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13 Oct 2003 (updated 13 Oct 2003 at 08:15 UTC) »

Gotten a bit more caught up at work and I am working on gnome-vfs ssh-module again. I had lost the original code so I started it over. I PROMISE that I am going to post the code this week.

Right now it accepts ssh://username:password@hostname. Thanks KDE folks for inspiring me with your fish module.

Update: 2:59 AM

Couldn't sleep and now I have ssh-method.c working. Going to clean up the code a bit (still will be a bit hackey when I turn it in) and also add a password dialog box so you won't have to put your password in the uri.

Mark Finlay: Thanks for the response. I will post the hack this weekend.

Work Work Work

Stayed up till about 2 this morning working. phew. The code isn't great, but a whole lot of problems were fixed and I am going to make a major release on SourceForge in about 2 weeks. The people around here really like it and it is about to go into testing. Lots of bugs, lots of bugs.

Unix Unix Unix

I think that I saw the new Unix guy around here. As soon as I am sure, I am passing him the backups. Apparently the guy had a long weekend. We needed to install some patches on one of the machine and he had no clue what he was doing. Applying one patch took him 6 hours, and after that they just gave up when he still coudn't figure out how to install a HP-UX depot. Not shitting about that.

And School

Just missed a class. Had to work. Well, I have an exam next Tuesday and not showing up might have not been the best idea, eh? Well, I have another class in about half an hour I guess I should make.


I have asked this before, but why doesn't gnome-vfs-ssh use the pty? I have written a hack that makes a password dialog work and pass through a pseudo terminal. This is what the KDE guys do with fish. I am asking here because I know there are a whole lot of GNOME guys that post here. I would like to send in my patch, but I have assumed that the GNOME guys haven't done this before is because it might not be portable.

This is a test from gnome-blog.

8 Sep 2003 (updated 8 Sep 2003 at 22:22 UTC) »

Just listened to an interview with my ex-girlfriend. She is a singer and seems to be doing pretty well. Proud of her, though it is odd hearing her voice for the first time in a few years. Happened to come apon her on the internet by accident when I was looking for some music to listen to and I would have never known (she had also changed her last name) except that the voice was oddly familiar. Odd. Small world.

I also saw the girl I had a crush on in 5th grade. I was eating brunch with my wife, daughter, and a few friends. I usually don't recognize people, but she looks exactly the same as she did in fifth grade.


...is draining. Not hard, just draining. Keep getting these strange headaches after studying for hours at a time and I am not used to that.

Other Things

I saw Chicago and I was really impressed. Wonderfully done.


First week back at school after 5 years and I have a ton of homework. One of my professors starts writing problems on the board while teaching the class, I guess to ensure that we actually stay through the class. Bah. I understand all of the stuff but I am pretty lazy and all of the problems take pages of work each to complete.

I do not regret it, though. I am going to get my masters.

Portal Project

I also have a pretty cool portal project I am set to release in a week. My boss took a look at it and he loves it. The nice thing is that it is going to be tested by 50,000+ people before I release any of the code to the public. And, all of the users have to use it every day, so the feedback should help the project considerably. It is written in PHP, but there are helper utilities written in C. They are not required, but make the site run faster, index documents on the site faster, etc. All of the utilities have PHP counterparts also.

Other Work Stuff

Going to be writing some Oracle tools in C++. Good, because one of my professors insists that all of our projects are in C++ so it will be good practice. Oracle on HP-UX seems to be pretty well documented and I have tested some small apps. I am dying to have to write a bug gtk project on HP-UX for work, but all of the current utilities are either motif or run from the console.

I am still the Unix administrator which is kind of scary and I have a feeling that they are not in too much of a rush to bring in someone new. Really, Unix adminstration is not a hard job, but - as large of a company it is - they need a full-time guy and not a developer.

Man, I am worn. Back in school after many years so I am waking up really, really early and that is not cool. I am a late sleeper and I am used to waking up pretty much when I want and rolling into my job, doing my work, and going home.

Pah. But I promised myself I would get at least a masters before I died which is pretty fucking stupid when you think about it because what can a dead guy do with a masters? At least classes this semester are going to be easy if not boring. Wish me luck.

Also hacked a bit more on the gnome-vfs-ssh module. Asked this before, but is there an official way to grab a pseudo term in GNOME? I am just using getpt ()

I let people in my area connect to my wireless lan. I figure that letting people around me have internet access might be nice and people might appreciate it. I even named the wlan "opennet" just so people would know.

So, some fucker gets in and trys to start attacking my boxes. What the fuck? Bite the hand that feeds you? Probably some 12-year-old kiddie.

Well, I am hacking on the ssh-module.c that comes with gnome-vfs. ssh reads from tty so I have to create a pseudo-term. I asked on gnome-devel mailing list if there is a standard way of doing this and got no response so I am going to do it like kio-fish. fish is too cool and GNOME really could use something just like it. In a perfect world I would just be able to use the kde libs but this is not a perfect world.

I have one remaining server that has is running Windows NT and I just discovered the beauty of the cygwin tools. I had read how great they were, but had never used them. I ported 1 1/2 applications today to Unix. ssh'ing into an NT box and and being able to run vim and gcc right on the box is just too cool.
The Unix administrator left on Friday so I am the temporary Unix guy around here. He was a great guy, but a bit of a cowboy - all of his work was done as root so some of the boxes are really screwed up when it comes to file permissions. In order to do ANYTHING on some boxes you have to be root. Going to try to clean this up - and cross my fingers that the next Unix admin they hire has his/her shit together. If they hire the guy I chose things should be okay.
Anyways - going back to school. I figured that this is a good time to get a masters and even go all the way to doctorate. Would be pretty fucking cool to be a doctor. I could be one of those dickheads who insists that people call him "doctor" like some of the assholes around work.
And I am working on a usb Linux kernel driver for 2.6. So much has changed since 2.4 development I am only going to support 2.6. Got a problem with that?

I am helping a consultant debug a program he grabbed off of the internet. It is released under the GPL and seems to be really great. So I open up the code and notice... hmm... all of the copyright information has been removed frm the application. He is putting it back in, but it is a crappy thing to do. The guy knew better and I don't understand why you would remove copyright information - aside from being unethical, he is a consultant and not being paid to develop an original piece of code. He is being paid to do a job.

Sheesh, someone does all the work for you - the least you could do is give that person some credit.

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