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Looking for a new graphics card

So I'm hunting for a new graphics card, and my set of requirements make this a difficult quest. I welcome all suggestions, either as comments, or as email.

I haven't seen any passive cards in the new R7/R9 lines from ATI, not sure if those will come out later only


  • MUST be supported by the open-source Radeon or Noveau drivers.
  • MUST support at least 3 displays
  • MUST be cost less than $300
  • SHOULD occupy only one PCI-e slot (trying to avoid double-height cards)
  • SHOULD be passively cooled, or after-market water-cooled
  • NICE TO HAVE: good 3D performance

Options so far (for further review)

Name & Link Outputs Passive Card height Price
ATI FirePro 2460 4x MiniDP Yes 1 slot $256 NCIX (no PP)
VISIONTEK Radeon HD 7750, 2GB GDDR5, PCIe x16, 6x Mini-DP, Retail 6x MiniDP No 1 slot $273 NCIX (no PP)
Radeon HD 7750 Low Profile - Eyefinity 4 CGAX-7758LM4 - PCI Express 3.0 - 2048 - GDDR5 - 128 BIT 4x MiniDP No 1 slot 136GBP AmazonUK, no NCIX listing
SAPPHIRE FleX 100322FLEX Radeon HD 6450 1GB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card 1x DVI-D, 1x DVI-S, 1x HDMI Yes 2 slots LP $60 Newegg, $75 NCIX no-PP
PowerColor HD7750 2GB GDDR5 Eyefinity 4 LP Edition (UEFI) AX7750 2GBD5-4DL 4x MiniDP No 1 slot $190 Ebay, no NCIX listing

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Tracking all prior open-source contributions

For the many other open-source contributors and developers out there, I'm wondering if anybody has a complete list of all works they have created. It came up recently that such a list would be useful in asserting my own prior copyrights in any future employment, and avoiding claims that I'd taken any code [1].

For version control systems are still accessible, this isn't too much of a problem, but for past historical creations, this is a lot harder. Has anybody else done it? To what level of detail did your listing go?

Here's my initial broad listing(I'm going to come back often to fill it in more)

I realized that this does form a sort of portfolio of work that I've done, and it shows just how flexible I am, esp. if I went and wrote this up better including a blurb about some of the larger or more standalone projects I've done.

  • phpMyAdmin
  • Projects while at university (in addition to the Gentoo stuff I did)
    • diradm (v2)
    • localshell (both the perl & C versions)
    • chpasswd (LDAP-based reimplementation of original core tool)
    • RATS (Research Asset Tracking System)
    • readahead-list
  • Gentoo Linux (Lots of packages and projects here to list later)
    • Ufed
    • Genflags
    • Gentoo Git Migration code
    • Dokuwiki Automation
    • Packages.gentoo.org
    • MANY MANY packages
    • GLI (Gentoo Linux Installer): automated mode
    • Gentoo Infra Installer
  • Linux Kernel
    • 2011/10/24: 99a700bc [SCSI] mv_sas: OCZ RevoDrive3 & zDrive R4 support
    • 2008/09/13: f51ff993 ALSA: HDA: patch_analog: Quirk for Asus P5Q Premium/Pro boards.
    • 2008/09/13: 9cae0c63 ALSA: HDA: patch_analog: Implement multiple outputs for AD1988
    • 2008/09/13: 0481f453 ALSA: HDA: hda_proc: Fix printf format specifier
    • 2008/09/13: 35e8901e ALSA: HDA: hda_local: Less magic numbers.
    • 2008/09/13: e8bfc6c1 ALSA: HDA: patch_analog: Fix SPDIF output on AD1989B
    • 2007/03/28: 12340106 Add notation that the Asus W5F laptop has a short cable instead of 80-wire.
    • 2006, 2007: Apple G5 PowerMac Linux sensors "WindFarm" [1] [2] [3]
    • 2006/12: Porting of SATA Port Multipler code
    • 2006/06/12: cfd95a9c [PATCH] tmpfs: time granularity fix for [acm]time going backwards
    • Port of MIPS AMD Alchemy 1500 code for MyCable XXS1500 from 2.4 to 2.6 [1]
    • Changes for SGI Visual Workstation 320
    • Other work prior to v2.6.12 of the kernel when Git started (TODO)
    • TinCan Nail kernels
    • ???
  • 2004/08: Ksymoops: Cross-platform debug support without a cross-compiler
  • Git (various commits over the years, git-svn fixups, stuff in git commit signing, TODO)
  • MogileFS (Author of the PostgreSQL backend, core improvements
  • CephFS (Packaging fixes)
  • Ruby On Rails - ActiveRecord: Implemented BigDecimal floating-point storage [1]
  • APC PDU & MasterSwitch scripts
  • OpenSSH: HPN (High Performance Networking) patch porting & maintenance [1]
  • OpenSSH: LPK (LDAP key patch) patch porting, maintenance & feature additions [1]
  • Perl CPAN module for Watt's Up Pro USB hardware [1]
  • Ccache [1, utimes truncation]
  • CVS (Custom lockdown code)[1][1]
  • udev (add persistent tape symlinks)[1]
  • Amanda (fix race condition in backup encryption)[1]
  • LVM2 (usb block support [1]), ???
  • OpenSC (GSM SIM card access prototype [1])
  • Perlbal (SSL version selection control [1])
  • Rbot (Penalty calc [1] RPL_WHOISCHANNELS [2] Privacy in !seen [3]
  • 2013: Puppet LVM module [1]
  • 2008/09/13: ALSA (Fix NULL pointers [1])
  • 2006/08/13: GPSD (fix race conditions [1], [2])
  • 2008/01/14: mlmmj (Fix mail loss bug [1])
  • 2009/12/16: mlmmj ([PATCH] Re: requeued mail files going missing from archive/)
  • 2012/11/12: PulseAudio ([PATCH 0-3/3] rtp: Configurable source IP, Cleanup variable naming, rename modarg destination to dstip, Introduce source IP configuration with srcip)
  • 2006/06/19: Qpsmtpd ([PATCH] Require TLS/SSL before offering AUTH, Include SSL level in header, as per qmail-ssl)
  • 2006/12/17: Qpsmtpd (check_badmailfrom patch - per-line rejection messages)
  • 2012/02/25: Qpsmtpd [PATCH] Accept messages with no body and no trailing \n after headers
  • Random open-source fixes (TODO)

And I'm sure that I'm missing many more.

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Gentoo Linux participates in World IPv6 day

In light of World IPv6 day, the Gentoo Linux Infrastructure team would like to announce new IPv6-availability of several services, and list the existing IPv6 services. Every service listed below is running a dual-stack native IPv4/IPv6 service, no tunnels.

The new services available via IPv6 are:

The existing services available via IPv6 are:

  • CVS/SVN/Git services for developers
  • http://sources.gentoo.org/
  • rsync://rsync.gentoo.org/ - our primary rsync rotation
  • rsync://${CC}.rsync.gentoo.org - our regional community rsync rotations
  • A number of our mirrors

All of our IPv6 services will remain online after today, unless serious IPv6 problems (esp. regarding routing) are encountered.

Gentoo would like to extend thanks to all our sponsors & mirrors who have provided IPv6 service, and the servers to make use of it!

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Robin's 2011 conferences plans and ideas

Working on my conference travel plans and wishes for the year. I am downgrading OLS to a maybe, the cost is becoming more of a factor. Likewise, while I had incredible fun at FOSDEM last year, and OSCON in 2006, I cannot justify the airfare/hotel expenses for them. I would like to attend SCALE at some point as well, but uncertain for the same cost reason.

  • April 11-14, MySQL UC @ Santa Clara, CA, USA [1]
  • August 17-19, LinuxCon 2011 @ Vancouver, BC, Canada [2]
  • June 13-15, Linux Symposium @ Ottawa, ON, Canada.
Would like to go, but out of my financial reach:
  • February 5-6, FOSDEM @ Brussels, Belgium.
  • February 25-27, SCALE 9x @ Los Angeles, CA, USA.
  • July 25-29, OSCON @ Portland, OR
  • (Not yet announced), Linux Plumbers.
  1. I will be manning the phpMyAdmin booth, like past 5 years.
    I have no accommodation yet, I'd love to split a hotel room at the Hyatt (or another spot within walking distance) with somebody.
  2. Local this year, so no travel costs :-)

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Complaining at Journalists again: Gentoo Security and the UnrealIRCd backdoor

Those that have followed me for a while might have seen me previously complain at journalism that's misleading, wrong, or outright fictitious. Now I've got another case...
This article by Ed Bott at ZDNet:
Linux infection proves Windows malware monopoly is over; Gentoo ships backdoor? [updated]

The article was first published 2010/06/12 20:37 UTC.
It claims to be "worse" when updated at 2010/06/14 19:30 UTC.

Gentoo had a revision bump to a known good copy of the tarball at 2010/06/12 16:34 UTC (using a different filename, and verified against the GPG signature provided by upstream), so it was ALREADY fixed when the article was published. The old revision was explicitly removed at 2010/06/12 21:18 UTC.
Commit data for fixes:
Changes for unrealircd-
Changes for unrealircd-

The trojaned tarball was then removed from the Gentoo master mirror at 2010/06/13 08:00 UTC, about 11 hours after the article was published. It would have been sooner, but it was a matter of bad timing.

Gentoo bug 323691.

The article also claims: "There’s a great deal of comment in the Talkback section of this post about how official repositories can be trusted. It appears that system broke down thoroughly in this case."
This claim is bogus. The developer that updated the package made perhaps a mistake in trusting that the upstream had not been tampered with. However, in lacking anything to verify against (the upstream apparently did not sign releases at that point), he couldn't have detected the backdoor except by manual inspection of all the code. He downloaded the package AFTER it had been tampered with (2009/11/11 I believe), so he never saw the tamper-free version either.

The entire point of the Gentoo Manifests are to ensure that OUR mirrors are not the point where a compromise is introduced. We can detect upstream changes by this same mechanism, but they mostly tend to be upstream deciding to 'fix' something without bumping the version number. In this regard, they functioned perfectly.

P.S. I'm not saying the existing Gentoo mirroring is perfect either, see my prior writings on tree-signing, and the "Attacks on Package Manager" papers by Cappos et al., which are blocked only with the full tree-signing system.

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On Google Summer of Code Applications

(This post inspired by Petteri Räty (betelgeuse)'s similar post

For this year's Gentoo GSoC projects, I'm a mentor on two of our suggested ideas (but also interested in totally new ideas that fit my fields):

  • upstart on Gentoo
  • Distfile Fetcher Intelligence
Do you actually understand the project idea?
This is actually a gap that I didn't expect to exist, but I have seen in previous years. This is mainly a difference of expectations between the proposal and what the potential student sees as what the idea really entails.
Using Upstart as an example, it supports an existing init.d compatibility mode, but we're not interested in that. Instead we want our init.d scripts to be treated just like upstart jobs (located in /etc/init/). The init.5 manpage shipped with upstart gives a good start...
Code maintainability
betelgeuse spoke about long-term maintenance, but you should think about it long ahead of that. Some degrees of abstraction, and avoiding difficult to understand logic should be prevalent here. betelgeuse mentioned spaghetti code, but it's important to realize that even well formatted code can impose a much larger mental workload if not well thought out.
Timezones, Timezones!
Most of your project should not be blocking on asking for mentor advice, as timezones and real world pressures often conspire to prevent easy real world communication. I may live in UTC-7, but my hours drift as needed by work but I tend to be online anywhere between 17h00 UTC and 10h00 UTC. If you're trying to communicate with me on a regular basis, this can be tough, so being able work on a problem independently, ask highly directed questions via email can go a long way.

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Advice for Google Summer of Code students

Good advice for any prospective GSoC student, regardless of gender

I'm also a mentor for Gentoo again this year, after taking a break last year.
You can find our list of potential ideas here: Google Summer of Code 2010 ideas for Gentoo
But don't limit yourself to them! Creative ideas can get you very far too :-)

I'll also be the infrastructure contact for the accepted SoC students, for any issues you have with the source code repositories (we'll be offering Git again), your shell accounts, and a sounding board on deploying your successful project (for those that hosting or larger resources).

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Spamtrap addresses vs. list confirmation emails, or how to lose 2k list emails

In the early hours of this morning, a spammer managed to get the IP of the Gentoo list server on the NiX Spam RBL... simply by spamming the subscribe address :-(. This caused approximately 2000 deliveries of normal list mail to be rejected while the server was present on the RBL.

Notice the subscribe request, line 0004. (whitespace added)

0001 Feb  1 00:15:56 pigeon postfix/smtpd[29314]: 52278E0778: client=unknown[]
0002 Feb  1 00:15:57 pigeon postfix/cleanup[31589]: 52278E0778:
0003 Feb  1 00:15:58 pigeon postfix/qmgr[12260]: 52278E0778:
  size=59874, nrcpt=3 (queue active)
0004 Feb  1 00:15:58 pigeon postfix/local[31581]: 52278E0778:
  relay=local, delay=2.4, delays=2.4/0/0/0.01, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to command: ....)
0005 Feb  1 00:15:58 pigeon postfix/local[31716]: 52278E0778:
  relay=local, delay=2.4, delays=2.4/0.01/0/0.01, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to command: ....)
0006 Feb  1 00:15:58 pigeon postfix/local[31509]: 52278E0778:
  relay=local, delay=2.4, delays=2.4/0.01/0/0.02, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to command: ....)
0007 Feb  1 00:15:58 pigeon postfix/qmgr[12260]: 52278E0778: removed

Assuming that the it's a real subscribe request, we send a confirmation request, and promptly get blacklisted for being a good citizen. Line 0013.

0010 Feb  1 00:15:58 pigeon postfix/smtpd[31587]: B6FA9E0778: client=localhost[]
0011 Feb  1 00:15:58 pigeon postfix/cleanup[31589]: B6FA9E0778:
0012 Feb  1 00:15:58 pigeon postfix/qmgr[12260]: B6FA9E0778:
  size=1345, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
0013 Feb  1 00:16:29 pigeon postfix/smtp[31603]: B6FA9E0778:
  relay=mx.dyndns.biz[]:25, delay=31, delays=0.06/0/30/0.41, dsn=5.7.1,
  status=bounced (host mx.dyndns.biz[] said:
    554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Your spam message has been received.
    You will be blacklisted. Thank you (in reply to end of DATA command))
0014 Feb  1 00:16:29 pigeon postfix/bounce[31637]: B6FA9E0778: sender non-delivery notification: B8AE9E089A
0015 Feb  1 00:16:29 pigeon postfix/qmgr[12260]: B6FA9E0778: removed

Why did this happen? I do agree on the importance of spamtrap accounts, but they MUST check the content of their messages. A list confirmation message MUST NOT be considered as spam.

The original subscribe request came from what seems to be a compromised server in Secunderabad, India. So it wouldn't have been detected by RBL focused on modem/dialup addresses.

Short of raising the bar to subscribe (with a specific token that needs to be included, and then it's only a matter of time till spammers include it too), there isn't much we can do to block stuff like this at the list-server level. There is no way to detect than an address is a spamtrap. There cannot be by definition, as the spammers would avoid it themselves otherwise.

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Useful and complex /etc/conf.d/net setups (In support of USE=oldnet)

I've been prodding at the concept of the new network script in OpenRC-0.5, and I'm at a loss to try and see why Roy has decided to toss the old network config system away. The new system doesn't have a lot of capabilities, and most significantly totally loses the ability to restart a single interface without affecting the rest of the system. If it's just for a rewrite, then I'm not too worried, but unless all the functionality is still there, I'm worried we are going to move backwards with it.

At the same time, I don't think many people are aware of how powerful the "old" network configuration mechanism is. The net.examples file is only the start, once you start mixing in the pre/post calls, there's a lot of power. It's capable of some feats that I don't see used even in certain parts of the Gentoo documentation[1]. I've put together some of my gems of conf.d/net, and if you have some, I'd love to hear them. Leave a comment or email me the scripts, along with a description.

Configurations available
  • Easy to maintain HE.net (Hurricane Electric) IPv6 tunnels - Download
  • Running two ISPs at home (basic multi-homing) - Download
  • "Enterprise" multi-homing setup, with 4 paths to the Internet - Download

I've also started a bit of storage in my Gentoo webspace for these collected works of network configuration, with a bit more documentation.

  1. The Gentoo docs have this for IPv6: Gentoo IPv6 Router Guide, Tunnel Configuration. You could bring it up manually, or you could just take the IPv6 config above and use it straight with your variables filled in. Volunteers welcome to help merge that config into the Gentoo IPv6 documentation.

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Gentoo release statistics as of 2009/10/09 23h59 UTC

solar was asking about release statistics, so I grabbed the current data from Bouncer. The nearly 34k releases for 10.0 is just in the 5 days that it's been out. I included the various architetures that were part of each released 'product', to make some degree of comparision possible.

What Hits Arches
installcd-minimum 228561 alpha,amd64,hppa,ia64,ppc,ppc64,sparc64,x86
installcd-universal 374388 alpha,amd64,hppa,ppc,sparc64,x86
packagecd 162537 alpha,amd64,ppc,ppc64,sparc64,x86

livecd 242422 x86
minimal 287496 alpha,amd64,hppa,ia64,ppc,ppc64,sparc64,x86
packagecd 42572 amd64,ppc-g4,ppc-ppc,sparc64
packagecd-32ul 10909 ppc64
packagecd-64ul 2981 ppc64
universal 111359 alpha,amd64,hppa,ppc,ppc64,sparc64

livecd 307481 amd64,x86
minimal 330505 alpha,amd64,hppa,ia64,ppc,ppc64,sparc64,x86
packagecd 39118 ppc,ppc-g3,ppc-g4,ppc64,ppc64-g5
universal 122280 alpha,hppa,ppc,ppc64,sparc64

bt-http-seed 72980 ALL
livecd 411958 amd64,x86
minimal 496943 alpha,amd64,hppa,ia64,ppc,ppc64,sparc64,x86
packagecd 27593 ppc-g4,sparc64
universal 137554 hppa,ppc,ppc64,sparc64

livecd 19426 amd64,ppc64,x86
livedvd 4 amd64,x86
minimal 14069 alpha,amd64,hppa,ia64,ppc64,sparc64,x86
universal 1745 ppc64,sparc64

livecd 37771 amd64,x86
livedvd 17842 amd64,x86
minimal 55745 alpha,amd64,hppa,ia64,ppc,sparc64,x86
universal 3142 ppc,sparc64

livecd 477934 amd64,x86
minimal 406531 alpha,amd64,hppa,ia64,ppc,sparc64,x86
packagecd 12308 sparc64
universal 83600 hppa,ppc,sparc64

livedvd 4870 amd64,x86

livedvd 33703 amd64,x86

livedvd 0 amd64,x86

  • 2008.* has the LiveDVD's pulled from mirrors due to size complaints.
  • bt-http-seed was an (failed) experiment with a set of mirror URLs for trying to load-balance Bittorrent's HTTP seeding
  • Bouncer really needs replacing, but there's nothing really good to do so that I'm aware of. mod_sentry isn't nice. Other suggestions welcome. Should support products, architectures within products, seperate check/serve URLs, detailed hit recording for analysis.

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