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9 Apr 2001 (updated 24 Apr 2001 at 06:39 UTC) »
Interior Decorating

sad, you need to take a look at what not to do to your new apartment.

2 Apr 2001 (updated 2 Apr 2001 at 10:20 UTC) »
Brisbane sucks


Sadly, your comments about Brisbane are pretty much on the mark. There are some nice places to go to eat (a couple of stores in the Valley, and some others in West End) and the relatively low cost of living (as compared against, say, Sydney) helps, but on the whole, yeah, it sucks.

The other thing you're right about is the racism that's so prevalent; it takes years and years to overcome the wowsers and actually get anything done, and the reputation Queensland cops have for low tolerance and a tendency to beat people is, in my opinon, still deserved.

I plan to never live further north than Brisbane until I move away from here.

When it comes to politics, at least the last time we had total right-wing loonies running the place was over ten years ago, as compared against Victoria's two years or so. Kennet never impressed me much. I can't say the tendency to blame Canberra for the world's troubles is an exclusively Queenslandish trait, either.


dmerrill, stupidity and an inability to see some action is contrary to one's own self-interest (or perhaps to see one's own self-interest all too clearly) are both widely distributed traits.

Being a member of any minority does not enlighten anyone. Enlightenment on a topic comes from experiencing injustice, and thinking about it. Those who fail to think, or fail to think properly become the tragic pawns Shirer talks about.

Add in a fair amount of self-hatred inspired by incredibly negative portrayls of People Like You in the media and public perception, and you're left with a potent mix that can overwhelm an otherwise intelligent person.

I have seen queer people who lived through an oppressive right-wing regime go on to be apologists (or worse, advocates!) of the same regime when it is finally deposed.

Off-topic? Pffff

ajv, I doubt deekayen is ever on-topic---in fact I joined Advogato after seeing how objectionable he was.


Gah, networked filesystems all suck. Coda isn't ``there'' yet, AFS will require kerberos, NFS is too skanky for words, and I'm not at all sure I've seen anything else that is mature. All I want is a network filesystem that supports multiple servers serving the same data with a minimum of fuss (yes, I know that's a lot to ask).


Tummy bug

I'm slowly getting over living in my flat alone instead of with my girlfriend, but my body isn't making it any easier---all day I've been feeling like I want/need to relieve pressure from pretty much every orifice I have. Not pleasant. Maybe I'll take a sick-day tomorrow.

Love is pain

The person I've been living with for the last six or seven months has decided to call it a day because I'm too much to deal with. I can't say I'm surprised, but finding out she was prepared to simply turn up with her family and remove her stuff from our flat without giving me any sort of notice is pretty steep.

I'm trying to not be too angry---after all, it's essentially my fault the relationship failed---but it's hard to not be upset at the inherent betrayl.

Ah well, life goes on. (And interfering and unscrupulous parents will ruin any otherwise successful relationship, it would appear.)

I've started reworking the Killer Idea on a smaller scale to help think about design of the eventual OO implementation.

ajv, what've you got against bleep? Seriously, if NDAs suck, there's an easy solution: don't sign! I can count the number of NDAs I've signed on one hand.


Thanks, I have a Perlmonks account (I'm sure you can take a stab at the username) and have found it incredibly useful from time to time. The author of HTML::TreeBuilder responded to me on a mailing list just today; I'll take his advice and see where it gets me (mind, if it doesn't get me far I know whose fault it will be, and it's not his!).

I thought your name looked familiar.

Fun, but not interesting

I just finished installing Bugzilla internally. It's a nice enough system, but geez, some of the decisions strike me as a little odd. mysql? Nasty Perl CGI, hardcoded script and cookie locations? No OO design?

Ick. Don't like.


I'd like to keep using HTML::TreeBuilder on my project, but the lack of support for subclassing is stopping me. I don't really feel like modifying the class to support creating a tree of subclassed HTML::Element objects (which are themselves not trivially subclassable, IIRC), but breaking encapsulation on the HTML::Element class to add the attribute I need doesn't seem a good solution either.

It's a shame I can't find good help for this because it's stopping a simply killer idea. Have any advogato persons messed with these classes much?


If I walk away from my DSTC job with one thing, it'll be the knowlege that I'm capable of building real software after all.

Learning to build software is a humbling experience: after a year away from uni, I think I'm finally starting to prove that to myself, as well as deciding that programming for a living may well not be my cup of tea.

What helps me is knowing that I still have something like thirty or forty years in which to be professional and become a respected hacker in my own right.


I've just spent the last 24 hours in what's probably the most productive state I've been in for a few years (certainly the last six months!). My pet project (perl scripting to extract the important stuff from web pages) just came together, and the idea may well be simple enough to keep working despite my best efforts to ruin it.

I think most of this motivation (I've finally started working on Debian again) comes from taking just a few weeks off work. Emotionally, the whole time was a bit of a rollercoaster (I'm not going into that here; email me if you're interested and I'll decide whether to tell you or not) but it appears to have recharged my enthusiasm for work and play.

Take me drunk, I'm home again!

I'm moving house in, uh, three or four days (it's midnight as I write this). I haven't packed a damn thing. I haven't cancelled my telephone, gas, or eletricity accounts. I haven't even arranged mail forwarding. Ah well. Surely this is all normal?

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