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I've had to use PHP for a couple things at work recently, and although it can be a very handy tool for stuff on the web, I'm finding that I dislike it as a language. At times it seems nicely put together, but others hastily thrown into a pile. And when core language functions don't act like all the manuals say they should, it can get ultimately frustrating.

Anyway, kung fu tonight, but also my friend's band ernie's penultimate show -- they are breaking up after the 19th of July. That's sad, as I really liked them, but hopefully their sound will reappear as they move on to new projects. Not sure which I'll be going to -- it's always a test of my resolve on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays whether I should go to an extremely tiring (physically and mentally -- it is very frustrating to not be able to do things you want to do and that others do so easily -- having a mirrored wall reflect your failures every time you look at it is no fun) kung fu session or try to find something else much more important. I feel like such a little kid sometimes -- I've thought about faking sick a couple times to avoid it, but really, I'd just be lying to myself. I really do want to be in some sort of acceptable physical state before I go away to Carnegie Mellon in a month and a half.

I got my first paycheck of the summer. Work really isn't that bad, after all.

So, I graduated from high school (salesianum.org) with a bit over a 4.0 gpa. I think my graduation speech went over very well, too.

I'm working again this summer at Aloysius Butler & Clark (a-b-c.com).

I figured some people might like to read it, but I don't want to clutter up the recentlog, so visit http://combustiblefruit.org/graduation_speech.html to read my graduation speech. It's good, really. Or my mom told me it was... :)

Cool stuff from the winners of the google programming contest (http://www.google.com/programming-contest/winner.html). I especially liked the winner's idea...

going in to school *again* today... when I don't have to. I spent all these months previous whining about how much I just wanted it to end and now I'm like a junkie going back for more.'

Ernie show tonight!

I forgot to mention... I'm done with high school classes now. Only thing left is to polish up my speech and graduate!

julian: it might be disappointing, but believe it or not, i wasn't actually searching for archaic Gabber screenshots... I'm trying to convince them to get me a dual-head workstation for the summer at ab&c...
18 May 2002 (updated 18 May 2002 at 20:18 UTC) »

Today I experienced my first kung fu class. It hurt like hell, but was loads of fun.

The instructor (Eo Omwake -- http://www.flowinghands.com/) apparently mixes a large base of Shaolin style with northern long-fist, southern praying mantis, kempo, and a bunch of other techniques. But today I just learned the basic stances, watched the first form in Qigong (chee-gong), and learned a couple self-defense techniques and a short-range upward kick with a name I forget. All with lots of repetition and movement.

"Practice big, apply small" is a Shaolin saying that expend more energy in grander motions than when you fight, so when you fight, you can explode. It makes sense, but my thighs are burning because of the very low, very very wide basic stance -- and the continuous getting up and going down into it. My vocabulary obviously isn't that descriptive, so here's the gist:

My sweat soaked all the way through my two shirts, through the band of my pants, and through my silk waist sash. My legs burned yet felt like noodles. And it was so much fun.

Next class is Monday evening. Hopefully I'll have recovered by then :)

I saw Attack of the Clones last night. I absolutely loved the last half (Yoda fighting was awesome) but the first half seemed rather stiff to me. On the whole I liked it much better than Episode One.

I'm having a lot of fun with festival lately. And today was my last AP test, psychology. Hopefully I did well enough on them not to repeat /too/ much stuff next year. I really don't fancy another US Government course like this year's..

I'll be looking into some cmu sphinx stuff soonish too. I don't think speech is going to be the next big interface, but i would like to have some sort of backup plan in case I go blind -- my eyesight is bad enough as it is. Besides, hearing MC Hawking (mchawking.com) esque vocalized chats in Gabber is really cool, too :)

julian: TCPTransmitter giving you problems again? ;)

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