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This sure is out of date.

Hm, I'm in Waterloo, Canada now, at the University of Waterloo and enjoying my life here thoroughly. I'm planning to take time and read some more books more deeply and research a few subjects (particularly of mathematical nature) more thoroughly. Of course I'll still be programming now and then, I'm just not sure quite what. Possibly some 3D algorithms. Probably some lexing/parsing. I've started reading The Art Of Computer Programming, it's very interesting, I really enjoy the mathematical side of it (since I, unlike many other programmers, have gained the belief that all the mathematical theory behind programming concepts should be understood to really understand the concepts themself [of course, that means more work for me, but what can you do]). In general my time is limited by my personal life, studying (midterm tomorrow...) and other things, but it's getting better now that I'm starting to settle in here in Canada (which, I must add, really rocks). Eh?

Lately I've been putting much work into my résumé - wrote a (rather bad, it's a quick hack!) DTD for it, wrote it up as xml and then wrote a perl text generator based on XML::DOM. Much fun and I picked up a few things too. You should be able to look at it here. Hopefully will have HTML formatting soon. OF course, I can only get jobs on campus given my student authorisation, but I don't have that much time for a serious job anyways.

Thanks for the authorisations I've been getting recently. Once I have time I'll return the favour.

Been playing with postgresql. Seems neat.

Had my last day of school on Friday, finally! Now I've only got exams left...

Taught a friend a few things while he stayed over at my house. Learnt every single vi command (and trained using some tricky motions). Found 'The Cathedral & The Bazaar' in Brunei! Of course I immediately bought it. They also have some other neat O'Reilly books of which I'm certain I'll purchase a few soon.

Released Atlas-c++ 0.3.8 yesterday, that was fun. Already added some stuff to the tutorial.

Otherwise yesterday was pretty uneventful.

Two more days of school left :). Getting my shirt signed at the moment. Yay.

Woohoo! Atlas-C++ ickiness is finally over! Looks like it was CommonC++'s fault after all, and our poor little library was perfectly working. I've switched to using libsocket++ (which I found in the FreeBSD ports) and it's much nicer now. The Atlas-C++ docs are getting along, I'm making lots of progress on the tutorial.

Hmm day off from school tomorrow, so I'm Hacking The Night Away. Generally, I only have two days of actual school left (but then 8 exams), so I'm looking forward to the end of this week :).

Should have some stuff on 3.141593.org once I get a little bit of time again. Until then, you'll have to look at old screenshots of my desktop *g*.

Well, we're coming closer to the truth of the bus error. Looks like there's some pretty weird code in Net/Stream.cc, I'll see if I can clean that up today. Have an awfully long physics mock exam to do though :/.

Had a party on Saturday and my Graduation Dinner last night. Much fun.

3.141593.org is finally working. Yay! Still need to put some actual content on there, once I get time that is. Set up a WorldForge IRC Gateway in the mean time, which should make a few people happy.

I wish there was a gnome 1.2 port in /usr/ports/ but I guess I'll have to wait some more (or do it myself but I'd probably duplicate effort!)

The awful Atlas-C++ bus error is still existant, I'll have to get into some serious debugging and see whether I can find all those pesky memory leaks.

I found "Java Network Programming" from O'reilly in a bookstore here in Brunei yesterday (not a common situation). It's about Java 1.1, but I think it'll do if I decide to implement Atlas-Java after all.

Hands are pretty much the same, my left hand is slightly starting to hurt but it's all torelable. I'm taking lots of breaks, thanks to xwrits.

Okay, I finally remembered my Advogato password. Yay to me :P.

My RSI is getting better. I still have slight pains in my right hand every now and then but at least I can grip properly.

Atlas-C++ is continuing, I'm working at the tutorial right now and trying to get my simple client and simple server to work. CommonC++ (which I use as a TCP stream layer) seems to have slight difficulties on FreeBSD, I'll have to straighten those out. At the moment I get a Bus Error in Net/Stream.cc somewhere, however with Linux it does not seem to occur. Or at least that's what I've been told. In any case I hope for a release tomorrow. I also hope that Mike gets his documentation done, I'm eager to release 0.3.9, not 0.3.8.

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