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28 Aug 2001 (updated 8 Dec 2001 at 19:11 UTC) »

I'm now back in the empty void of the British countryside. I enjoyed my stay in London at Xinit. It has been a refreshing oppurtunity to put faces to the names of the people i have been working alongside in these past months.

Also it was great fun spending time with the various #brits crew and especially with Robert McQueen.

Lots of interesting things are happening with Debian Planet. We will soon be moving to new system which i have developed (so it will be very buggy) and a new webserver.

I've also had an idea for a new software project to hone my Python skills, a personal portal for Open Source fanatics. WIth cool features to make my life easier, and yours too.

OOh lazy day yesterday, involving hacking DP code to use externally linked CSS not style="" in tags.

Today, played with Xinit servers and php and had fun in #brits as usual, playing Banzai.

Updated anjuta packages entered sid today and also i got advocated.

Spent evening setting up new testnet for OPN and usual IRCOP style admin.

Well its been a while ;) I've now turned 16, finished my exams, been on holiday and are commencing my long summer holiday, with plenty of time for coding.

I'm proud to report that the Open Projects conversion is proceeding, albeit slowly, but we should have moved over to dancer-ircd, in the next few months. We also now have a traditional automake powered build system.

There have been many ups and downs for Debian Planet recently, the slashdotting of our article on woody freezing, led our ISP to temporarily suspend our service. That has now been resolved, however whilst i was away the server was compromised. Fortunately xinitsystems.com are donating a server for us to run the site on.

Thinkopen.co.uk is relaunching and is in desperate need of content, contact Denny.

Much interesting stuff is happening at Xinit, however muks almost got RH on the webserver, but i got my way and Debian woody will grace the box, i do hope he isnt too annoyed ;).

The linux expo in London on the 4/5th July was great, and a big hello to all those who i met, especially those at the debian.org who made me feel welcome, and it provided ,e with a signed GPG key.

New code for the DP site is progressing well and i hope it should be mostly complete by saturday ;) I'm having fun with ideas for caching and mirroring but these wont be used initially. Expect an initial release of venom my python powered webserver soon, which is like zope but easier to use ;)

I may finally get round to getting myself a website, where i can host much of my software.

I'm in the NM process for Debian and have had anjuta a gnome/gtk IDE for C/C++ uploaded.

17 Apr 2001 (updated 9 Jan 2004 at 17:50 UTC) »

Wow, the number of comments on that article has gone up to 70+!!

15 Apr 2001 (updated 9 Jan 2004 at 18:03 UTC) »

Not much new on the DP front except for the release of Progeny which is cool and the fact one article I posted to DP got 55+ comments.

As part of my new job with xinitsystems.com as "Junior web developer" i got sent a new box. With a nice 1ghz processor, 256 ram, 20gb HD (ooh all those mp3s ;) ).

But the graphics card is a noname unbranded Riva TNT 2 from nVidia. This is where the problems start. First i tried the new nvidia accellerated drivers as i'm prone to the odd spout of UT or Q3A. Ssh, dont tell my boss!

But to no avail, i just could not get the drivers to work. I read and reread all the documentation i could find. Oh well, i thought i'd try the opensource nv driver in 4.0.2.

Nope, they decided not to work, everything looked fine until the driver was expect to refresh the screen when funny horrizontal and vertical lines would appear. The mouse also became trapped (pun!!) in the top corner of the screen when changing from X --> VT --> X.

Oh well, my boss said he would sent me a Creative card so hopefully i should have more success with that. Fingers &,

Wierdly a while back i had some problems with not being able to render SGML to HTML, this kinda brought my work for the GDP (GNOME Documentation Project) to a standstill. I think there was soem problem with the packages installed on my box, because now after a 4 hour apt-get upgrade i can render my SGML into beautiful html.

Just doing bits and pieces as i work as 'Commit manager' for the OPN hybrid-dancer work.

27 Jan 2001 (updated 9 Jan 2004 at 17:50 UTC) »

Brrr. Got my GCSE predicted results, i got all A*s except in English (hwh). And i've got to decide what to do about A-Levels, i'm thinking about Maths Physics, Chemistry and Geography.

Hmm. Today is a good and a bad day. First i got my predicted GCSE results at school, which were awesome.

But things have gone downhill, at lunchtime dad tripped the power, by box had to spend ages fscking. So maybe i ought to move to reiserfs. And then i had to go have my haircut, which wasted 45 minutes in the rain. I now look really stupid, i hate having short hair.

Then ressu decides to upgrade DP to PHP-Nuke 4.3 which makes a big mess, this release seems more buggier than 4.1 that we were using. Arghh!!.

Got my GCSE German oral mock on Monday, very nervous. Gotta do some more coursework before that.

I think i'll get round to doing my GNOME applets this evening i hope.

Can things get worse?

8 Dec 2000 (updated 9 Jan 2004 at 17:51 UTC) »

Arggh. Today was one of those day when *everything* goes wrong.

Spent about an hour apt-get upgrading my box. At last i managed to unbreak my package configuration though. Solved an annoying problem with the perl5.6 packages not having a /usr/bin/perl symlink in.

Started work on my collection on python powered GNOME applets now that i've completed the docs for GNOME-Stones i need something else to keep me busy.

Ressu has been merging the 4.3 PHP-Nuke tree into DP's CVS hopefully, we'll be able to merge our changes and complete the TODO list.

May get on with funky-penguin.co.uk and get some new stuff in there, turn the site into a personal portal for me :).

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