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16 Dec 2005 (updated 16 Dec 2005 at 01:30 UTC) »
Cigar? Cigar!!

This is cool, really cool. A comment from the top, the one who gave the thumbs up.
Congratulations on one of the smoothest beta launches our [blip] products have had. Your care and commitment to the product and development needs have meant a great deal to us. I believe the first UI test came back with relatively few things to fix as well. This all bodes really well for the product.
Ahem. Team (cough).
15 Dec 2005 (updated 15 Dec 2005 at 23:56 UTC) »
T + 15 And Counting

We have liftoff.

Finally, all the hard work. It is now live.

"At a couple of minutes before 4 p.m. (eastern), the final button was pushed, and the site went live to the Web." --Will


It is amazing this kind of document is floating on the Web. Thanks to Boudewijn Rempt weblog for that.

A good inspiration to learn ancient Greek, eh?
15 Dec 2005 (updated 16 Dec 2005 at 07:03 UTC) »
Trust Network Model

It's simply nice to find rare information by just hanging out with the ones who have it. Take for example this site has lots of information not simply found on any other site.

Anyway, it seems that a trust network may be nice to have around here (work app), placing a value for each node in the graph. This is important in the sense we could sort it by number and see who are the users that score high. High trust values mean something while anything other than that can mean anything.

Pre-season Training

Training is on the fourth week now. There are now four people doing mostly jumping and spiking.


The Beta servers are currently on its way, with some minor tweaks to be made. We found several bugs showing up on Beta, really strange behavior. So, we're debugging code ATM.

In theory, prod should look exactly like stage. In reality, that may happen or simply not happen at all.

Nope, I did not mention the name of company we're working with here. Hope this does reflect something good, though.

Though this FTP timeout is killing me, I get kicked-out every minute here.

When this baby goes live, you'll see this baby almost everywhere browser tuned to it.

14 Dec 2005 (updated 14 Dec 2005 at 22:13 UTC) »
Impressive Feat: Laudamus Magnum Opum

The deal with my kid seems to have been delivered as we saw the report card came in yesterday. I was impressed with the result seeing no Bs, Cs or Ds.

I was reminded--again--of the bet I made last time, that I will grant a wish. Looking at the current standings, I owed a large sum of money and a wish.

The money is a bit considerable for the age, though it was earned through high test marks made during the schoolyear.

Coding in C

It seems that the kids are getting interested in C programming. Last time, we worked on getting the VS environment before moving to Unix command line tools. I'm hoping they get hooked on the Unix programming environment which might lead to getting connected to the C programming community later.


We did talk about the concept of self-sustaining models. A model wherein a family sticks together forming an enterprise. The first requirement is basically high grades (very high), followed by an entrepreneurial mindset. The first part seems to be followed, but the second might come later.

Regarding Orthodox-Gnostic Social Order (vis-a-vis)

Got into a chat about social orders comparing the two. That lead to another thread comparing corporate and volunteer based orders. My take on it was orthodox orders normally come out organized with members following a strict regimental setup, usually catering to the masses. On the other hand, Gnostics tend to maintain a low headcount lead by a mystical figure who happens to monopolize everything. [1, 2, 3]

The chat about the Gnostic social order got sticky, though. One example thrown in was the Yeshuine order that later got mixed with the Essenes [4]. That led to another interesting related argument.


Got upset during the finals. I was reminded by many that the team played very well and were happy with the results. Someone said I need to shake it off and be contented we got second place.

Damn it, I hate second place.
12 Dec 2005 (updated 12 Dec 2005 at 21:41 UTC) »
Go Or No-Go Day

Work basically extended to the weekend. We had to dig lots of code to get the app feature complete, though. Because all that work paid off this morning when the execs sat down and looked at the demo version of the app.

The first few minutes were tense because you couldn't tell what's gonna happen next. After that, every one were relieved to see the thumbs up. They saw basically what they wanted in the demo version. And so it passed the top honchos.

Of course, the monetary equivalent coming out from this successful deal will not be covered. Obviously, for some reason, they will remain confidential.

The best lesson there was, and it could probably translate pretty well on FS/OS, to get a project up and running efficiently, with objective of working with the big ones, making it easier for them to do business. Yeah, that statement kinda suck, but what do I know about business deals?
11 Dec 2005 (updated 11 Dec 2005 at 20:39 UTC) »
Tiki Volleyball TV

We seemed to have gotten the idea--after seeing the Tiki Bar ®Podshow--of podcasting volleyball games we took and reformat it in a fun way: Tiki style.

Of course, that will get shot down and new format will be made on top of it.

In-court 40M Settlement

The Attorney which I won't name took the table--while we were eating at AppleBees--started telling us about his latest work. Turns out they offered a settlement of 40M for the charges filed for gross acts of lasciviousness leading to even more aggravated acts.

I did make a comment that somehow pushed his button, though. Replying all it will do is pass the burden down to the bottom. But that was not his point he was trying to make. The point was the absence of control and discipline from the top, which provided an environment of mischief and indecent behavior.

Anti-Commie Comment

While eating on said establishment, I did make a disparaging comment of putting the communist ideology a threat in democratic-capitalist systems. That pushed a lot of buttons, especially the guy who grew up in a communist country. That started a big fireball.


Imagine mixing these ingredients, top it with tight deadlines and fast changing requirements. What do you get?

Ya guessed it!

Rant About Justice In A Capitalist System

Does justice really apply well in a capitalist system? Some yes and some say no. Some think justice does fit well in society, as the pro would say where penalties and court decisions are measured in monetary and servile terms. On the other hand, contras would argue the weakness that makes justice false one say justice is expensive, catering only to the haves.

Posner shares the view that Law is not perfect, which can be translated to Justice not being perfect as well. Affirmative Action is one (example of) hairy ball that is currently raging. The concept of justice as seen through the eyes of AO is multi-faceted.

Cool, we're now working on it. 9 to 15 people are at it now.
8 Dec 2005 (updated 8 Dec 2005 at 19:22 UTC) »
Our Code Works!

Here's another braindead response from the other side.

"Our code works!"

And then, complete silence.

What the...can you tell us what is causing your "super" Java code to go belly-up?

The client is sending a request, which should be--if the code on your side is working properly--in a humble sense, gracefully degrade in the presence of bad data.

Geez, I hope the guy who wrote that code is still working there.

You guys are going to be creamed.
7 Dec 2005 (updated 7 Dec 2005 at 18:12 UTC) »
Pinging An Object

The lesson in this long-drawn story of getting a test code running is simply lack of design sense.

It would be really nice for protocol designers to provide ping() telling the requester the object is present. That will eliminate a lot of roundabout chasing small details, though.
7 Dec 2005 (updated 7 Dec 2005 at 09:32 UTC) »
Culture Shock

I was surprised to hear these words said during the meeting to the effect: "We do not provide or recommend tools for our API." Third party app developers are on their own, what matters most the protocol is clearly documented.

That tells a lot about the culture of the company. Quite shocking for a guy who expect APIs to have a working sample code, though.

Rude awakening? Probably.

Anyway, this tells a lot about how apps will be coded in the future. I will not drop a name since this is a well known company.

So far, a lot of test programs have been coded to provide a working evidence before proceeding to the actual feature implementation.

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