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5 Jan 2001 (updated 22 May 2006 at 12:38 UTC) »

It seems I'm not as full of christmas cheer as I thought I was.

I finally managed to get to sleep at a more reasonable time last night (more reasonable being 5am instead of 8am or 10am), but unfortunately I woke up 2 hours later and havent been able to get to sleep again.

And all I can think of is how glad I'll be when the entire wishing I was seeing my family part of christmas is over, and the fun bit starts... It's taking longer than I expected.

Screwed up in a big way in the business studies mock (or have I said that already).

I think when christmas is over I'll get my self a better computer, and maybe a cheap laptop if I have any money left over.

Then, I'll see about being nice to people and getting myself off the ignore lists, my bad mood as got me on. Sorry folks, I suck :-)

anyway... Thats enough of that, I cant stand whiney posts, and I'm starting to feel like Scrooge.

Merry Christmas folks, Happy new year and all that.
*wonders where he put the sherry*


Just spent 10 minutes with pabs pestering for some reason.

Almost got the exam entry stuff sorted out.

Nothing else really happening, no more college till January 8th, and I'm planning on sleeping for most of the time off. Might be going down to London around new year, but I'm not sure, dont really want to take the train, and it takes ages on the bus. Then there's finding somewhere to stay, so maybe I'll stay up here, dont know yet.

I've decided tetrinet was taking up too much of my time so I hardly play now.

I've started reading all my books again (at least not getting very much sleep is good for something).

*goes off to read a bit more*

I went into College today to dump some work, and it turns out that all the teachers who'd been telling me the deadline for exam entry is next Thursday were wrong, and it was today. Lets hope i can sort that out on Monday.

I'm told Ferite has inheritance now, but because of the sourceforge downtime I havent had chance to take a look.

I also decided not to go to the doctor. Partly because I'm not exactly sure what changing doctors entails (I havent been to one since i moved), and some other reasons that are too stupid to mention :-).

Had a play with ePlus as well. ages since I used that, now if i can just find a copy of E DR12 or DR13, I can go all nostalgic for a day or two.

I feel like crap, I'm only getting about 1-3 hours sleep per night, and I feel like I'm made of lead.

I havent been to college since last thursday, but I am going tomorrow, if only in the afternoon for the Computer Science class. then at some point I'm gonna go to the doctors like people have been telling me to for months.

I finished all the design documentation for my Computer Science project, so I free time for a while (or i would if I had enough enerjy to leave the house, or code right now).

I'm going to have a play with edb at some point soon. and maybe ebits if i find a use (but I'm waiting for etox to be done so I can have a good look).
Been playing with freenet as well, I'm on dialup so running a node is not really a good thing, but I have one running, just firewalled off from the outside world so i can put local data in there and clear out ~/ a bit, not really what its designed for I know, but it does the job pretty well as long as you remember the keys.

Well, for some reason I'm still not sleeping. I missed college yesterday and slept till about 2. then i still couldn't sleep till about 6am, so I slept till 5 today.

Qt's pretty sweet.
Changed E themes (as if that interests you).

Now I'm supposed to be doing more college work. But I think I'm going to do a simple test app with Ferite and GTK+, then do the college work.

Well, I havent done this for a while, I've learned just enough LaTeX, to do pretty looking design documentation for my Computer Science project.
and learned that searching for "LaTeX" on google with a lecturer looking over your shoulder doesnt always make them think you're working ;-)

I've been messing with C++ (not very much, just having a poke about) and I went back to using 2.4.0-test kernels, oh, and i installed Debian, and learned Perl, and other stuff I've forgot.

Ah, heres another one, I discovered how much PDQ rocks, that Mozilla became useable while I wasnt looking, that the start of the GTK+ bindings for Ferite are sweet, and that when food packaging says to pierce the film before putting it in the microwave, it means it ( I think theres still some little bits of chilli stuck to the ceiling of the microwave that wont come off)

I found out about this place from gilbertt a few weeks back but i hadn't done anything useful then, most of yesterday and all of the day before I spent hacking background setting code into feh. And in the last few hours of yesterday (and the first few hours of today), I started on a thumbnail view.

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