www.goOGLe.com? Hehe..

NewbieNetwork.net is coming along amazingly well, the PHP Newsletter is a success. PHP Webmaster is slowly moving along, and will probably be the flagship product running on PHP Echelon SQL and the ESL. Who knows?

Haven't posted in a while. Might as well. =)

Firstly, the PHP Webmaster project is going great! Very happy with it. I am on vacation for a week and a half. Enjoying this time off immensly.

School is going well. C++ class is a joke. Visual Basic as well, though I can't blame them, I am taking this course more for the paper than anything, though I admit I do learn a few new things here and there. Its also nice to help the newer people learn how to program. =)

Right now I am working on a program for PHP Developers, a C++ IDE, though I am still in the development phase. Need to do some work on the Syntax Highlighting. I can't figure out how I am going to do it...if anyone has any advice, psuedo-code, etc, let me know. Please! It is so irritating that I can do so much, and the little thing like syntax highlighting of a code is something that just boggles my mind! haha, the joys of programming.

Jesus Saves! And redeems valuable coupons for cash and prizes.

Today I spoke with an old friend, and found out she had cancer. Old friend is a bad term, as she is more than that, a lifeline, a verbal lover, a true friend. The kind of person you can tell the worst things you have done too and they will only love you more.

If you read this, please, offer your prayers, whether you follow a religion or not. Thank you.

Well, cleaning up the house today. Got my grades back from school for this semester:

  • Visual Basic: A
  • Unix: A
  • Oracle: A

Big surprise, huh? hahah.. so I am feeling pretty hyped about that.

Um..lets see in other news...PHP Webmaster development is going very well. Complete seperate of code and design has been accomplished, and I have started work on the admin area. I am getting ready to release a developer's version of the code, for all those people that want it. But yeah, its turning out very nice.

Haven't updated in a while. ho hum..been busy. Still working on PHP Webmaster, and getting a lot of good feedback on it. Coming along very well. Thanks to deekayen for inspiring me to write my own CMS (though I don't think he actually knows that he did that..haha =)). I will have to give him credits though when PHPWM does finally get released for the inspirtation.

Cut my finger today at work. Nasty cut, bleed forever. Not good.

School is just too easy. Blowing through the classes. Next Semester we finally get to C++.

Interview tomorrow for a job at a local web design company. Junior Webmaster position to fill. Requirements are below me, but its better than where I am at, and I need to get back into my career field.

Also, did some more research for my JCD project. Anyways, out to the coffee shop. Cya

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