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Went to Dragon Con this weekend. While I had a good time, it was marred by the fact that I was fighting off a cold and had laryngitis during the B5CCG tournaments I ran. I was forced to rely on sheets of paper with some 72 point fonts to give out instructions. I also had someone else there helping out and being my voice when necessary. All in all it was fun, but very draining. Next time, a) I'm getting a hotel room in the hotel (so I don't have to drive there and back), b) I'm going to abdicate running events if I'm sick and c) I'm going to spend more time walking around the con with Jeannie and Valen.

Tried to fill out my exit interview for ELNK. Apparently the email cgi doesn't like the length of my replies. I don't think it would be smart enough to screen based on content (as it is highly critical of ELNK business practices, communication and organization).

Three more days. Time to start packing up my cube and getting ready for my cross-country drive. If I were young and naive, I'd be looking on this as an opportunity to see the country. However, I know this is just going to be a lot of driving, searching for a good radio station and trying to avoid heat stroke while going through Arizona.

Still sick. Wasn't able to stay in work as long as I wanted to yesterday. My wife isn't working this evening so I can stay late. . . the question is will I be able to fight through the fatigue to do so.

I can tell this Usenix documentation is going to take a while. . . I'm about 30 pages through the H-A tutorial and it's ~300 pages long. I'm trying to summarize the important points, but there are so many important points it becomes hard to edit it down.

I'm pretty set about going with Integratus now. Planning on how I'm going to drive out to CA. I've got three days between my final day here at ELNK and my first day at Integratus. So, I'm going to drive my piece of shit Geo Metro out there (this way I'll have a beater car that I can use until I get a real car) and I'm trying to decide between going I-40 or I-10. I wish Mapquest or Yahoo had a feature where you could modify your routes based on geographical topology. I'm not a big fan of driving in mountains and would like to reduce my time in the mountains to as little as possible. I guess I'll just have to do the visual inspection of the two routes and compare them with a seperate topography map. *sigh*

Finally back in ATL.

Got my offer from Integratus (aka Company A). Interviewed with Inktomi (aka Company B). I was impressed by the technical interview, lots of really good questions, but didn't get the You REALLY want to work here vibe from the visit. On the other hand, hanging out with Jack, a friend of mine who works for Integratus, I got really jazzed about it. I waited until after the Inktomi interview then signed and returned my offer letter to Integratus (what the hell is up with all these wierd names, anyway? I guess most of the good domains are already taken :-). I start on July 10th. My last day here at Earthlink is July 6th.

On the flight back I caught a bug on the plane and felt like crap during the Inktomi interview yesterday. Technically, yesterday was a sick day here at ELNK, my boss just didn't know that I was sick in SFO. I still feel like crap today, but decided to come in and finish up some work (primarily writing up my reports of all the stuff I saw at Usenix). However, the ironic thing about the timing of my last "two weeks" of work is that I was out at Usenix for 1 of them, out sick for 1, at Dragon Con for 2 and off for July 4. So I'll only be in the office for five days total. This was an unfortuante coincidence (If I had tried to plan something like this, it would never have come off that well) but it's not as if I have any real long term projects to finish up.

Well, time to start my write up.

I'm supposed to get an offer letter in e-mail before I leave for Usenix. We'll see if it actually happens.

I'm heading out for San Diego this afternoon. It's off to Usenix I go I go.

Talking to a friend of mine out in San Jose, I was asking him for moving advice (he recently moved from ATL to SJC), he was asking me why I hadn't interviewed with him and his startup! I just can't win. If I don't get the offer letter from Company A today, I'll follow up with Company B (which I've already talked to a little and who wants to fly me out there next week for an interview) and Company C (which is my friend's startup). Choices, choices, choices.

Found Advogato after reading about it on Seth's page over on zork.net. I've been trying to do some research into the SiliValley area in preparation for getting an offer from a company out there. Most of the geeks I know out there I know from one of the fucked up lists I subscribe to. I know some folks from the Dog List, a motley collection of computer geeks from UF (where I did my time doing AIX administration and dealing with whiney grad students, professors and office workers).

Current activities
I'm finishing up Cryptonomicon. I was planning on reading it on the plane out to Usenix, but I can't seem to not read it when I have free time. Besides, I've also got Hogfather to read so I won't be bored on my flight.

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