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A really good egg/soya/milk free cake: carrot cake. It doesn't even taste off carrots

After experimenting a bit with a different diary format the lack of RSS and the utter mangling of my entries convinced me to keep using advogato...

here are the old entries

4/pvaneynd@slartibartfast:~/Mail :) $ du -h ~/tmp/New-Mail/recover.bz
24.2M    /home/pvaneynd/tmp/New-Mail/recover.bz2
4/pvaneynd@slartibartfast:~/Mail :) $ bzip2 -dcv ~/tmp/New-Mail/recover.bz2  | wc --bytes -  
/home/pvaneynd/tmp/New-Mail/recover.bz2: done
22058737 -
4/pvaneynd@slartibartfast:~/Mail :) $ bc
bc 1.06
Copyright 1991-1994, 1997, 1998, 2000 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
For details type `warranty'.
22058737 / (1024 * 1024)

21 megabytes of email! I will use liberally the C-d key in mutt I fear.

In other news we went to a hilarious "Welcome to Edegem" presentation. That was all nice and uplifting, until they they started talking about the financial problems and even further the traffic problems that all the big works round Antwerp will cause.

In other news my wireless network card seems to hang while handling too much traffic, or maybe because my portable is out of range of the server, or maybe it is interference, or ? I need some time to fix this. Time I don't have

All debian acounts are still locked, and the anon-ftp uploads I tried failed. So no new cmucl packages for now. The worst is that I cannot communicate with users. This whole mess is getting irritating to say the least.

In related news: someone should start packaing slime a emacs-lisp interface that promises to be much better then ilisp ever was. Still I wonder if they shouldn't have taken up eli from franz.

Work. Well the usual stuff. Upgrades, new projects, technical problems.

At the moment I'm trying the new blog of my provider. See here

One windows reinstall, falling laptop and overfull mailbox makes a 18e release for debian late ;-(

CLX hacking has been delayed by preparing a 18e CMUCL release for debian. That and keeping up with the CVS HEAD... Oh how I like sbcl's build process so much more.

Very long time no update. What have I been doing? Well. Raising a kid takes a fair bit of my time. :-)

My current project is dragging CLX kicking and screaming into the 1990's. The whole

constructions have to go. If you are in doubt, read Daniel Barlows diary.

I will try to keep a up-to-date log of events here.

Long time no diary.

I've been working like a slave recently, so I couldn't do much for cmucl or sbcl. I've noticed the work of crs on the vector operations... impressive!

My love with logical-pathnames has come to an abrupt end now that it turns out that none of the big commericial players got the implementation right. It has no sence trying to get them in line with an obviously broken spec. I think the URI idea is the right solution, but it will take some hacking before adsf+URI is working enough to replace mk:defsystem+LPN :-(. Soo much to do and almost no time...

Recently we went by car from Wilrijk (Belgium) to Napoli (Italy). Impressive. Especially the difference in drivers is noticiable... Also very impressive if you see the Brenner tunnel you went through closed due to a small disaster :-(

I really should get a job in Naples: better weather, better food, nice in-laws...

10 weeks and counting down...

Had a horrible week. Spend too much time at work on nightmare firewall problems... No sbcl hacking :-(.

Now I'm off to rest... And maybe release a new cmucl version :-)

Common Lisp: cmucl 3.0.3 and related packages are shaping up. They seems mostly stable and the bugs I'm fixing are small onces. So either it is fit for release in the next debian version, or the day before the freeze (as per tradition) someone finds a huge problem.

Life: it seems all the signs for the offspring projects are go. ETA: JAN-2002. Other projects will suffer at the start of the project, but I hope to get the milestone proto-lisp hacker in about... 8 years?

Cliki: Added a very egocentric page for people to ask their questions that I see in the IRC logs but for some reason they don't ask me. boggle...

Still having problems with lazy allocation mode. Sigh. Why it suddenly decided to bit-rot on me is beyond me...

So now I'm trying to understand why it segfaults at eip=0x0 by pure meditation

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