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Two star programming

Two star programming: "I wrote up a benchmark where I remove every other element from a ten million list of integers. My results (clang, MacBook Pro 2012):

vector      :      10 ms
list        :     422 ms
forward_list:    1327 ms
C list      :     419 ms

So std::vector about 40x quicker than any linked list. std::forward_list was surprisingly slow.


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The Story of the PING Program

The Story of the PING Program: "I named it after the sound that a sonar makes, inspired by the whole principle of echo-location. In college I'd done a lot of modeling of sonar and radar systems, so the "Cyberspace" analogy seemed very apt. It's exactly the same paradigm applied to a new problem domain: ping uses timed IP/ICMP ECHO_REQUEST and ECHO_REPLY packets to probe the "distance" to the target machine."

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Don't worry, it's just ESD! (Electrostatic Discharge) - YouTube

Don't worry, it's just ESD! (Electrostatic Discharge) - YouTube: "