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22 Jun 2002 (updated 23 Jun 2002 at 03:56 UTC) »

Been trying to set up that smallest-sized 3D API, although none of the classes are working, there just might be some time where these classes will start working. Also need to get more information on algorithms implementing trees, replacing the simple doubly-linked list I have at the moment.


Also toyed with the idea of spec'ing out a simple SDK for the Sega Dreamcast, running on Linux, BeOS or even Windows. Currently inclining on putting them in one CD with the addition of a developer's cable plus manual.

"Open" Console

Started collecting information about off-the-shelf PC and gadget parts on the Net. This is in line with the idea of--again--spec'ing out a game console whose materials are basically off-the-shelves. Would probably later on submit the doc as an industry standard spec so that anybody who can't even afford of buying a commercial one, or doesn't subscribe to a closed proprietary system, can simply grab these parts and make one using the spec. Obviously, since all these are 'open,' the ideal software would be 'open' or 'free' as well.

This is definitely a good idea since manufacturers will have a target to shoot for. An industry might come up using this idea, though. This is definitely a long shot worth trying for. Come up with a blue-print of the console along with a parts catalog. The catalog basically contain the participating dealers or manufacturers plus some information about price and shipping.

Here is one example of a console using the Amiga as a model.

A quick lookup at pricewatch for the following candidate materials reveal the following:
  • $99 - Motherboard Combo Celeron 800 with cpu, fan
  • $17 - 350W Power Supply
  • $28 - PC133 256MB System RAM
  • $19 - 8x DVD Drive
  • $45 - GeForce2 MX400 64MB Video Card
  • $9 - GamePad
  • $17 - Joystick 5button
Hey, $234 is not that bad. Throw in a modified Linux OS in there, specifically tailored for a game console, all we have now is one great Gaming Machine! Yeah! Dude.

A custom-made casing will have to be spec'ed out, following the design of game consoles. Although the DVD drive will end up as a front-load, it might become accepted as a standard later on. How about adding a ATX casing just for fun.
  • $25 - ATX + 300w
That would simply put these parts in a decent casing, though. While the console casing may have to be custom-built which is suitable for vendors offering value-added parts on top of the standard.

A standard PC keyboard wasn't added since the target device is a console. Boot sequence goes directly loading the code from the CD/DVD, out comes a graphical interface for joystick or gamepad, though.
20 Jun 2002 (updated 20 Jun 2002 at 16:45 UTC) »

The earliest anime I remember watching when I was a little kid was Gigantor. I was too young to know the storyline, heck, even know what the show was about. All I know was a cool flying robot plus some people trying to make out something.

The next anime I got hooked on was Voltes V. The show started around 5:30PM, although it was only a 30- minute show, every second of it was like an hour to me. The Voltes V show was the number one kid show, beating other non-anime cartoons like superman, batman and robin. I don't know, but the way how the scenes were taken, it sure was totally different, though. Maybe I could come up with a 3D game similar to the storyline of Voltes V, it just might bring those childhood memories back. Just downloaded the main theme song, though sung in japanese they sounded pretty good.

Here is another website containing more information about Voltes V and its creator Nagahama Tadao, basically, the father of the great Anime Robots. Some video Clips can be found here

Well, of course, there was Mazinger Z. It was also one of my favorite show, too.

Not all anime cartoons were good, though. One of them belonging to the cheezy types is Mekanda Robot. The storyline was kind of stinky, I guess. That's probably why I avoided it like the plague.

Fast forward to the present, seeing these kids watching anime cartoons reminded me of how I was back then. This time, though, the quality and detail is absolutely pretty high. One example are the Liger Robots, they look like real robots moving in fluid motion, no kidding.

Is Greed Good?

While we were having leisure, a small debate started about how the street's motto of Greed Is Good is going to create problems for third world and developing countries. I argued the cons of it, claiming it will re-colonize most of the third-world, probably the developing as well. While some may argue greed is essential in the pursuit of profit, I countered uncontrolled greed is synonymous to slavery, though. The exchange of ideas lasted for several minutes, each one getting a different view of the subject. It was quite an interesting topic to talk about, though. Might write a simple article about it later.
17 Jun 2002 (updated 18 Jun 2002 at 22:06 UTC) »

DC Development Kit

Just finished step one, SH4 and ARM compiler is now installed on one of the Linux box here. Will get some sample code later and test the output object file later.


Been spending some time playing with DreamCast console, collecting information available from the Net. A lot of information is definitely out there, one of them is this article about the graphics engine. Basically uses a tile- based rendering technique, though. Anyway, here is the link to the article.


Here is another website containing technical stuff about the DreamCast console. It contains various bits and pieces of information, ranging from processor to the code.


Regarding the comment I read one day back about pointers in Cg, it looks like Cg is nothing but a compiler for a certain architecture. While it may be good to have a pointer tucked-in the language, it may not serve its purpose, though, as the architecture may have no means of providing pointer ops.


Research Musing
15 Jun 2002 (updated 16 Jun 2002 at 00:28 UTC) »

Decided to hang NG3D for about a week, thinking it might burn me out. I don't want to lose it by pounding it down even further.

Instead, I'm currently reading OpenGL code and this little kernel that can boot on a Dreamcast console. I'll spend some time playing with it, figuring out the things needed to setup a simple 3D program running on a DC console, though.

Also, I was surprised to see the level of sophistication this console has. It looks like it can do a lot of cool stuff, though.

One thing I'm still confused about is how vertex buffers can be set up to work with the framebuffer. This could be tough, though. Will probably find some time just to figure this out.


It looks like I have 6 months to prepare for game that will run on several consoles, though. I don't know if I can make it, but I will try nonetheless. NG3D is moving along fine, but I need a little vacation.


It was interesting to find out what Cg is all about. I personally think Cg is a good idea, though. It will move the level of abstraction one level higher, saving the programmer the time dealing with a virtual machine. More of their time will definitely go to figuring out abstract structures and algorithms. It is definitely the way to go. Although, Cg is good for vertex and pixel shading, it is probably useless for other things. Now, if they can setup something for non-windows platform, that would definitely get things moving.


Speaking of grammar, it looks like some languages will probably have a grammar similar to or contain a subset of the C grammar. As to why the C grammar is becoming the de-facto, I have no idea. One reason might be the popularity of C itself, though.

Programmers who has coded using the C grammar probably got infected with it and are now suffering from this addiction. Somehow, once infected, the knowledge always persists. It will probably reach an epidemic proportion soon, though. Could it be biblical in event? I don't know.
14 Jun 2002 (updated 14 Jun 2002 at 18:46 UTC) »

Just wrote an article about messaging, fleshing out my initial thoughts on the subject. Will add more to it later. BTW, The link is here, for documentation purposes.


Just downloaded Cg SDK. Will play with it later.
12 Jun 2002 (updated 13 Jun 2002 at 07:54 UTC) »

Spent some time playing around with a sample code, made changes to it and was able to come up with an interesting screenshot. Not sure exactly when I'll be able to get a simple 3D game working, though. Anyway, here is a sample screenshot taken when I was playing with the code. Here is another screenshot.

Also need to put a bookmark on one of anselm's musing.


Finally got something written, a simple document defining a subset of the API.

Third Tale

Tale number three is here, titled: The Boy Who Became A Stone.
8 Jun 2002 (updated 8 Jun 2002 at 09:32 UTC) »

My other half started working yesterday. The last time was, I think, way back in 1996, though. The kids are already capable, but there are still some other things to adjust in order to make things work. Just a couple more effort and things may turn out well.


Made several steps already in setting up the name. Initially thought of videntur but it was already taken. Then went for dominum but decided it was too oldie. Maybe Super String might be a good one, though.

Also wrote an article about game development.


Been spending some time coding the API. Adding classes on top of the existing classes. Was able to setup a simple event model, similar to message passing. No documentation has been made yet in rationalizing the API. Might start working on it next week.


Found three garden variety worms. Took them out of their hiding place and placed them in one of the rose container. I figured worms might actually help the roses by keeping the soil loose and soft. Anyway, it's only an experiment.

Tale #2

Now, it's time to read about the second tale titled The Man With The Coconuts.

Operation Daybreak

It's unfortunate hostages have to suffer under the hands of armed bandits. While the rules of engagement tend to protect the hostages from harm, it was not the case for this operation as hostages died in the heat of the battle.
The Associated Press reported that the Light Reaction Company, a US-trained unit equipped with silencers, night vision equipment and high-tech headsets, had fanned secretly throughout the area of coconut groves and farms in recent days after solid indications that at least one of the Burnhams was being held near there.

AFP spokesperson Brig. Gen. Eduardo Purificacion said four of the bandits were killed and seven soldiers were injured, four seriously, in the firefight. [1]
4 Jun 2002 (updated 4 Jun 2002 at 23:17 UTC) »

Finally decided to pick PS2 and Xbox as the platform to target. Currently making a lot of documentation which is actually a way of picking up the details. Here is one of the many articles I prepared (rehashed), though. More will be re-documented as I continue to move along this path.

Somehow, the TQLR method seems to have worked. Also found an interesting page dealing with reading improvement.

Folk Tale #1

In line with collecting all the possible folk tales, I have started cataloging them. This is the first tale titled "How The First Head Was Taken."
3D Widget

After playing with the basic toolkit, I figured there is a good chance a widget set could be created from it, though. Attempted to create simple 3DObject class, being the foundation of the hierarchy itself. So far, it looks like it is in the experimental stage.

Also wrote a very simple camera class intended to move two vectors based on events. Need to implement the action map later, though.

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