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w00t! I got a promotion! Friday was a good day. Interview in the morning, promotion in the afternoon (thanks to UGA's oddball HR, you need to apply for open positions just to get a promotion.. there isn't a way for someone to say "you're promoted"). Whatever, it's a bit more cash and a hard money line. Rock on.

Nice weekend drinking beer, doing *nothing* really productive, trying to be helpful on taroon-list, paid the bills, planning for Ireland, and light puttering about the house. Was really burnt out this week and between me getting the new job, Jess finding out she'll be teaching in the Spring was just enough crap off my shoulders to allow me to relax. Tommorrow might even be fun again.

Why was I burnt out? Carpooling and dealing with moving dns3 and surreal took almost all of my week. Punt downtime Thursday sucked too, SMTP AUTH turned its self on even though admind said it was off. This cause ever Netscape client to get a login prompt when sending mail. This got all the directors and others hot and bothered. I hate those things.

Oh, many thanks to ~spot for cleaning up some bugzilla tickets for me on Friday!

Well... Advogato went down for a good long time, i just haven't come back till now.

Random thought for the day: How the hell are some people so damn productive? I just don't understand how people get so much done at work and still have time for things like rebuilding RHEL, much less fun.

I used to have that much time when I was in college and didn't have 2 dogs. Yah. Dogs. Oh and my job is burning me out. that's it.. yeah.. it's my job's fault.

Today I will either - Rebuild my home machine and then backup Jess' - Play WindWaker.

Since the computer sits about 8 feet from the bed, I'm really not excitied about turning it back on, the slience at night has been nice. Plus it's raining.

Oh hell.. I guess I should be productive and stop bitching about it :)

5 Feb 2004 (updated 5 Feb 2004 at 13:46 UTC) »

Ha! I just turned on DNSBLs for UGAMail. It's fun to tail the logs and look at the rejections.

In other news.. pitchers of beer are, in fact, a bad thing.

WOW! Damn near four years later! I was reading skvidal's entries on fedorapeople and then realized that I too had a Advogato account. Heh.

Well, 4 years later: I'm still in Georgia. I work for the university as a "Unix Systems Administrator" and get to play with linux and fun things all day long. I seem to have dropped any and all intrest in "interactive media" now didn't I? Eh.. It's overrated.

Maybe I'll remeber to psot here a bit more.

Well.. It's been awhile since I've been here

Anyway.. Not much has chenged.. Goofing off this summer still working on getting phpslash-0.6 out the door before it kills another developer :)

Carousel is hanging on by a thread.. Haven't worked on it much.. Hard thing to work in a vacum.. No pressure, no expectations, no help, no comments, no nothing just you and code.. It's odd and I don't like which it prolly why I haven't been working on it much. That and the fact that only like 60 of 10,000 slide have been scanned. :)

Well it's a new day.. Had a creepy fear this morning that my life was going no-where. Eck.. Serioritis (Those who think it'd be interesting to have a Linux Sys Admin who's also well versed in technical theatre in the office and is hiring, please email me :)

Anyway.. Thinking some on Carousel, need to do a alot RSN, think I may back off the phpSlash devel for a while. to make some time Perhaps people are getting tired of me sticking my comments in every thread?

Hmm.. I guess since this is my first post here I should introduce myself. Hi my name's nate! I do alot of stuff, Linux System administration, php development, General playing around.. Ya know the usual stuff a linux lover does. I am also a Drama major at UGA.

My focus is two pronged -- interactive media (hance the php development, I also do some lingo stuff with Director.. Hopefully I'll have a nice MultiUser game data interface availible soon) and technical theatre. (Lighing design and just building stuff in the shop)

I think the skills learned in each field go well together (attention to detail, people skills, able to handle stress, funky hours, a love for the simple and elegent solution...)

Well, that's me, stay tuned for more exciting stuff from my life and devlopemnt exploits.

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