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So I finally finished my symlink support code... Now working on remaining bugs, and then probably adding support to Nautilus. The move is hapenning tomorrow, so I'm scrambling to get a working build setup at home.
I'm once again mired in a situation where I can't tell if everyone is just laughing behind my back...or whether people who are really nice actually are. It was easier before people grew up and became political... You know, like maybe I annoy everyone. Maybe everyone sort of mutually agreed that I sould be banished to the corner of Eazel in the new building. I don't know, I have to guess because people don't give me hard feedback. I'm getting tired of people rapidly again. It was so much simplet over IRC.
Eric and Anthony stood us up! Brian and I are wondering if they forgot or...(?) Maybe we had the dates wrong :) Brian's computer (well, HD) just bit the dust so we lost a bunch of contact information.
In further news...my wallet was taken. The story will come later, but basically it disappeared in a span of about 50ft and 1 minute (!!!). YARGH! that makes a bike, a Newton...and now a wallet taken :-( There wasn't much money in it, but now I get to deal with the hassle of notifying two banks, getting a new Stanford ID card - and worse I hadn't taken my Social Security Card out after hauling it to eazel to prove my citizenship (!!!). Fortunately I'm fine on cash until I get my new ATM/credit card because I have a couple checks I need to cash.
Added all the missing pieces for symlink support in GnomeVFS. Finishing off the "test suite" that verifies symlink support is working 100%.
Finally availed myself of the In-N-Out located right by Eazel...yum! Must restrict myself to only utilizing once a week or so ;-) Of course...the great thing about In&Out is that their menu selection is limited enough (more than is posted, but not that varied) that you can't eat their too much w/o getting sick of it (or maybe not? is it possibly so good? ... nah).
Eric Pai, who lives in the area, will be coming over... That should breathe some social life into things (right).
Cooking was the highlight today...

Made biscuits again today. Yum. I forgot how fun baking can be. Tomorrow we will do cinammon rolls (sp?). Anyway...its nice to eat food that didn't come straight out of the package and into the microwave. Not that that's what we've been eating, but I think this is the fourth time this week we've actually used the stove...must do that more.
The primary issue is that we don't have a pot yet :) As soon as that occurs I'll be cooking vegetables, chili, pasta, etc. That should impove the variety of our diet significantly. Currently it consists of burritos, various sandwiches, nachos, and YOGHURT! We have like a huge pile of yoghurt. Brian (my apartment-mate) drank 2 jugs of apple juice in 3 days (!?!?). He was serious about really liking that stuff.
I glanced over gnome-vfs APIs for a while today...but spent most of my computer time trying to tunnel X through ssh with Rick. Partial success, but not enough to try builds off my home machine. Oh well, text-mode emacs is still emacs.

I feel better today. A little...

Ok... This is a major depressive time. Its probably compounded by being on such a high throughout the week, combined with stress combined with lack of sleep. But I'm also under a good amount of social pressure. On the one hand I have Sandra who's been very frustrating to deal with because I felt like I was just starting to connect with her when she left. What a change from the "I can never be close to you" a few weeks before! I feel like we've both grown in some ways, but more importantly we finally got things out on the table. That sounds good, no? But the thing is that now she's away over the summer...and most of what I see of her every day is a message that she was on ICQ for like 3 minutes! I feel like if things die now they'll be dead because we are going to be living in very different housing next year. :-( Why do I always feel safest with the people who end up causing me the most pain?<sigh&rt;
This is compounded by my working at Eazel...which started out as a really good thing. And I realize that maybe I've been a snot or something (and I know I'm sometimes annoying)...but I feel like I'm really unwanted by Arlo, Andy, and some other people. I mean, I realize that there's such a huge split in experience etc...but ... I don't know. It feels like I'm the only person who's getting this. Fine so I'm the lowly intern...but it doesn't hurt to treat me like a person with feelings. And maybe they are joking...sometimes it seems Arlo is (sometimes he says he is) but I still have this general impression conveyed. Its like a feel like I'm the only person who doesn't have a a niche, and therefore people just wish I'd shrivel up and go away. But the thing is that I'm working hard and fixing lots of bugs. Good grief... I've probably worked more hours this week than almost anyone (an entire all-nighter...10+hr days other than that). And I've fixed a bunch of stuff. At least Darin, who was the hardest to deal with at first, is somebody I now feel comfortable with after meeting him (its amazing how important that can be sometimes).
sniffle, boohoo for me. OK. I'm done being a whiner.

I'm now stuck at Eazel because its 3am and my bike doesn't have lights And anyway I'm too lazy to ride 7mi when I'm this tired. The logistical issues is that Maciej has the couch. Maybe if I pull a fire alarm or something he'll wake up and move and I can steal it? That sounds like a good plan to me except that I'm guessing he wouldn't wake up.
Doing a search for fast food places in the area that might be open... I actually like McDonald's for breakfast...but none nearby as far as I can tell
Got a lot of hacking done today. Fixed an evil strange bug with something of a kluge. I'm contemplating moving the gimp gradient code into nautilus. Oh well... I have a new bug telling me to fix it right. (written by meself off carse!) I still want the couch. Grr. Guess I'll take the floor. Also on the list today is to finalize (?) the link APIs for gnome-vfs and go implement them. The good news is that I'm getting bike lights soon and panniers so all this will be null and void. Whooohooo!
Update 7am: I decided to just spend the night working (slowly of course...I'm putting in looooads of extra hours here ;-) YAWN. But there's coffee brewing...I'm normally not a coffee drinker...but put a little chocolate in it and presto the stuff is pretty good.
Routine? Nah...
Well I sort of thought my life would settle into the groove with rapidity as I aclimated to working again - last summer it only took about half a week and that was the first time I'd had a "real job". In any case Eazel is still interesting and stimulating for me - which I think is good. Things are just varied enough (and sufficiently ill-defined, hehe) that, well...life is just interesting.
Darin, who was the treat of the day having flown in for the first time in a month and a half because he just had to meet me (sure.... ;-) and I struggled for a little while with 16-bit gradients. What is happening is that, first of all, G is 6-bits while R & B are 5-bits. This creates some funny little green shifts in the gradient (similar to funny little green men - but of a far more insidious nature). Anyway, that was dealt with and we figured out that it may be optimal to enable dithering in gnome canvas. Quite frankly, I'm not sure why its disabled by default?!? So I'll be putting together a patch that adds that option....wheee....
Pavel still has designs on me for building on Solaris and then getting purify going. It would *suck* if Nautilus had bad memory leaks at shipping time (I'm sure it does now...). I hope all the libraries are more 64-bit / Big ENdian clean than when I last tried ;-)
It was freaking hot today!!! I had to ride my bike 7 mi. each way to Eazel while the temp was, seriously - no exaggeration - 113 deg F. YOW! You can tell its hot when the more windy it is the more oppressive the heat feels - eg the wind itself is miserably hot and all you'd like is a nice cool vacuum =) Me thinks it be better when the outside temperature is cooler than your insides! Oh well...also our new apartment (who's wonders I will describe at length ... some other time) traps heat pretty badly. I'm planning to invest in a fan so I can stay alive during these bright and sunny times (dark and depressed rocks!).
More poetry writing ... but this stuff was for me only. NO MORE FOR YOU!!!

The new bike rides really well - but I got stuck on San Antonio today with freeway bound traffic behind me. I notice that people seem to drive more aggressively when the are bound for the freeway. "we" went over a bridge and cars were *still* trying to pass me even though I estimate I was only going 5-10 mph slower than traffic's "natural" over a very short stretch. I was very scared for my life!!! The moral of the story is that I shouldn't miss my "bike route" turn-off next time!
I wasn't able to check code in last night...we'll see if that's working this morning :) update...success. blast CVS!
Fixed some problems with autocompletion I introduced yesterday (:-() But on the good side I think I'm nailing down a problem nautilus has with drawing gradients without bars.
Problem found...and it looks like its moire patterns generated at 16-bit colour depths. Also played with marbled backgrounds a bit...wheee!

My first day at Eazel!
I spent most of the day getting oriented...getting my machine running (which will have to be replaced when the new machines come - but oh well)...and spent the remainder of the evening adding path support to nautilus (so the file:// gets hidden and/or ignored). This may seem dumb...but I'm *really* glad to have a 19" monitor here. Its easier on my eyes and makes coding oh so much more pleasant.
Brian (my future roommate) was kind enough to repair my bike tire. I apparently spaz out when things go wrong when I'm coding. I've never noticed this before because I always code at home.... EEP! Will have to watch the gremlin noises.
Advogato needs a way of specifying that the entry you are writing refers to the previous day... I write most of mine at 1am

Well...Joy of all joys my new bike already has a flat tire =) Which means that yet again I got to bum a ride to Eazel. Hopefully this tire puncture thing does not become a habit - it makes it very hard to trust biking. Last summer I had *one* puncture the entire summer yet during this year I've had probably 5 or 6. And I've been riding a lot less too....weird huh? Anyway, I'll probably buy some panniers for it when I get my first paycheck and then I'll be all set =) Actually I need to get a better lock too, but that can wait as its a house bike for now!
Bike clothes suck! I won't be caught dead in them until I'm at least 30 and have lost all compunction.
I finally found my passport which I have to bring into Eazel to prove that I'm una persona de los estados unidos. Ah well. That would have been a bad thing to misplace anyway. It turns out that I put it in such a secure place that I had trouble finding it (it was stuffed in an old sock in the back of my drawer!). Next time I need to make a mental note when I stash things...
Well...I have to be awake at the inhumane hour of 9am...so...

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