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7 Apr 2002 (updated 8 Apr 2002 at 02:59 UTC) »
chakie: I read late (sunday) your diary entry about the Adaptec 2100s, sorry for the delay. I suggest you to try the kernel sources from the latest SuSE release... I can't give you the link now but you will find it searching in the SuSE ftp. These sources contains the the latests patches for this RAID controler from the Adaptect developers. I think Adaptec only supports Red Hat and SuSE modified kernel sources and we must use one of these kernels to view this controler working in a up to day 2.4.

Due to the interest of various persons about the 2100 mini howto i fully rewrote it entirely to be a bit more precise. More over, Steve Langasek send me an english translation of the text. Thanks Steve ;)

On the other hand, I had thoght about howto modify dpkg to save the logs of the package instalation. I saw few distributions that implement logging of all the instalation and unsitalation process. I need this feature for the work and i will begin to code on it next week. Although, Anybody knows why dpkg doesn't do that? Looking for on google i found some discusions in the debian lists but only talking about pros and cons.

These days i work on a set of bash scripts to replicate a debian box exactly how it was in a saved previous state. I need to reconstruct everything: partition table, linux distribution specific software, my own (compiled) software, my configs, and other data directories stored on the machine before the clataclism.

The last week i wrote a few lines about how to install an Adaptec 2100 RAID controler under Debian. I did it in catalan, but if somebody wants it i will try to translate the text.

- Girona Wireless Network:

The project to build a free wireless network in Girona (my city ;-) becomes more serious every day. After days talking with some friends, there are a lot of people interested on collaborate in the project. We just bought the domain the last week and the postnuke weblog will be funcionaly in a few days. We are talking about diferent node possibilities and preparing the documentation although the intensive work will begin in February (after the university examinations period).

- Bandwidth problems:

Everything began two days ago. I have a small 256 kbps DSL conection on my linux box with an Apache webserver to share my silly files and to support my php develops. I use it to share my mp3 collection (11GB) to my friends too. It seems that google scans my webserver this week and now it returns my machine URL if somebody looks for some kind of mp3s. Suddenly I had 6000 hits two days ago and it saturated my litle connection. In spite of my desires I was forced to remove my mp3 directory of the webserver and obviously I do not have any way to share this files... Anyone has a decent server with a decent conection to upload this? ;-)

25 Dec 2001 (updated 25 Dec 2001 at 18:37 UTC) »

- Radio Program:

Two days ago, I was invitated to speech in the Christmas Special radio program [Imatica]. The topic of the program was a debate around the SO world, both technically and philosophy aspects. Three persons was invited, one "expert" from windows world, a Mac enthusiast and me to be the linux and free software advocator.

It was really interesting and we spend more than an hour talking about diferences, advantages, ethical aspects and a few more topics about this eternally discussion...

I hope, I was able to persuade some listeners to try our SO and discover the freedom...

- Religious experience ;-):

Yesterday, I was triing to compile the new and hot 2.4.17 with the impressive preemptive patch, and i coudn't do it cause of bintuils problems on debian sid... I decided to enter into kernelnewbies channel from the openprojects irc net. I usualy never use the irc to solve my linux problems: google, mailing list archives and documentation are my inspiration fonts, but I decide to try it because I was unable to find a solution. After explain my problem to everyone and wait some seconds, rick van riel and another kernel hacker helps me to get my 2.4.17 running within a few minutes only following their instructions.

Talking some minutes with one of the kings of the kernel development, impressed me a lot. It was really really great and it increases my love and gratitude for the huge community around the free software.

Buf... A lot of days since my last post! :-D let's go:

Some weeks ago, I thought about the possibility of buiding a wireless free network in my small tow (Girona). I had documented about this possiblity and it seems very factible. During the last days, talking with my friends in AEIGi, we decided that it must become a reallity and we will start the preparations to begin this wonderfull project.

Our first intentions are pospone the main work till February because we have the damned examns during the next month and more over mostly of us works on other things. Although, we have promising plants to begin all.

I will try to expose here the project evolution and generate some documentation to collaborate with other similar projects in our country.

I spent this long holiday weekend in Sant Feliu (a litle village near the beach) with my girl doing nothing. No computers, no work, no university, no nothing... I'm ready to begin the week! :-D

On the other hand, this morning, the Sid update smashed momentarily the Xwindows. Restoring the mga drivers, the xserver config file and disabiliting the screen saver seems to solve it.

Duh... I desert my advogato diary entries during a lot of days since my first post. Therefore here again to continue my diary!

Finaly, I get my trial head system work. You can see some screenshots here! it's really really wonderfull!

Nowadays I work on buying a really big box to support iMente systems. I considering a SMP Athlon XP system working over scsi with an impressive Tyan motherboard working with 4 GB of RAM. This machine will be VERY load an I'm thinking to underrate this architecture and get a Alpha system. I have no much experience in Alpha boxes and I have to think a lot about this before take a decision.

12 Nov 2001 (updated 12 Nov 2001 at 02:13 UTC) »

This is my first advogato post after thinking about this during some days. I want to practise my poor and sad english, and i can't imagine a better way to do this! Ok, let's start:

I usualy use a Matrox G450 on my dualhead Desktop. I want to connect an old Matrox Millenum II pci graphic card to get a three monitor desktop. Unfortunately, although there is no IRQ incompatibility and seems that it must work, I'm only able to view two monitors working: the pci and one agp head or the dual agp card. Tomorrow I will try to readjust the memory setings in order to get everything work. Anyone had get it?

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