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hadess: I'm wondering... what can be used instead of gdk-pixbuf if one needs fast graphics in a Gnome application for MPEG playback for instance ? I'm using a plain X window at the moment, because I don't know how to embed it in a Gnome/Gtk widget.

Phew. Back from a week at my parents', away from my permanent connection, in a place that reminded me that there were stars in the sky (heh, try watching at the stars in Paris). But now I have those thousands of mails and Usenet posts to read, servers to check, code to code. I'm rather going to bed after all.

24 Oct 2000 (updated 24 Oct 2000 at 12:08 UTC) »

Hacking: started hacking on oFBis, adding some configurability and modified it so that it does not need root privileges to work (that's what the framebuffer device was made for, anyway).

vicious: I have a do-whatever-you-like server here, which I use for webhosting and personal stuff (mostly friends' OpenSource projects, DNS, mail services); it may be a bit far away, but e-mail me if you need quick replacement for any service (temporary or not).

The certification stuff wonders me every day. I had enough Advogato Karma (TM) to certify olg as a journeyer in one shot (*bzzzt*), but huge is still not certified, though we were several to certify him as an apprentice.

18 Oct 2000 (updated 18 Oct 2000 at 02:08 UTC) »

I am wearing glasses instead of contact lenses for the first time in almost 10 years. It's really awful, just imagine typing /fov 120 in Quake, add some chroma shift due to light diffraction and you can imagine how it feels. Now I realize how convenient lenses are.

Today my page about DeCSS was slashdotted, and, of course, the poor little Pentium 166 didn't survive it (there were dozens of services there to illustrate ways of distributing the source code). And as a direct application of Murphy's law, the box is miles away from here, and the guy hosting it isn't available.

Finished hacking on ipfm. It now has all the features I needed, so I sent the patches to the author, and I am waiting for his release to put it into Debian. I can now devote my time to VideoLAN again.

I spent the weekend hacking on ipfm, doing a few minor improvements and adding features I needed to monitor my own network. Now I just need to do a few RRDTools scripts.

Also got interested in oFBis, a library for accessing the Linux framebuffer device. I'll use it for the vlc and Quake/QuakeWorld framebuffer versions instead of my messed up code. The authors also seemed happy that I proposed to package it for Debian.

tripix: hey, SDL Perl looks awesome ! I didn't know this project, the examples are really impressive.

Certified a few additional people today.

I worked a bit on my homepage, and am currently rewriting my resume. I also put it at an URL without a ~ in it, because a few people had trouble typing this character. Really.

13 Oct 2000 (updated 13 Oct 2000 at 16:21 UTC) »

Got more involved in playing Dead or Alive 2 on a friends' Dreamcast than in hacking important stuff.

Galeon is becoming pretty nice, I'm currently using it as my main brower, but I still have to sometimes switch back to Mozilla each time Galeon goes amok. Having a "Select File" dialog pop up when I type "r" in a web form is quite annoying :)

Got a few new certs since the last time I watched. Thanks, dudes. I also had a look at people I had certified in the past and increased a few certifications.

AArthur: ouch, that entry was... erm, big :)

I got pretty bored today, so I quickly finished my page about 42 ways to distribute DeCSS. At first I wanted an MPAA lawyer Quake bot to shoot at, but I eventually decided it wasn't worth doing it - few people still play Quake anyway. Also, I wasn't very happy with the last few hacks so I cowardly mixed them so that noone would notice I was lacking inspiration at the end.

Galeon worked for the first time in 2 months on my Debian system without HelixGnome. It's still pretty unusable for everyday use (pressing 'r' or 'u' in a form textbox makes various popup windows appear, which is pretty annoying), but it looks very promising.

I also wondered how well SourceForge could scale. They net connection is already slow as hell. How long will the servers last ? Oh, and I don't want to know what would happen if a malicious user ever managed to root one of their servers... thousands of trojans to leave in the CVS repositories.

I started getting a bit fed up with coding for MPEG and DVD players, so I'm having a short pause right now, focusing on other stuff such as Quake (doing the framebuffer output), and my Debian packages I've been waiting to upload for weeks.

dto: #gnome is +i because of numerous DoS attacks. You may want to ask anyone on #gimp who is also an op there to invite you.

I went to see Wu Hu Zang Long (aka. Crouching tiger, hidden dragon) yesterday, starring Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun-Fat, as well as sweet Zhang Ziyi. A really beautiful movie, with lots of splendid landscapes and perfect fight scenes. No real plot, but a few surprises and interesting scenes as well. I think I'll go see it again tomorrow.

Switched on my A1200 after a few years. I spent all the night coding stuff in Amos (Sorry, I forgot how to do m68k asm), playing Gravity Power and listening to Dr Awesome's fabulous MODs (Bridge to the Universe, 12th Warrior...). God, those were the days !!!

There is no bot for QuakeForge and I need one for training so I'll try porting an existing bot. They all come with sources but with crap licenses (no commercial use, don't use it without telling me...) and I found no OpenSource bot, so I'll try to convince their authors to use a real license (tm). Ideally the GPL, but even QPL could be good for what they want.

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