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Sign the Petition: Stop Feinstein’s sham NSA reform bill

 I just signed a petition asking my senator to oppose the deceptively named the FISA Improvements Act. This bill, introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein would codify the worst of the NSA’s bulk collection programs while hypocritically touting itself as real, meaningful reform. The NSA’s mass surveillance programs are unconstitutional and need to be reined in. But Sen. Feinstein’s bill is a sham meant to fool the American people that Congress is enacting real reform. To learn more and take action, click on the links below. http://act.credoaction.com/sign/difi_nsa?sp_ref=24176783.4.1773.e.0.2&referring_akid=9650.2988458.BBktcD&source=mailto_sp

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fwd: NSA infiltrates World of Warcraft

Hey -

I just heard from Demand Progress that the NSA and sister agency GCHQ are infiltrating the online gaming community, employing live agents, mass data collection and attempt to recruit informants among users — all without informing a single company or gamer.

Online gaming attracts tens of millions of players worldwide, and gaming consoles often include video headsets, live cameras and audio feeds, all of which the NSA has the power to turn on without our knowledge.

Tell game companies to defend user privacy and get the NSA out of our games: http://act.demandprogress.org/sign/NSAwow/?referring_akid=2423.45919.F65PhZ&source=taf

There's no proof these mass surveillance systems ever foiled a single terrorist plot. But with customers being arrested and charged for jokes and offhand comments on social media like Facebook, there's no telling how much damage this mass privacy invasion will cause — which is why we're asking gaming companies to speak out: http://act.demandprogress.org/sign/NSAwow/?referring_akid=2423.45919.F65PhZ&source=taf

If we can get Microsoft's X-Box Live crew, the World of Warcraft makers at Blizzard and Second Life creators Linden Lab to protest this dangerously overreaching move, we can secure our privacy and civil liberties and protect gamers from unjust persecution.

Sign to help get the word out while the NSA and GCHQ are still stretching their tentacles, and fight for our privacy protections now: http://act.demandprogress.org/sign/NSAwow/?referring_akid=2423.45919.F65PhZ&source=taf

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stop Biotech's new Kiss of Death GMO apple

Dear Friend,

If you haven’t heard, apples are the single most popular fruit served in school lunchrooms across the U.S. and tragically, a Canadian firm has created a new GMO apple, using a new “gene silencing” technique that could interfere with the expression of genes in humans, even silencing vital human genes, potentially causing serious health problems.

Right now, the Obama administration is considering the approval of the world’s first genetically engineered apple, known as the ArcticApple®, which has been engineered to lack the natural browning enzyme that may help apples fight disease and pests. If approved, this GMO apple will appear on shelves unlabeled and without proper regulation.

Currently, the Canadian firm, Okanagan Specialty Fruits, is hoping its GMO apple, will be approved in Golden Delicious and Granny Smith varieties, despite the fact that it faces stiff opposition from consumers, apple growers and some of the nation’s leading apple growing associations. Legitimate concerns center on the utterly worthless cosmetic genetic alteration to the GMO apple and the untested new genetic engineering technique used to create the apple.

Please sign the petition below: tell the USDA to reject biotech's new cosmetic GMO apple!


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I finally did it.

I want to tell you how you can change the world with your electric bill - by switching to get your energy from Ethical Electric. They're a clean energy supplier and they make it super-easy for you to power your home with 100% renewable, locally sourced energy from wind and solar.

Ethical Electric is an explicitly progressive company. They support causes that benefit the planet and advance equality, peace, justice and opportunity. A portion of every month's bill goes to fund organizations like the League of Conservation Voters, Daily Kos and SumOfUs.org.  They even have a progressive online campaigning platform, Ethical.org, that fights for issues their members care about.

On the other side is a fossil fuel industry that spent over $325 million on lobbying and $125 million on political contributions. They used the money from the monthly bill of customers like you to oppose climate change solutions.

While Ethical Electric is a great company that I'm really excited about, this deal gets even better. If you sign up today through the link below, you'll get a $50 enrollment bonus!

Make sure to use my referral code "1312052NZCEH" so I get credit!

To switch to clean energy, go to: https://ethicalelectric.com/referral/by/1312052NZCEH?sc=em

Michael L. Love


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X-ray body scannners

Current theory is that the US studied human exposure to X-rays using the airport scanners. Big experiment. It was shown that many of the X-ray scanners were putting out far more radiation than they were supposed to. It would be no surprise that the US is still tracking the victims of their radiation experiment. The use of X-ray imaging would be irresistible to certain military minded people, because it is difficult to detect, and non-visible. Detailed images could be made surreptitiously at night using X-ray scanner technology, and over great distances. Too bad X-radiation exposure is unhealthful, but no problem, if you intend to kill the people you are spying on.  US gets this. It would be likely that the weather control experiments have something to do with it as well, the aluminum flakes obscuring the X-ray scans. Want more visibility for your X-ray scanner? Deplete the ozone. Sounds like #nwo to me. I don't think people understand how commonplace it must now be for the US to experiment on unwitting people including their own citizens. The model is that the scanners went in the airports, so that the US could easily track the people that they  exposed to the scanning beam. The reason is obvious and widespread knowledge. They had planned to deploy far more X-ray scanners and they decide  to study the effects on people.


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Tell Google: Don't Be Evil With ALEC

Dozens of corporations have dropped their funding of the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). But now Google, Facebook and Yelp are helping to pick up the tab.

Tell those internet giants not to fund ALEC.


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Home page | Daniel Defense http://bit.ly/1b2sEH1

It would be pretty cool to build your own assault rifle. DIY.


Home page | Daniel Defense http://bit.ly/1b2sEH1

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Michael L. Love

I'm ready for the Thanksgiving dinner conversation.


I'm ready for the Thanksgiving dinner conversation. \

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I just signed this petition -- will you?

I just took action to demand Kmart respect their workers and allow them to spend Thanksgiving with their families.

I think you should too!


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I just signed this petition about #GMO salmon -- join me?

Dear Friend, Any day now, the FDA could approve the first GMO animal for food: the AquaBounty salmon. You’ll have no idea you’re buying this genetically modified fish, since labeling of these products are not required. We have to stop this. Will you join me on this petition? It only takes a moment: http://act.credoaction.com/sign/deadline_fda_salmon?sp_ref=21140631.4.1335.e.0.2&referring_akid=9514.2988458.2FhRz4&source=mailto_sp_big

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