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Tonight midnight is the deadline for early registration for OLS. We are, as of right now, 75% full. Lots of last minute registrations. Procrastinators!

Just a quick post script: I've been wondering why Tigger freaked out in the first place. My mother-in-law finally hit upon it I think. She suggested that he probably tried my door first, they saw each other, so he left. So if Tigger hadn't been there, he might have broken into my apartment first. Scary thought!

Hmmmm...where to begin? At the beginning then.

Wednesday, May 24 8:45 AM

My husband, Andrew, left for San Francisco Tuesday morning. I always make sure I have my dog Tigger with me when he's gone, because Ottawa, while a safe city, is still a city after all. As I was getting ready for work Wednesday, Tigger started making these whining noises, and scratching at the back door. So, I opened the door. She ran outside, down the small alley-way, and started jumping on what looked like my neighbor. As I got closer, I noticed he was hunched near his door, he looked like he was having trouble opening it. Then I noticed it wasn't my neighbor. Before I know it, he's running down the alleyway, knocking me down with his elbow on to the stone steps. Tigger gave chase for a few seconds, then came back.

The police were called, they arrived, took my statement, and asked me some questions:

"Are you ok?"  Yep.
"What time did this happen?"  8:45 AM.
"What did he look like?"   Tall guy (I'm 5 feet tall, so everyone's tall to me.) Reddish-blonde hair, freckles.  Very 
Irish looking.  Wearing jean jacket, and jeans of course.
"Did Tigger bite him?" I didn't think so.  Of course, I didn't know for sure if she'd bit him or not, because she was 
out of my sight for a few seconds.  But she's a Golden Retriever, a very friendly, good natured dog.  They asked if 
she was vaccinated against rabies, just in case.  The officer also met Tigger, and saw that she was obviously not 
vicious or any sort of threat.  

He asked other questions. He left his business card and told me that they'd be wanting to take pictures of the bruise on my shoulder later.

After the questioning was over, I went in to work. I arrived about 11:30 AM. I sat down at my desk, started to do some paperwork, and started crying and vomitting. (Vommitting? Yes. When I get really upset, my stomach does flips on me.) It was the longest delayed reaction I've ever had. This caused some speculation among my coworkers. "Hmmm...she usually only does crying and vommitting on Thursdays."

That evening I got a call from the officer, saying that he wanted me to come down to the station tomorrow. He mentioned something about a video tape they wanted me to watch, and also, they wanted to take pics of that huge bruise I'd received. He also said to bring her vaccination certificates down, and they would make copies of them there.

I didn't get a lot of sleep that night. And you can bet your ass Tigger slept with me in the same bed!

Thursday, May 25 9:15 AM

The police force is a lot like the Army, it's all hurry up and wait. All in all, it took about 4 hours to do something that would have taken normal people 45 minutes. However, the constable who took care of me had his own office that he shared with a co-worker. I had imagined it would be like L&O: noisy, dirty, and busy. Instead, it was quite clean and quiet.

They took pictures of my shoulder.

Then they had me watch a security video made by one of the neighboring buildings. Appearently, someone had tried to tinker with the locks there, only this time the building manager caught him doing it on tape. It was like watching that Fox show "America's Dumbest Criminals". It was quite funny to see him tinkering, tinkering, tinkering, and seeing the video camera. You could even see him mouthing the word "Shit" as he notices. It was the same guy. Funny stuff.

I was asked to wait some more. After a long while, the constable came in. He told me they had brought the guy in. The lineup procedure was just like L&O, complete with "Number 3 step forward." and "Are you sure that's him?" Both lawyers were there. I felt like I was on TV.

Then the officer asked if I had brought Tigger's certificate. It turns out that the "perp," (Yes, he actually called him that. I always thought it was a TV thing, but appearently not.) claimed that Tigger had bitten him. He had a large gash on his hand. Although, the officer was a bit doubtful, and said he might have injured himself when he was jimmying a door or something. (The guy also claimed Tigger was a 200 pound Rotweiller, so he's not exactly truthfulness incarnate.)

I finally got out of there at about 1:30 PM. I called the office, and told them that I'd be puttering with my begonias for the rest of the afternoon, as this justice stuff is rather stressful.

I've learned 3 things from this incident:

1.  The Ottawa Carleton Police are (I can't believe I'm saying this,) efficient at their job.  They caught the guy the 
next day.  They didn't accidentally shoot anybody.  These are good things.  This is probably why Ottawa is a safe 

2. Everyone should get themselves a Golden Retriever if at all possible. Preferably multiple Goldens. You wouldn't think they make good guard dogs, but they do. And they're not like Pit Bulls, they're not mean or vicious. You don't have to worry about them biting little children, or biting guests. But they will warn you when something's not right, and even defend you if they have to.

3. Shit like this always happens when your husband is away. Don't know why it is, but it is.

LOL What were they thinking?

OK role-playing time:

I'm a microsoft spin doctor. My company has just gone to court, and had a judge rule that the company was abusing it's monopolistic powers. All sorts of hell breaks loose, the judge wants to break up the company, the Media hates me, the stock price drops like a rock, my boss loses 9 Billion bucks in one day. What do I do?

I send a nasty gram to my most vocal opponents. Opponents who have a large competitor company behind them to back them up, financially, legally, ethically, and spiritually. Opponents who fervently hate my guts. And will tell the whole world that they hate my guts.

What was this guy thinking?

Why don't they have a "user" option under projects? I'd love to cert myself as a "user" of mod_virgule. I'm tempted to cert myself "helper" but I think that would be too high a cert for me. I mercilessly ask for features impossible to implement, I don't think that's helping a whole lot. :)

You know, this daily diary entry thing is pretty handy for polishing up my writing skills. (Which are still very rusty, by the way.) Neato.

Ryan: If you think that cleaning up doggie menstrual blood is something one does for one's own selfish pleasure, I invite you to come over, grab my mop, and indulge yourself. :)
April's Big Adventure

Wow, so interesting stuff does actually happen to me! Tigger is my five year old Golden Retriever. While walking her Tuesday morning I saw a black lab running around the park. Her name was April. . I saw a man on the phone standing there. I asked him if it was his dog. He said no, and there didn't seem to be an owner around. He had a cell phone so he called the Humane Society of Ottawa Carleton, and asked them what we should do. After explaining the situation, the voice on the other end of the phone said to call the bylaw people, curtly gave him the number, and hung up!

What could we do? She had no tags; we couldn't call her owners or walk her home. We couldn't just leave her there. We were afraid that she'd get hit by a car, or worse. So he tied her to the bench. He went to work. I went inside.

Now, this was the same dog that had escaped a few nights before at 10:00 pm. She was running around, happy as you please. We were having the same debate, when the owner showed up, called her, and brought her home. From what I caught of the conversation, her name was April, she was in heat, (thus her need to escape), and she'd somehow gotten out of her yard. I didn't catch the name of the owner, or where she lived. But I knew this was not a stray; someone would be out looking for her, probably after they got home from work that night.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning. I had gone inside, and I had these terrible pangs of guilt. So I went back out, untied her, and brought her inside. I put her in my laundry room. It's a small room, about 8"x6", and it was a good place for her to stay. It's tiled, so any clean up that I might need to do when I got home would be relatively easy. So I shut her up inside, and left for work.

When I got home that evening, I happened to see Linda and her husband Guy. Linda walks dogs during the daytime, so I figured she might know someone who lost a dog. I asked her. Her reply: "YES!" I must say, I've never heard anyone say "yes" quite as excitely.

So, I brought April and Tigger out, and Guy walked April home. I learned later that half a dozen people had been out searching for her all day. I felt kinda bad, but everyone agreed that it was better than letting her get hit by a car, or letting the bylaw officers take her. All's well that ends well.

The one thing that really pisses me off about this whole incident is the response of the Humane Society. Passing the buck. Well, thank you very much! I seeth every time I think about this. What is the point of actually having a humane society if they don't do anything? I wouldn't mind if they had said, "Sorry, we can't pick her up, you'll have to just bring her in." Or even if they'd given me more information, but no; they were totally useless. As Andrew says, "People should rely upon people first".

Wow! It looks like my guild mates are starting to use the site. Everyone's logging in and certifying each other. Articles are being posted. People are replying. Life is good.

My plan was to create a site that generated it's own content. Looks like it worked.

I have found that there is a down side to this plan. Don't even attempt to control the content. It's like herding cats. Stupid cats, with 8 legs, 3 heads, and inner ear problems. When users create their own content, it's impossible to control what kind of content they decide to create. You can try to guide them as best you can, but I think it's something you have to be pretty Zen about.

Just keep telling yourself, "I am a rock in the stream."

In other news, tomorrow is mine and Andrew's fifth anniversary. I wonder if a lot of money is going to be paid out tomorrow, as in bets won or lost? :) I believe for the fifth anniversary wood is given. Hmmm...must find something Andrew likes, yet made out of wood.

Decisions, decisions.

Haven't heard back from God yet. Still looking for answers. Heh, aren't we all?

God: Could you just clear up these few minor points for me please...

  • Do we really have "free will"? If yes, why? If no, why not? Site examples. Please be specific.

  • Why did you create such products as: Suffering, Pain, Death, Sin, etc. Once again, please use examples to support your answers.

  • Which religion is the correct one? Which one one is the closest to your own beliefs? Which one is the farthest?

  • Why have you decided to show yourself here, in this forum? Does it have anything to do with Open source and the way some advocates defend the movement religiously? Please be specific.

    Stay tuned for next week, when I'll post my more interesting questions to Satan.

  • Raph: I noticed you're not on the speaker list at OLS. I hope you didn't submit something and get rejected. I'd feel terrible. After using mod_virgule for my web site and all... "Pack your bags, we're going on a guilt trip." as my father used to say. :)

    Andrew bought a barbeque yesterday. We're having a party Friday. It's going to be a dry run for the speaker party at OLS. He of course bought the super-duper, 1 million BTU, chromed monstrosity unit. As usual. I don't know why I'm surprised. The store he bought it in had signs that read "Your wife called, she said it's OK to spend as much as you want." It was amusing.

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