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how can I succeed at being a first class dimwit, if they get rid of the dimwit rating?

the world is so sad I may just have to dissapear.

meta Well yesterday I succeeded in the short lived honor of being the only certified dimwit. But since then mdilon has joined the ranks of the Yellows. I suspect but am not sure that my vote pretty much counts for nothing. Some rude and evil person decided to ranke me apprentice. So I wielded my dimwit rating with its insulting purpose back to him; if he would just rank me appopriatly I would rank him apropriately. I still think Seth does not understand that some people get a kick out of the negative and should be rated dimmwit, such as myself.

mdillon does not really qualify for the high honor of dimwit, as it has not put enough energy into creating a dimwit persona. Once again it was Rasumus certfied me that I became an official dimwit, and Rasmus also made mdillon into a dimwit. meta

OK now for all my regulars, whom they are I have no idea. First off if do not want mime clothing and actuall want real gothic clothing I did find a place to shop.

My day of rest went fine. I just played my games with the devil, in the light of day, and watched a movie that should have been a play.

Another dawn broke across the plain in the high mountain desert. Light streamed in the slats in the side of the building. It was spring, most of the snow had melted and it was time for father to make us earn our keep. We marched into the fields and begun clearing the fields of rocks. The stone were still frosty and the cold bit into our hands. We would grab the pieces of ice left over from the winter and stick them in our mouth for water, and spit out the sand and dirt. When noon came tired and sore we walk back to house and mother would fix us our daily meal. Food was good, it breathed strenth back into us and my brothers eyes appeared to come alive. Mother said it was important to eat every day or we would be too weak to work. Brother pursed his lips and nodded his head. Father hung his head and shook it back and forth.

We returned to the fields and and light grey dirt stuck to our bare feet, and caked on to our pants. All of the evenings frost had melted and it was now mudd. We all walked in silence, I staired out at the mountain peaks in the distance and wondered, why they had come here? Why anyone thought this was the land of milk and honey? This was the land of starvation, bleak fields, and bleaker hopes. If there was not enough unrotted seed left in the store, we would not live past summer. Father had said this to mother late at night, so it was true.

Every row of grain, every vegtable had to provide, otherwise our number would shrink once again, and it would be even harder to provide another harvest. It was a couple years ago,when the food had given out. We used to only get to eat every other day, we would sit on the floor and sleep and try to preserve every bit of energy we had. We prayed to God and lay down. We burned the tumble weed for warmth, and we gnawed on the wood for satisfaction.

At one point mother said it was too much. Her eyes had that wild desperate look in them. My big sister and I were sitting curled next to each other by the fire trying to stay warm, trying not to shiver as that made the hurt even worse. Mother came out of the kitchen, grabbed my sister by the shoulder, placed a pan under her head and chopped it off in one swift blow. She scraped the edge of the knife onto the pan to catch all the blood, and proceded to clean my sisters body carefull not to lose a single drop of the sweet blood.

Mom cured the body and fed us for the rest of winter. I got sick that first day on the blood pudding, it was too rich for my stomach, but it tasted so good. And the jerky'd strips of flesh kept us going for months to come. Now the question is who is next. I know we are running low on food again, I don't think we can make it till the harvest, and I am hungery for some meat again.

It is awfully early in the day to be making such a post, I need to get some reading done. grrrr..

Unlike the inference of somepeople if anybody ever ranks me as anything other than dimwit, I will be bitter. People with no real existense with inane open source credentials should be rated as dimwits. Though as far as I can tell I can't really change anyones rank while firmly certified as a dimwit.

So I did get some contributions last night. I think I need to set up a master file somewhere where I have access to a better editor and put a cron job to upload the mis-fortunes file via ftp to the website

So now I need to get some more mime wear, to be really ready for public.

Coming home tired and sore, I fell down among the trash on the floor. Life is bitter, I spend my days working with men who have as much sense of human compassion as my floor, but who use their great brains to schem up ways to cause me harm. I lie on the floor dreaming of respite from the Hell of earth but frightened of Hell's beyond. As exaustion heavily closes my lids I feel the world spin as I hope to pass to sleep.

I awaken to a low knocking noise that comes from the floor. It shakes my body and chatters my teeth with terror. I know not where it comes, but I am afraid to move to find the source. I hear the low moan of some dying animal. I look arround and realize I am the one making such a sound. I crawl to the window and peer out on the darkest night. Every once and a while a cloud will release the moon from its sufficating bondage and release a stream of light upon our dying world. Think light shows down upon the street and the shadows come alive.

From underneath the elm, a shadowed ghoul creeps out and digs into the dirt. The sounds grows lowder the moon is hidenn and .........

This is my first post. I am very bitter today. The world remains a hideous and frightening place, where it is impossible to distinguish the good from the bad, as it is all bad.

I have recently been taken by a cold. My throat hurts, and the my glands are swolen under the chin. I expect that this will get worse.

So my note for today, is.

The World is a dark and dreary place. We pass through life, like little more than wraiths, who feel only the coldness of endless hell and can see but not touch the illusions of beauty from others lives.

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