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10 Mar 2005 (updated 11 Mar 2005 at 02:49 UTC) »
Social Experiment

A question came up last night while thinking about the future of the team. The question was: Is it possible to leverage the methods implemented in setting up a winning team to another field of application, like a tech company? If so, how? What are the necessary tweaks needed to recruit the right people to work for a team? Where and when is the origin of the starting point?

So many questions, so few answers. Yet, I think the answer is out there.

Wireless Service

Things are moving well, I never thought the prototype framework will work on the first round of testing. Turns out the modules were coded and installed simply that all of them passed the simple test.

Nothing to lose, all to gain

I was surprised to hear my teammate mentioned "We have nothing to lose, but everything to gain." He said it in the context of competing with the best team of the league. He knew the team has the potential to get there and he said it like he knows each will do his job in making that happen. My reply to him was to take the challenge in a cool way. No pressures are there to force anyone to work hard, though. It must come from the individual himself. Each one motivated enough to know it takes team effort to play against the best teams of the league.

Cooperative Competition

I've thought about the concept of cooperative competition in relation to how groups and projects compete within the domain of Free Software and Open Source. My first argument is basically Sed Contra as this kind of competition will cause stagnation in the later part of the process. At the start of stagnation, competition will approach zero. As a result, developers will migrate to other interesting projects.

Destructive competition may be anathema since it can cause projects and companies to fall based on economic and social reasons. Though considered rude, this kind of competition basically mirrors the real world.
9 Mar 2005 (updated 9 Mar 2005 at 18:46 UTC) »
Wireless Age

OK, now it looks like the wireless bug really got me this time. It seems that I got a little excited while reading the K750i spec, though.

Anyway, I did some coding adding xhtml support for wireless phones. I'm planning on sending RSS feeds over xhtml so I can read them using n-gage.
8 Mar 2005 (updated 8 Mar 2005 at 17:44 UTC) »
xhtml enabled

Did some work enabling the site for xhtml. Took me a few minutes to search the web for information. Found it only took adding the content type to the list to set n-gage to browse the site.

Wireless Service

Still writing a lot of code trying to get a simple platform going. Setting up a wireless service is probably a team effort. I'm just at that point of realizing it will take two to five developers to get a simple wireless service up and running.


Turns out a few more players want to join and play. I told my teammates about the issue that there are LOTS of players wanting to join. I stated my opinion my ideal team is six players only. But it was overturned by many, claiming the club needs to absorb more people. Obviously, they want a BIG club, though, which I find too worrisome.

Someone said it is OK to let the team grow and accomodate more people. That's the only way, the more the merrier. My point was to make sure the team gets enough playing time so we can concentrate on getting first place. Expanding will not help the team. It may be good to have two teams, though. But one team with eight to ten players will not work.

The issue is still up in the air, we just talked about some of it, but did not agree on anything. Anyway, I'm just giving some of them a hard time by delaying it. I'm sure the club will grow and more players will join the team.

We also talked about the visitor who took the gold away from the home team. They came from Seattle, Washington. Fielded a lot of awesome players in the court, which made us look like the visitors. Someone mentioned there will be more out-of-state visitors coming as news are spreading about the competition level here in Portland is good.

Middle Tier Objects

Started writing some of the middle tier objects. Figured they can be tested this afternoon, though.
7 Mar 2005 (updated 7 Mar 2005 at 18:09 UTC) »
Series 60

During the weekend, while coding and learning the API and architecture of Series 60, figured there weren't enough usergroups out there for the Series 60 while browsing the web. The closest one was a S60 usergroup for sharing S60 apps, bitmaps, vids, ringtones, etc. But there was no groups for developers.

Thought it might be good to setup an S60 club as a place for developers to go to. Although I'm not too sure there are a big number of developers out there.

Petty Argument

Got into a petty argument with my old man, about the misuse of the Latin word audit. I argued the word lost its meaning and is now used to mean something else. I cited several misuse of the word in the accounting and technical journals were the term audit was improperly used. The petty debate went on until I finished sipping Sangria.

My old man fired-back with his own versions, he cited several phrases which I never heard before, all of them not related to the word audit, he simply took the conversation and ran with it. Pretty interesting phrases which he said adds value to his argumentations during a cross examination. I charged him with a non sequitur right on the spot.

Opus Galileo

Also found the documentary aired on a certain channel about Galileo's doomed defense of his work (Dialogo) [1, 2], considered heretic by the council. It was my first time to hear actual words spoken in most of the scenes. Very interesting stuff.
5 Mar 2005 (updated 5 Mar 2005 at 17:46 UTC) »

Just downloaded the PowerVideo Karaoke which is a tool for composing videoke songs. Not sure exactly how will it pan out, though. One word: FUN.

N-Gage C++ Development

Finally got the Nokia Series 60 C++ SDK installed. Was able to walk the tutorial, setting up the build files before compiling the executable. The program loaded into the emulator, a text showed up with the words: Hello World!

Also got the tutorial for setting up the build to spew out VC6 project files. I was able to load the project in VC6 before compiling and running it. The emulator loaded automatically within the IDE. That's just simply smart.

Currently walking through C++ sample code downloaded from the sample pages.
4 Mar 2005 (updated 4 Mar 2005 at 22:52 UTC) »
WAP: QA Stuff

Currently doing QA work, making sure the .wml code will run on most wireless phones. I've been using wapemulator and so far the wapsite is holding up pretty well.

N-Gage: C++ Development

Started downloading the C++ SDK for N-Gage QD. Not sure exactly how the workflow goes, but I would imagine it is the same as the Java Midlet package, though.


The team made some very good impression on the volleyball community here. I got one email from a guy who wants to be part of the team. Word is spreading out about the team's reputation and pretty soon a lot of good players will be calling to play for the team.
4 Mar 2005 (updated 4 Mar 2005 at 07:23 UTC) »
WAP it good - Devo

Just for fun, I played around in tagtag.com doing some simple pages. Turned out building a wapsite using tagtag was easy. I was able to create a sample wapsite on URL http://www.tagtag.com/latini

Also got the volleyball team's wapsite up and running as well. This is interesting as I've never used cellphones to access wapsites, though. I wonder what kind of comment will I hear from the team once they see the volleyball wapsite.

Not only that, I was able to setup a wapsite for the company I work for. It now has a wap directory where customers and employees can go to using their cellphones. I demoed several pages of static and dynamic pages. The $BIG_MAN was happy to see the wapsite.

Push Technology

Did some light reading on Push Technology on wireless networks, about how to implement push services to customers. This is interesting stuff, though.

WapBlog: Novus Verbum

Played around with the WapBlog(tm) idea. Currently writing some scripts that will test some cases.
3 Mar 2005 (updated 3 Mar 2005 at 19:41 UTC) »
WAP and Midlets on N-Gage

Spent a lot of time setting up the development environment, downloading stuff from Sun and Nokia. Got the JVM and Netbeans installed first, followed by the Netbeans Connectivity. Then installed the Wireless Toolkit, followed by the JME from Nokia. Fired up Netbeans, New Project, grabbed one of the sample mobile app. Ran the build process, then sent the .jad and .jar files to my wireless account. Turns out my email account can't open the attachment, so nothing happened. Need more information on how to get the mobile app installed.

Did some work on WAP, will test the page by midday.

Geez, finally got the site wap-enabled. I had to tweak IIS to get it enabled. This article showed me the steps. Next step is figure out how to WAP-enable the Linux box.

[1] Browsing/WAP
[2] Graphics for WAP
[3] A ten-minute guide to setting up a WAP site

OK, found a way of referencing a .jad file, sample text shown below.
[a href="myhost://myurl/app1.jad"]Application 1[/a]
[a href="myhost://myurl/app2.jad"]Application 2[/a]
Turns out when I selected the link the device downloaded the .jar file and installed it in external memory. But, it didn't load the app due to some error.
28 Feb 2005 (updated 28 Feb 2005 at 19:28 UTC) »
Selling Your Idea

Someone may ask: What does it take to have a successful project, team or any kind of group with the intention of reaching the goal. Where does it all start? How can one communicate a simple idea that can fire up an individual to join and fight? To tell someone you just met a minute ago something so interesting to him he immediately sees the entire picture, causing all guards and defenses down, making him totally vulnerable to say YES.

I've been thinking about those things I said now and wonder at the idea how this team could ratchet up so quick in the shortest possible time. The tournament director commented that our team was the most improved team, each one of us playing as if it was the championship game.

I'm simply amazed at the dedication my teammates made. Just imagine these people were not even paid to perform their duties. And yet, we managed to get up there and fight.
28 Feb 2005 (updated 28 Feb 2005 at 06:37 UTC) »

We were surprised to know we placed third in the overall standings. I couldn't believe it, but it is, we placed third. Second was K.B.C.C. and the first was Strike Force Gold [1]. Thanks to Ivan the team stepped up a notch in the level of play and each are getting the rhythm of the game. This is a big improvement over the last time, the cellar dweller of the tournament.

Considering the team has just played two tournaments, the second one played with no setter. We were expecting more of the same old play we did last time. But it turned out to be wrong. The team played really well, we even had the opportunity to pull-ahead of K.B.C.C. in one set and maintain the lead for most of the set, until a series of errors caused the tide to turn and we never recovered from there.

Next step is setup a non-profit organization with the objective of providing services to those who would like to improve their skills in playing volleyball. I think Dave is the man for this, he probably has a good idea how this will work out, though.

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