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ldunbar: Chill. That was aimed at everyone who is claiming that $evil_guy_of_the_month is the the very incarnation of capital-E Evil, aka the antichrist. I never claimed that their actions weren't small-E evil. I apologise if you interpreted my comments as saying that the media has manufactured these people; I meant that the media has taken a nasty guy, and painted him in such a way that even 80 year old grandmothers(who still remember hitler) want to shove a grenade down his throat. That is all.

the US propaganda machine is in full force, I see. The guy that no one had heard of two years ago is now the antichrist. Riiiiiiight. Just like Saddam Hussein was. And Hitler. And the entirety of north vietnam. Who will it be next year? I nominate Dubya! He's certainly creating his fair share of senseless death and destruction. And he's bombing afghanistan too!

One word summary of my life lately: FUCK.
Two word summary of my life lately: FUCK IT.

More Everything hacking. This time it was setting up some nifty themes. In the process, I installed gimp1.2, which is a definite improvement(yes, I know they're up above 1.3). Did some photoediting too; we've got logoes<tangent>hmm, logos is apparently not like potatoes. Call me Danforth.</tangent> suitable for each theme. :)

Next up is to try getting the voting nodeball to work. Probably non-trivial; but it would be worth it.

Also seemed to have some wierdness going on with mod-perl; but the problems went away when I apt-get removed perl-5.005. (I don't know why it was still installed beside 5.6.1. It just was). Hopefully there was nothing else wierd going on.

ntp kicks ass; I can be sure that my assignment will be submitted not less than 20 seconds before the deadline.

I also wrote a README for sched; now people will know WTF it is without reading the code.

played more exult. I really wish that when flying over the mountains, the things inside the mountain couldn't hurt you. And it keeps crashing. Lots of fun regardless. :)

somehow, none of the above thoughts were what prompted me to write a diary entry. :greps recentlog... Nope, nothing. Oh bother.

4 Oct 2001 (updated 4 Oct 2001 at 06:19 UTC) »

Javascript for 15 minutes. New page on my homepage, helping all the larvals out there. no link here. back to work for me. <whipsnap>

Hacked a personal photo feature into my Everything site. In with the user bio. Nifty feature, not too hard to implement.

Oh yeah, homework...

Java java java. Rwrote everything; it mostly works now. Big bug in collision detection though. I need to figure out how to keep the objects from overlapping; they are counted as colliding manymany times, thus sending one off at incredible speeds.

"I'm sure the Nazis called the french resistance terrorists too." -- seen here?

30 Sep 2001 (updated 1 Oct 2001 at 02:42 UTC) »

Learning Java today. Assignment in it is due by friday. This is not a Java course; we're expected to know Java from the prereq, which I didn't take. Whee.

At least I'm making good progress. Mostly everything is set up, now I'm getting into the actual logic.

later: It does stuff. Not sure if it's right yet, and I know it's fugly. But hey, the logic is fairly simple. I just need to add the graphics part to see if I'm completely wrong or not.

Why must every language have it's own ideas of what operators should do what? Yes, some are stupid. But Why should I have to remember that commas are list separators except in the case where there are two of them in a row? And what if I have an empty item in my list?

Mostly, what's wrong with having "+" or "." be the cat operator? + makes sense in that you're getting the sum of two strings. </rant inspiredBy=sej>

28 Sep 2001 (updated 28 Sep 2001 at 01:16 UTC) »

Stayed up til 3am last night; it's been a while. Maybe I should start drinking coffee again. Though concentrated line juice can wake you up in a hurry... I didn't manage to come up with a [correct] algorithm for one of the questions even after all that; this morning in my first class I came up with the answer. At least last night wasn't wasted; I used a bunch of what I'd already done. Quite elegant in the end too.

Apparently my algorithms course will be delving into network flow soon. Cool.

Too bad I'm sick; I'd be having a great time.


No time! I'm late! I'm very very late!

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