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1 Jun 2002 (updated 1 Jun 2002 at 21:21 UTC) »

After reading an article about a bungled rescue op, somehow got the time writing a shortie on conscience. It seems, though, that we are fitted with something that sometimes work and sometimes doesn't. More often broken than functioning.
Plant Propagation

Found a good site for rose propagation, it was recommended by someone from the Yahoo rose newsgroup. It contains a collection of articles demonstrating the variety of ways plants are propagated. Here is the link.

I've tried cuttings as a means, but found the process a little bit long. There is actually a waiting period of a couple of months in order to get a cutting in a good condition. There is one process I haven't tried yet and that is by Air-Layering, though. I will try it and see how long the process takes.

Spent some time collecting full-bloom roses, cutting then putting them in a large container. Once collected, we made a 2 meter long garland out of them, the result was absolutely beautiful.

Also found a nice rose webpage.

Will start experimenting with the next batch of rose canes. I might place them in a temp-controlled enclosure in order to test whether the rooting rate would increase or not.
29 May 2002 (updated 29 May 2002 at 06:20 UTC) »
Noun Declension

Spent some time tweaking somebody-else's code, about a javascript code managing Latin noun declension. Found it very interesting for its simplicity, though. Anyway, I was able to get a copy of it, made a little change to it and posted it here. What was added was a div tag right under the paragraph, plus some minor changes in how the answers are displayed. It now uses the innerHTML object to change the value of the div.


It seems that it is possible adding another method that somehow provides for the page to retain its state while another method gets sent to the server. This feature can be useful for data islands, though. Rather than doing it at the document level, this method will act on items a little lower than the document level. Things like divs and other scope tags are good candidates for this method.

Censored Pages

It appears though that some pages are unavailable at the moment. It contains my own interpretation of a historical event and the corresponding social anf religious impacts.

gaudium et spes

Currently reading this pastoral letter in preparation for a criticism that I am planning to write. It appears that the stewardship has been lost. Something is terribly wrong here. Something went wrong in the third world why most people accept their fate as such.

Jailed Priest

Found one very good article about a priest getting jailed for libel. A senator filed a libel case against the priest who was only advocating justice. IMO, priest are basically the ones who normally fight for the poor against injustices and terrible inhuman acts. And it is normal for priest to go to jail for a just cause. What I find intriguing was how history changed their roles. Now, they seem so refined, almost like an intellectual who will probably never work in the poorest part of the city.
27 May 2002 (updated 27 May 2002 at 18:30 UTC) »

Currently playing with CINT embedding it in a simple IDE. I'm taking the easiest route in order to pass the proof-of-concept stage. There is already a sample code demonstrating an embedded call. All it needs is a little tweak so it can run code in edit mode.

Apache Module

Also played with httpd.conf, figuring out the modules. Nothing much there so far, though.


Creating tile-based games are actually fun. It somehow brings back memories of how programs were written. The setup is simple enough that all I have are a bunch of things like emulator, SDK and IDE. The sample code showed how it was like seeing it on the emulator, though.

Mazda Hydrogen Powered Vehicles

Just wanted to record this one about Mazda's Hydrogen Powered Vehicles . It looks like this technology is actually ready, but somehow power blocks are preventing it from entering the market. I might get more materials and see if I can write something about it. This is obviously a real solution to the sky-high fuel prices present in third-world countries. [1, 2, 3]
25 May 2002 (updated 26 May 2002 at 07:12 UTC) »
Apache 2.0

Finally got the Win32 version of Apache up and running. It looks OK from here, not much problem, actually. Also, I got some time documenting the setup procedure as well. Here is the link.

Social Doctrine

After posting the article to several newsgroups. It seems this article written one day after looks connected to the one I wrote. It talks about the seeming lack of presence or implementation of the Social Doctrine, might be the reason why Catholicism is failing badly among the poor. Has the magisterium lost its one great pillar where Social Doctrine has been relegated to mere old-fashioned nonsense? It could be, though.


Just downloaded the CINT sources. Will start picking it up and what are the chances of getting it up and running as an Apache scripting engine module. This should be fun.

After playing with the code and sample progs, it looks like getting it to run as an Apache module is possible. All I need is figure out the interface of a module and start building it. We'll see how this one goes.

Turns out Apache 2.0 has a totally new implementation for the module interface. Back to square one, I guess. Better look for something readable that can explain how the new interface works.

Currently setting up a project using Apache which is part of a group project for online gaming. Still in the proof-of- concept stage, though. More details later.
Armed Clergymen

Had the opportunity to write an article about an idea that had been rattling in my head for a long time now. Although I have seen the movie of the priest who became a rebel, it really never occured to me I would someday write an article about it.

Anyway, here's the link.
23 May 2002 (updated 23 May 2002 at 09:13 UTC) »
Plan A

My plan to change course in my programming career seems to be going in the right direction. Today, I got a phone call from a small company I wanted to work for. I was told there were more than a hundred resumes submitted, out of it ten were called up for phone interview. The interview went well, though, managed to answer questions convincingly enough. Being in this programming career for many years surely made me a little comfortable.

One thing that got me excited was their setup. They are using Open Source tools along with some common closed source counterparts. I asked why Open Source and what I got was a terrific answer : because it makes sense. Amazing, not long ago, these tools were considered other than those, but now, hey, it's definitely looking better.

So, yeah, I think this is a great time to move to the next phase and step into this new paradigm.

The only problem is I don't have any offer yet, though. Considering the probability, it will be like shooting a ball from half-court, that is.

Plan B

And then, there's another plan on leaving programming and going into something totally different, like there are no compilers or editors in sight. Well, this one, come this friday is another opportunity to start a new career. No more pushing and clicking buttons, though. All I need is pass the interviews and get the offer, which probably is tough though, considering the economic situation.


It looks like this is probably the end of the road. After working for several years for this great company, it is languishing at the moment due to the economic situation. And if things don't turnaround pretty soon, it might join the other companies here that folded up. It is definitely hard times here. No doubt about it. Also, I just got a word from someone, saying their company laid off, is laying off, and will lay off people. The good news was the ax didn't fall their way, though. But still, it is tough living in these times.
22 May 2002 (updated 22 May 2002 at 17:15 UTC) »

Somehow got myself to agree to on writing an article attacking monotheism. It seems that presenting the framework is not going to be easy. It is worth it, though, since I have never written this kind article before. I think there must be something that can present monotheism in a different light and that by exploring the dark side of its face. The draft version is here, though, I will present it when it is ready. Although, I am basically belong to a monotheist belief, it would probably benefit me as well since I will be aware of the weaknesses of this framework.

Syllogism Model

While working on the concepts, it somehow appeared that I have reached the limit since it won't go forward. Anyway, the best thing to do here is to write the steps I made; document the important stuff and come back later.


Currently looking for information on how to get into writing software applications for the game consoles. It seems that there is a group interested in setting up a small business for this kind of stuff. I might as well see what are the prospects in developing software for the consoles.

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