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Well...Joy of all joys my new bike already has a flat tire =) Which means that yet again I got to bum a ride to Eazel. Hopefully this tire puncture thing does not become a habit - it makes it very hard to trust biking. Last summer I had *one* puncture the entire summer yet during this year I've had probably 5 or 6. And I've been riding a lot less too....weird huh? Anyway, I'll probably buy some panniers for it when I get my first paycheck and then I'll be all set =) Actually I need to get a better lock too, but that can wait as its a house bike for now!
Bike clothes suck! I won't be caught dead in them until I'm at least 30 and have lost all compunction.
I finally found my passport which I have to bring into Eazel to prove that I'm una persona de los estados unidos. Ah well. That would have been a bad thing to misplace anyway. It turns out that I put it in such a secure place that I had trouble finding it (it was stuffed in an old sock in the back of my drawer!). Next time I need to make a mental note when I stash things...
Well...I have to be awake at the inhumane hour of 9am...so...

I bought my bike today.

Its a really comfortable ride. The cool thing is that unlike my last bike which was a little noisy, with this one (riding on a smooth road) there's no sound but the rushing wind.... wheeee!
I took a 25 mi. ride after lunch, which was a fun way to try it out and make sure that the bike shop didn't have any more tuning to do. There was one slight misalignment w/ the front derailer, but I was able to easily fix it myself. I'm a little nervous about the flight deck shifting on this bike - it looks like I would have trouble repairing it myself....hmm... Well the good thing is that my favorite bike was purchased from our on campus bike shop - which means easy complaint and service :)

This poem of mine sort of summarizes what I've been going through emotionally recently. Wheee....enjoy my depression!


Crimson slain,
Punctuated though He lies;
cries His valour - of struggle and strife
And vibrant life in its primal rile

Or She may lick her paws -
staring solemnly surreal,
At the hollow madding that around her sweeps
Yet cannot leave Her body behind
And She blinks bemusedly from Her bright green soul
Or casts a deep, pure sigh

But withered to ashen age
Beneath the starched white sheets
We acquiess to a perfunctory distrophy
And are worn into a dreamless discontent

Then perish alone in a body of stolen animation
Fading a shade with every shallow glib
and hubric smile.

The travesty of our ashen eyes
were not their fallen hue
but that they would be windows to our soul.

Its summer...Time for work and play.

Its been a long time since a wrote an entry because I've been insanely busy. Exams, people, and Eazel have all taken their toll... But the good news is that everything has come together. I have a job - an internship at Eazel working under Pavel's mentorship. This is *awesome* because I really like Pavel and respect his mad skills :) So not only am I going to be able to eat and have shelter this summer, I think I'm really going to improve my own thinking and code writing.

I treated myself to "Rick's Really Rich Icecream" as a reward for getting work. That stuff is *awesome*. If you are in the Santa Clara area you just have to try it. And its right near Eazel...so...I figure I can bike there for lunch every day ;)

As far as housing I'm going to be living in Mirielees (sp?). Which is often because that particular summer residence is the more desired of the three or four available. Its also cool because I don't have to buy an expensive meal plan there, but can cook for myself. Of course the downside is that with on-campus housing you have to pay the entire cost up front. Yikes! This has meant depending on my grandparents for money (who are thankfully there or I would have lots of trouble "swinging it"). Oh well...guess I don't "get" to be 100% financially independent yet :-) I can think of much worse things in life ;-)

I'm also finally getting a bike. Cool beans. Of course I have to acquire one for monday, which is my first day of work. I figure that if I can't get one by monday I can probably beg a ride off *somebody*. Not many people left, but enough, heh heh.

I wrote some more escape related code for Nautilus, as well as some more work getting Nautilus running under Solaris. I can't figure out what's going wrong, but the Solaris attempt is not going very well... <sigh> I'll probably try again using Helix Gnome as a base-line (I was trying to do everything from scratch). I've also "white-boarded" some ideas for an improved URI entry box in Nautilus. I think the current one doesn't cut it.

I'm tired. And I have an exam today. On saturday... That's inhumane.

School is almost out, and it looks like I might be working at Eazel over the summer. That would be awesome. But I'm too tired to get really excited right now.

In other major news, I did laundry today. I was starting to wear my "dress" clothes as my supply of shorts dwindled. You know I'm desperate when the polos are broken out! Fortunately we all know that jeans can be worn at least 3 times before you have to change :) So if you just sleep in them most of the time that adds up to a couple weeks for a single pair of jeans!!! Right.

I think I'll get 10 hours of sleep tonight to celebrate doing poorly on my complexity theory exam. Whoohoo!

Well, my father did indeed show up. He's apparently looking into working at PARC, which would indeed be interesting. Any open source companies interested in grabbing a printer architecture researcher for the good of the world? ;-)


What is this sleep thing you speak of? I am sooooo tired at this point but too much is hapenning. please let me sleep...somebody let me sleep!!!


Um. Er. Eh. I screwed up a gnome-vfs checkin and broke the build for a few minutes. Cry. :-(


Did some work on fixing problems with filenames etc having '#'s in them in Nautilus. It *would* be fairly easy to fix...except my build system decided to screw itself up again. Joyous! Now I can't even run Nautilus. I really want to work at Eazel now - if only so I don't have to deal with keeping my own Nautilus build tree updated ;-)


Almost none. This has been crunch week for me. My dad's visiting tomorrow, which I am thrilled about - but it comes at a pretty harsh time. I mean, I have finals and that sort of thing...which leads us to-


Yeesh. Long philosophy papers, abusive physics finals, not to mention the obligatory end of quarter programming projects. Whew! The end is in sight.


Yes... It has been a long time again. But things are starting to get hectic here. Really hectic. I just had a really good chance to talk with Sandra. She's really awesome... Anyway, some things are looking up and others down. I still feel isolated from almost everyone around me. This is very hard to counter. I've had a year, and I don't feel close to any of them. <sigh&rt;


Surely you jest?!? ;-) Why yes, amidst all my panicked lack of time I've been doing some more work in Java. I want to get a really kick-ass Java-based environment going on my Palm. The processor is a little slow...I'm tempted to overclock it (which can apparently be done in software). Nothing on Nautilus. Wish I had more time.


WORK WORK WORK. I'm going nuts. I would be toast if it weren't for memorial day. I have a fairly long paper due on Wed, a final on Fri., etc etc. In addition to all the regular problem sets, of course. WHEW! The year is almost over.

Yes...I've been delinquent on the diary end. My life has been stressful and depressing. Yuck. I've just screwed my grade in a class by handing an assignment in massively too late. The place I'm living next year sucks. And I don't have any good friends. Yes, I'm just a wee bit depressed.


On a slightly lighter note I've finally fixed my messed up GNOME build environment...or at least kluged it tolerably. I still have to set GNOMEDIR or things break. Oh well, I think I can live with that. I haven't had time to try re-adding my gnome-vfs changes. Last time I thought they were responsible for the mess ups - but they weren't. [whew]


More work on trying to "swap" heap data onto a large stack allocation. No luck. And there's no way a java compiler is going to be able to fit in 200k of heap. Drat. There goes that idea.


I feel incredible tension between Sandra and I...to the point that I think she's avoiding me. Oh well. I haven't decided if I should apologize or not. I don't think I did anything wrong, but I don't like the effects of what I did - if that makes any sense. Argh. Conflicting ethical systems are not fun. Period.

I didn't sleep last night - I slept from the time lecture was over until 6pm. Whew!

Search: (for a job, that is)

So I can have on-campus summer housing. This is good news. I may not have employment - but I'm not getting turned into the gutter just yet. I really need to push at getting resumes etc. out, but I'm really hoping on eazel. I mean, when there's somewhere you really want to work and the jury's still out...its hard to garner momentuum. Oh well - I must!

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