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I've been struggling lately with reconfiguring some LDAP stuff in Lotus Notes. It wasn't as easy as I first though. The darn piece of crap is totally uncooperatively. If our whole business wasn't so dependent on it, I would probably throw it out the window... :-/

We've put a new snapshot on the download page. It's much smaller than the previous one, and much better. Please try it out and see what you can make out of it.

Another long weekend; this time with more alcohol and less code. Fortunately, it was long enough to compensate for this -- we made quite significant progress with the shell (cluido) yesterday. It works pretty well now. Some kernelfs calls have to be re-implemented though (Hal removed them since he thought they were too ugly. ;)

We will finally realize the vision we had about a working "ping" command in cluido. Last time cluido worked, the kernel was mostly a pile of thrown-together junk; the memory allocation was horrible. When we tried to run more than 5 processes at once, the system would just fail. The new kernel feels very robust. There are some unresolved issues left (mostly mutex-related; we are currently running without cli/sti in system calls, which is the way it Should Really Be, but it makes us more dependant on working mutexes where necessary, which we lack in some places. Anyway, we hope to have Quake up and running before the end of this year. :-)

I decided yesterday to remove my "Master" ratings from all people who develop Unix-like systems. Call me silly, but I felt this was a neccessary action. (Please don't remove your certifications on me before reading the rest of this diary entry)

The reasons for doing this is that I feel that a true Free Software Master must realize cloning such an old system is not particularly innovative. I'm sad to say, but the only people who've realized doing something of their own is good is Microsoft, Be Inc and similar companies. While I don't really think their operating systems is any better than (for example) GNU/Linux or *BSD, they do try to make something else than just clone existing systems. (Well, maybe not in the case of Microsoft. ;-)

Anyway... I truly hope you understand me better now. If not, you're very welcome to contact me.

Easter is always nice. This one was my first without my childhood family. Felt kind of strange, but pretty okay. Anyway, we gathered some friends and made some good food and all that, and after that we played some nice old 8-bit Nintendo games for some hours. Other than that, I was at some kind of party with lots of strange people in Katrineholm.

Now, the coding part. We've fixed lots of things in the keyboard server. 0.0.1 will probably be out rather soon. It will have UTF-8 support (for non-ASCII characters) and use the new mailbox system in storm and almost everything else. Oh yes, we've fixed real PS/2 support too. This will be really neat. We're also thinking of releasing storm 0.4.2 this weekend, since we fixed some cruicial bugs this weekend.

Ouch. I had to spend the night at work due to a deadline. Not too nice, although it means I can go pretty early today (like, in half an hour). Nice end of this week..

This weekend, we specified library_ipc and I started implementing it. It's mostly finished now. Hal and DoA started fixing up some caveats in the memory allocation system. They are on their easter vacation now, so I'd guess they'll pretty much finish the missing parts of the memory allocation system. We could really use memory deallocation and memory allocation for processes, I mean.. :)

My boxed version of the Lord of the Rings books arrived friday. Now, all I need is time to read them...

What a hectic week! Haven't seen anything like this for long. Anyway, I haven't really had the time to code much on chaos this week. :/ I really hate not having the time to do the things I like. Now for some chaos news:

Hal has been starting the rewrite of the page allocation system to HiFi Eslöf 2.0, which will replace the current HiFi Eslöf system (Don't ask about the names, it's a long story). I'm currently planning on how the IPC library should work. Hope to have a working implementation up tonight..

The web spider I've been writing some postings about is getting pretty much finished. I'm running it as we speak on the first 100 sites which was part of the deal. A cool thing is that I've spoken to my boss about GPL:ing it, and he was pretty enthusiastic, so you might se Byggdok Aranha announced on Freshmeat soon. :)

A nasty bug in the kernel made it quite nonfunctional, but we've put a patch on the web. Now for some other cool news. John Hennessy, a fellow chaos hacker, has been hacking around to make it possible to write C++ programs for chaos. It will not really be functional before storm 0.5.0, but I thinks pretty neat anyway.

We've finally put the time to make a new kernel release. You'll find it here. Most features are working, or at least so it seems. Pretty neat.

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