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27 Mar 2004 (updated 28 Mar 2004 at 01:44 UTC) »

It's been a while LifeStuff(tm)

Fedora PPC

Things are looking fairly good atm, I've been running arjan's ppc kernel this week, rebuilt for firewire so it'll talk to my shiny new firewire drive I'm going to test builds on.

After wrestling with anaconda in test mode (turned out prodpath in anaconda was still looking for RedHat) a test run went fairly well. Real install on Sunday.

Other stuff

For doing my kernel builds I've started to use mezzanine to wrap around CVS and a PDR type setup. Useful for generating diffs of specs and .configs.

Discussion on objects in python for rpm is starting which is nice, there is still so much to do at the rpm-python level, including a nasty for biarch setups in addErase that skvidal caught - that's on the list for Sunday too.

Today (Saturday) is Red Hat World Tour meets my LUG which should be fun.

UPDATE I'll leave it to you, dear reader to figure some of the questions I asked Red Hat.

9 Mar 2004 (updated 9 Mar 2004 at 16:00 UTC) »
Fedora PPC

Apparently ppc support may be hitting the Fedora kernel tree.

The patches to arch/ppc/mm/init.c and include/asm-ppc/pgalloc.h sound identical to what I did based on spot's sparc patches.

At least can work with the split out configs for pmac. This gives me hope for test3, now I just need to persuade my fiancee to let my buy a G5.

Catching up

Been busy with various things over the last week, so not had great deal of time. However today got a fedora core 2.6.3 derived kernel up, running with selinux on ppc32. Minor patches need to push to various people after more testing.

[pauln@imac pauln]$ uname -a
Linux imac.eridu 2.6.3psn1 #6 SMP Sun Mar 7 09:41:38 GMT 2004 ppc ppc ppc GNU/Linux
[pauln@imac pauln]$ id -Z

Caught up in bugzilla checking existing ppc bugs and got yaboot/ybin added to policy-sources. Probably should get quik and silo added too.

Also looked at ELKS for the first time in ages, some patches I need to check over and merge. I'm glad to see things picking up on it, I just need to unpack my 8086's.

2 Mar 2004 (updated 2 Mar 2004 at 17:29 UTC) »
Back to the grindstone

Well had housewarming this weekend which took up lots of my time - but was very worth while. Lots of people I hadn't seen for a while.

I've made a start on rpm.spec for rpm-python, it'll be the first rpm-python component I've done from scratch but I'm fairly happy with how it's going. I've also experimented with wrapping the rpm extension under a python module to make it easier to merge some helper functions.

jbj has added glob support for macrofiles which will make jpackage's life easier for macros.jpackage.

My rpmdb went a bit foo'ey so I took the opportunity to play some more with skvidal's rpmUtils module in order to fix it. Only real annoyance was not being able to access some useful functions in rpmUtils.updates as they are part of the class. Probably me being lazy though.


Failed to go to FOSDEM, meaning I missed lots of the OSS java people, but as oneof the things I've been sporadically trying to follow is native eclipse for FC2 I have some good news. I'm happy to say that the latest ant that is in rawhide fixes the issues I had with the naoko ant and libgcj-ssa (multiple classpath entries for .so in an executable).

I'm rebuilding against gcc34 packages and if that all works I may host a yum repo. I'll build on ppc later too. Then to work on rpm-java. I may also try and package native jython too.

Brief Update

I've not been up to stuff because of LifeStuff(tm) such as getting engaged and booking a wedding.

Fear not I shall return to geekdom briefly...

I've a few small rpm fixes I should push to HEAD after testing, plus XFree86 patch (the SDK includes patch made it into 4.4 rc 3 so will be in 4.4 yay!).

Bits and pieces

Have organised bandwidth so work should progress more on fedora-ppc kernel.

Having discovered jrpm I am using jython to bend it to my will :)

Jython 2.1+ on java1.3.1_09-i386 (JIT: null)
Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
import com.jguild.jrpm as rpm

Next to play with natively compiled RHUG jython and jrpm, then try and build jrpm natively.

4 Feb 2004 (updated 4 Feb 2004 at 12:44 UTC) »
Events Warranted an Update

Well I've pushed another patch mharris' way (one typo has caused so much pain...) so things looking good. Unfortunately my laptop has decided that it really didn't like my last up2date -fu and is segfaulting at such commands as /bin/ls. Seeing as rpm and python are b0rked too I'm going to reinstall rawhide later today. This will delay the synaptics rpm itself as I can't run rpmbuild on laptop atm.

The ppc kernel is looking good, compiled, linked and runs. Need to do config tweaking now and then push to davej. Evil hacky implementation of page_is_array for ppc32 (it just returns 1 atm), but this is apparently what is in ppc64 RHEL branch for time being - so it's not just me ;)

Oh and people feel free to certify me on advogato pnasrat


Well I'm all moved - other than lack of bandwidth all is well.

Working through fedora ppc kernel stuff and fairly hopefull on that front. Working via gprs and dialup really makes me wish PDR or fedora CVS was available. Particularly working on the kernel and XFree86.

Synaptics update

David Dawes has commited my driver SDK patch which enables clean synaptics builds. As it's now UPSTREAM this may mean getting in into FC2 is doable. I've also managed to do the Imake magic to build supporting binaries for synaptics driver. Now just sanity checking and rediffing my patch against the Fedora XFree86 4.3.

I also wrote a quick script which tests the state of the current drivers built against the SDK. My patch to start using $(DRIVERSDKINCLUDEDIR) is sane, but some of the drivers on HEAD will no longer build with the SDK. More attention required here. I don't know if I can make rc3 for 4.4 final for this though due to Real Life(TM)

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