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31 Jan 2002 (updated 31 Jan 2002 at 08:34 UTC) »

finally remembered my password....

been hacking on postgresql and have a few lines of my code in there -- woohoo! 7.2 is soon-to-be-released and is quite amazing.

futzing around with jails and mount_union on freebsd. freebsd is quickly winning my hacker heart.

ever-dreaming of getting out my "web developer" slave-job. Actually considering getting into used car sales -- nothing can suck more than writing retarded applications for retardeder customers. I'd love to get some sort of research position, but I don't have a college d$gr$$, so I guess I'm stuck being a high tech plumber if I stay in the computer field... FUCK!... wanna buy a nice used car?


out. :wq

this week. vacation. drove to Boone, NC (from Raleigh). if
anyone out there needs a *nix sysadmin/programmer type around,
_please_ contact me (brent_A_rcfile_D_org). I would seriously
like to reside in that beautiful land. hell, this pretty
much applies to any lush mountainous area.
sent a patch to the cscope maintainer to finish a bit of
work I contributed a while back -- the ability to recursively
index files. Originally, I did not take into consideration
that ch/parse.c and cp/parse.c would not be indexed, since
the the test for a file's inclusion used _only_ the file's
name, not its relative location. This is now fixed, at
least under the WorksForMe rule ;-)

I've not yet _un_debianized my fresh debian install yet,
though I was _real glad_ to figure out how to upgrade to
12 Sep 2000 (updated 12 Sep 2000 at 04:29 UTC) »
I wonder if it is just me, or is it _much_ easier to do
something significant when I'm off-task? I've amused myself
the past few evenings by creating searchable html documentation
for gcc (using texi2html and swish-e). I quickly found out
that texi2html produced tasteless, bland html (even by my
standards) and that swish-e needed metaphone support

basically, it was a whole pile of fun stuffed into a time
period where I should have been working on other things, but
now I do have attractive, searchable gcc docs...
4 Sep 2000 (updated 12 Sep 2000 at 04:18 UTC) »
way too much random noise in the headspace this weekend. On
Thursday I decided I'd try to fix a bug(?) in g++ that causes __builtin_*
functions to cause ambiguity at global scope, even when they were
declared/requested within a namespace. Bad Idea. Wasted a weekend.
I _think_ I see the general area(s) where the eventual fix will be, but
the 3 hour compiler compile has kept me from randomly editing the
compiler's source :) I gave the problem all of the spare cycles I had,
yet was unable to solve it (eek eek). Now, I must wait til next weekend
to fight it again. I _really hope_ someone produces a solution to the
problem so [1) I don't waste another weekend and [2) I can see how
the problem was solved for future bug hunting fun ;-)

On top of this, I had to make a decision to decline a job offer I
received on Friday. In fact, I think making this decision slowed
down the bug-hunting substantially -- damn distractions! I'm still
not comfortable in declining the job, since there would have been a
$10k salary increase in addition to 10k stock options, but there is
_no way_ I can leave my current employer (who would have a really
bad time if I left) on such short notice. This little dilema started me
thinking that the general shortage of skilled workers might make
an 'employee swap' for employers a very useful/profitable business.
Well, this is only useful if the employer and employee actually like
each other. I drink beer with my boss on occasion, and would hate
to lose a friend over a silly employment issue.

Oh yeah, I also decided to wipe out a well-aged debian system
and install debian 2.2. I'm gonna _try_ to _not_ un-debianize the
box this time. I spent two hours trying to figure out how to upgrade
a package the debian way when it would have take 15 minutes to
download the tarball and configure/make/make install, but I did
the debian thing :), and _hope_ to keep this system a debian system
instead of turning it into a Brent's Linux Non-Distro. This experience
reminded me how much simpler FreeBSD's ports system is to use.
Can I revoke my certification of myself? Better yet, can I have
a 'monkey' category added for me? (eek eek)

Today, I like perl... been dreaming in c++... bash's select function
never ceases to amuse me... thinking of writing a paper about
growing software -- as opposed to magically creating it... I need
a better job -- not more pay necessarily, I'd just like to be able
to contribute a better portion of my _professional_ work back
to the community, instead of having to 'work' after hours to
make a difference to the world... I want my email address to
outlive me...

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