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Sorry guys, last spam I promise.

I'm testing out this advodairy script to see if I can mirror my blog to here. So that I can actually have people read what I'm talking about. :-)


Man, these questions for the GNOME foundations can be quite thought provoking. I have the hardest time with the last one. What I want to say is that being a volunteer organization it's not going to be easy to summon up resources then prioritize for documentation. You just dont' have that kind of control. You have sort of nudge things into the right direction. Thats always the challenge of a large software project like GNOME.


I had another fileserver crash today. Lucky me I was at the vet when it happened. I also got tasked to find out how many times the servers I'm responsible for have gone down n the past year or so.


I took our kitten to the vet today. The vet says it might have worms and it definitely has upper tract infection. Poor kitty. And it's been behaving so well. After we gave the antibiotics today (that was fun) Kitkat seems to be a lot better. Animals can really improve your quality of life iff you're into that kind of thing.

Well I'm testing out this applet called Gnome blogger. I haven't done jack crap on blogging in so long. Maybe this will get my lazy ass off and actually post something. SO here we go.


Well, it's like 8-9 months or so since I've actually written something. I guess I'm just not a diary type of guy or something. I got reminded about this when I was doing my status report for work today. It sounded like something I would type in advogato!

Well, life has been the same for me. Actually it's kind of depressing because we are doing another round of layoffs at work and possibly yet again more layoffs in June. This is really bad. I hope I can survive. I think though after this it would be very hard to cut more jobs without really affecting how we do our work. Oh well, we'd go from a big team to a much smaller team.

Other than that things are pretty swell. I haven't worked on my mp3 player box in awhile. I have most of the pieces working but I'm having trouble with the GUI. I lack the motivation to continue becuase I have to spend more money on getting something to output to the TV. I need a serious vga->ntsc or svideo to finish the whole thing. I also think I"d like to try converting it to a TiVo type device.

I think I'll finally be able to join Oregon Graduate Institute (OGI) as a part time masters student in CS. It feels good to be in school oddly enough. It's such a nice countepart to being in industry. There so many cool and interesting projects that are nice to talk about.

I think I'll quit while I ahead. I"m going to try to write more often.

By the Jagged, Thunderous Balls of Thor! After months, I'm finally going to write something.

I'm too lazy to keep a diary I think.

So..last time I had talked about:

MP3Box: Well FINALLY, I got myself a celeron 400 that I can fit into my motherboard. I paid 16 dollars for a customized plexiglass case to fit the stuff. The final footprint ended up being 8 3/4" x 12" x 5". I found a power supply that was 3x5x3. This is going to be one small machine. :)

So far though I have ran into one problem. The motherboard does not have an parallel port and so I'm screwed on getting on something power and interface with the LCD. I thought about using USB but I have to use a microcontroller and spend $60 bucks. It has one PCI slot so I'm kicking around the idea of just putting in a parallel port PCI card and be done with it.

The infrared parts I got. I'm just waitign to put it on a breadboard so I can test it. I haven't had much luck in the past. I'm simply not very good at electronics.

More later.

GNOME2 GNOME2 is shaping up to be awesome. There are a number of bugs though that I"m not comfortable punting. One being the fact that you can't seem to add more default apps to a mime type and the second eludes me at the moment, but I know it's important!

I have some projects that I think I'm intrested in working on that doesn't involve gui. Try as I might I just can't seem to get into GUI programming. I feel like a plumber. (which is funny since I"m about to put in a drip system at home) I really like the gnome-vfs stuff and I think I might work on getting a USB method working. Not usre what it involves but it's something interesting.

Normal Stuff Work's been a pain in the ass. I"ve never been so busy. Oh well. With my wife being gone for 2.5 months it's easier to come home late and work. But doing the cooking and all that is murder. I did learn some new recipes though which tastes awesome.

That damn GeForce card I had got busted when the fan I bought started making a bunch of noise. I had trouble getting it back and when If inally did and replaced it itw as giving me all kinds of lines and funky screen output. Ended up being a GeForce2 card. Sheesh. Looks like Nvidia got the cheap bastard I am.

Thats about all for now

MP3Box: Well, I finally fixed my Debian box. Quite cool. Looks like the cd was all I needed to get it fixed. Of course, now I have the problem of my root partition being too small.

Personally, 500GB should be enough for a single purpose computer system. I'll probably get rid of the development header files and hope that all is well. Otherwise I get to start all over again. Whee!! I haven't gotten sound working either.

GNOME2: I've done nothing. I think though once I get my box upgraded to 256MB I'm going to be able to plow through this stuff.

Normal Stuff: I'm so stoked today. The GeForce 32MB card I found in the recycling area actually works. So for the price of going to Frys and picking up a $9 fan I got a working card. It's amazing what people throw these days.

My brother told me he saw Blade 2 and said it was a pretty awesome flick and that the stunts were awesome. I'm looking forward to dragging my wife to see it.

Well, yesterday I finally took enough time to sit down and figure out Debian. Overall, I'm very impressed with how Debian is put together. I had a 1.5GB drive lying around and I was able to build a nice system. The apt-get stuff is pretty handy once you get used using it. I was up and going fairly quickly.

Whats really impressive is the ability to upgrade from potato to woody. I think that just rocks! Unfortunately, I installed 2.4.18 and installed devfs and that screwed the whole system as the fsck and the rc scripts were built to use the old device names. Oh well. I'll have to try today to see if I can get it going using the cd install.

I got this project I'm working on to build my own mp3 player and be able to do playlists. I generally get spare parts from work that people throw away. (hell someone threw away a whole Pentium 4 system..) My goal is to build a TiVO box and a mp3 player.

GNOME2: I'm still having trouble building with jhbuild. Mostly I'm having autoconf problems as it doesn't detecte xgettext with intl properly and it ends up that the Makefile does not include -lintl in it and I have to manually go and do a make LDFLAGS=-lintl. I'm going to have to figure this out somehow. I hate having to do things by hand.

I put in some nautilus bugzilla stuff in. Nautilus totally rocks but there are still some things that neeeds to be done. Well, more later I suppose.


Well, this is my first journal entry. I know nothing, I have nothing interesting to say...yet. However, who knows what the future brings.


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