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I miss zines. I miss rummaging through a pile of warn paper from some lonesome backroom copier.

I also miss having time to poke around at recent developments in graphics. Wandering through journals and web pages is fun, making pretty pictures perhaps even more so. Why are there always so few free hours in the day for fun stuff?! arg!

So, I'm half comtemplating putting together a graphics related newsletter. But wait, aren't there already tons of graphics tech/news/code/whatnot sites out there? Sure, but a majority of them have a heavy focus on realtime applications (e.g. gamasutra, gamedev, flipcode, opengl.org). The good ol Raytracing News was tons of fun, but long times between updates doesn't do well for the fiending folks..

Most likely nobody would read such a thing, but who cares..

wiggly -

A Catmull-Rom Spline might do what you want..

Is there an easy way to get ahold of the geometry defining font glyphs [ie can it be snatched from freetype, or easily parsed out of a file] for your favorate type of font?
I'm toying around in my head with a [limited] postscript interpreter which uses GL to render (or perhaps such a beast already exists?). It would make for great presentations when fed through chromium on a display wall. It doesn't seem that difficult, save for font rendering...

salmoni-the Lyx spell check spits out a word count after it has finished the document.. Somewhat backwards I guess, but if you _must_ have word counts :)
so, it only took an afternoon for it to dawn on me that i should install a new kernel to get the 1394 stuff to work. sure enough, it behaved much nicer afterwards.

camera seems to be doing well, execept the lens has some serious radial distortions going on. ended up spending friday trying to compensate for them. it's not quite there yet; i'm still using a fixed center and was too lazy to write the 5 lines to do interpolation, but it is looking better.

i need a wort chiller. though, waiting for it to cool does give me a good excuse to do laundry and catch up on diary entries

tomarrow is the day of seminars.. all morning long. eug.

probably will try and get a 1394 board up in the afternoon, so i'll have a camera to start playing with projector alignment. pretty neat idea. if you can determine how your projector is aligned with respect to its display (given a sane display surface..) you can invert the transform, plop it on your matrix stack, and poof. a corrected display.

whats that?

added some cheesie fonts and tooltips to my graph editor.. its almost time to make it do something useful.

wow. slacker i have been, mmh? no diary entry in six months.. geez


does it really count as school if you are not taking any classes? have been trying to get our display wall up and going at a reasonable rate, which involves playing around with xfree86 and the dri to convince the mga driver to blit once again. still have some funkiness to straighten out, maybe by the end of the week.

can't seem to reach any machine on campus atm.. but, its sunday morning, and they have been known to throw in unscheduled power outages then. still, thank goodness for UPSs and ext3.

summer fun

a good friend of mine just happened to schedule her wedding the same week as siggraph.. doh! at least MN will be somewhat cooler than TX in late july..


finally getting around to working on a little graph editor to use for a front end for some 2d stuff. nothing fancy, but i'm sick of writing a new interface every time i want to play with someones paper and want something i can reuse.

well.. i managed to aquire a new power supply.. woohoo.

sadly, the machine refuses to do anything. no post beep, no beep error when i pull out dimms. i fear the mobo may have fallen victum to the the power spike.

tho id like to stick my procs in someone elses box to make sure that they are still alive... bloody oath..

jimw:exactly.. thanks..

spent the morning talking to myself.. fixed the audio underruns, but killed the sync.. oh well, it seems to be working now. the next challange, can we find enough bandwidth to pipe the stream out to new mexico.. hmm.. probably not..

wouldnt it be great if there was a diary digest mode? ie one big honkin page that listed all the new diary entries in the past day.. cause im lazy and dislike having to click on 15 links to read everything thats going on..

swiped a new chair out of the surplus pile today.. well, its not new, but its well broken in.. chairs are only good once the springs that keep them from reclining are completly shot, and you have to always sit at a pi/4 angle.. mmm.. though the arm rests are a bit torn up.. my office mate suggests electrical tape; i suggested a cup holder.

someday i'll get around to getting a new PS.. but its all rainy today, and i left my wallet in another pair of pants, so no lunch for me.. sigh..

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