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Are You More Introverted or Extroverted?

Are You More Introverted or Extroverted?: "More importantly what do you do to coexist with people who are different? If you're an introvert (like me), you might recharge best by spending several hours alone. That might cause friction, though, if you have extroverted friends or significant others who prefer to go out or socialize frequently."

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Jef Claes: Not handling edge cases, making them explicit instead

Jef Claes: Not handling edge cases, making them explicit instead: "There is this misconception that because we now have computers, they should solve all our problems, even all the edge cases. Edge cases - by definition - only happen at extreme conditions, and are regularly hard to take care of in a satisfactory manner, without a considerable investment. By making edge cases explicit, we allow a human to intervene, and decide on the best solution for the problem."

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Coding Confessional

Coding Confessional: "I am the only programmer in the office so I tail -f logs so my screen "looks like the matrix" while I surf reddit. "

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MAKE presents: The Diode - YouTube

MAKE presents: The Diode - YouTube: "