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30 Oct 2000 (updated 30 Oct 2000 at 20:20 UTC) »

Nothing new to report, sir. Only a few patches for RPM 4.1.
And, anyway, I'm not inspired to write today :-)

Talking about time leaps :-) Well, lets go to the talk :-)

Conectiva Linux 6.0 is almost at the streets. Things are starting to slow down a little, so I'm back on the projects :-)

I have started testing glibc 2.2 heavily now. Acme asked about we changing our network to a nighttime cluster for these tests and others. Looks like a nice idea. We should be starting to work on it next week.
Also, I have started submiting some patchs to rpm.
Oh, ever since glibc 2.1.94 and a little patch I applied at gcc 2.95.2, everything is working now :-) glibc 2.2 is really great. Hope it will be released soon.
Anyway, I hope it doesn't take another time leap for me to write here again :-)

Ok. Another time leap :-) Things are a little crazy here.
I'm having a little bit of personal problems, so don't expect much right now. :-(

Things here at conectiva couldn't be better. Well, they could, but since my boss will be reading this (hiya acme :-)), I better behave :-). Anyway, Conectiva Linux 6.0 release date is aproching fast. Lost of stuff must be ready for this release. Lots of packages need to be tested, upgraded and so on. I'm doing about 10 to 15 packages a day, so you can guess the workload everybody here is under. Not that is a bad thing. This is the first place I work that such a stressy workload does not create stress itself, nor make the working environment worst a bit.

Well, my personal projects are definitly on hold, for an underteminated amount of time. Sorry to say that. Lost of things to do here, and I have personal interest in most of them.

So, all in all, things are as good as I gets (:-)). Hope to have news to write here soon.

As a side note, I'm still doing compilations tests with all our packages and glibc 2.1.93 (2.2beta). Most programs work flawlessly. Some are givnig me problems, but I'm still using gcc 2.95.2. I guess most of them will desapear with gcc 2.96.
I'm also performing some performance tests with MTA's. The results will be published on the Revista do Linux magazine.

1 Sep 2000 (updated 30 Oct 2000 at 20:21 UTC) »

Well, it's a long time since I wrote anything here. There is a lot to catch up.

I'm now on Curitiba, working a Conectiva. It have been quite a chanlenging job, working side by side with Acme, Riel, Roxo, Ruda, Gwm and others.

I'm currectly testing glibc 2.2pre (2.1.92/93) and gcc 2.96 in our environment. Quite a few programs does not compile anymore :-) Most of them do, fortunatly. The others, well, I'm working on them.

I hope I'll stay active here once again.

I'm scared ... I'm very scared :-)
Well, after making a fool of myself a lot of times, and being a total clueless newbie, I decided to dedicate some time studing the kernel.
What makes me scared is that I'm starting to understand it. 2-5% of it already make sense to me. I know it's little, but it's a start.

On the userspace country, my squidSQL project has been aproved by SourceForge. I'll be restarting it this weekend, I hope.

Also, I hope so finish yafingerd 1.0.0 next week. I haven't had time to mess with my opensource projects in a while, so it's time to catch up.
I think squidSQL will be in pre-release version in the next 3 weeks, or so I hope. Next week I'll have lots of think to do here.

Today is update day ! lol
Doing Kernel updates, sendmail updates and so on.
Also trying to upgrade de head of some co-workes, which is particulary dificult, since they don't support RPM :-)

Well, anyway. This afternoon I have 3 meetings scheduled ! Ach !
And talking about schedulling, Riel's fairsched patch for 2.2.15 patches nicely on 2.2.17pre1. Got only one offset message, but it worked ok. Don't let it stop you from using it.

On the project side, I'll talk with people here about the squidSQL project today. Also, I applyed for an area on sourceforge for this project. It should be aproved without problems, and I can start working on it tomorrow.

Okey, looks like Friday trip really paid off. Our company is interested in my squid+mysql project ! Cool. I think I'll have more time to work on it. I'll have to make squid not only authenticate using mysql, but also save its logs on it. I think it will not be that a chalenge, but I may be wrong.

Some late updates :-)

8 Jun 2000

    What a mess. Having to get everything up and running to tomorrow's trip.... :-( But I have a good felling about it ...

7 Jun 2000

    Working like a mad man. It was decided I'll have to go to Belo Horizonte on Friday. Ach.

Well, long time since I posted anything here, and a lot happened.
Ipam_mysqldb project is still on hold. I really don't have the time it takes to mess with it, but I'm sure to continue with it latter
yafingerd is almost at production level. I'm finishing the documentation. Portability is great, and it's working flawlessly on various environments.
I have started a project to create a module to have squid authenticating on a mysql database. It's almost ready. Just need a little time to finish the config stuff. I may even do some patchs to make it log stuff into it, who knows. All I need is time, which is exactly what I don't have.
Now, for the greates news even *grin*. I'll be moving to Curitiba, to work at conectiva. Riel, I know you are reading this :-) Prepare yourself *lol*.

It has been a long time since I posted diary entries. Have been pretty busy around here, with my paid job (closed source software :-( ).
yafingerd is reaching production level. As far as I see, all it needs now is good documentation.

pam_mysqldb is at a halt. Have had no time to mess with it :-(
I'm leaving it aside for now, so I can devote my spare time to yafingerd. I really think this is a good, useful piece of software, although it's quite simple. I always enjoyed the finger service.

Well well. Amazingly enough, pam_mysqldb is working. Well, partially.
With login, it works flawlessly. Just as it is supposed to work.

But I have a few problems with other application. To mention the ones I tested:

  • wu-ftpd
      It does authenticate correctly (the user/pass pair), but it is not masquerading. wu-ftpd just logs me as anonymous. Very wierd.
  • su
      su just plainly not work. It checks if the user exist before calling PAM, so my modules stands no chance.

Now, I need to think of other tests. Sugestions are welcome ...

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