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24 May 2001 (updated 24 May 2001 at 21:53 UTC) »

Hmmm, life was going well until I got a report that setting LAA doesn't work in 2.4. Took a quick look and the report is quite right. Hacked net-tools apart and found the problem. There are two fixes for this, one simple and one "right". So I've done the simple one for now, the "right" one will take a little longer.

Memory has turned up for the iMac, I hope this improves the performance of NS 6, otherwise I'm going to put Mozilla 0.9 on the machine.

*Sigh*, looks like my flight is going to be late tonight, again :(

More fun and games. I've got the docs for pnp support for the ibm adapters now, so I can start to put proper pnp support into the driver.

php continues to amaze me, you can whack up a good web site in no time once you've got all the basics sorted. Combined with postgress this is making my life so much easier.

Spent some more time thinking about coding up lanaid for linux. I'm considering using a Gtk and command line interface with a kernel module to get access to the adapters. Haven't decided whether to use ioctrl's or /proc yet.

Watched the first Bubblegum Crisis 2040 dvd last night. Looks like it will be a good series (nothing like hot girlies in tight suits...). I'm up to #5 in the Neon Genesis series and its turning it to be very good. I originally thought it might just degrade into a good guys vs bad guys mess, but the storyline has got some nice twists in it.

Did loads of house stuff yesterday in preparation for the English invasion. Put the Union Jack up outside the house and now it's raining. I hope the flag hasn't brought the English weather with it :-)

Started building the new linuxtr web site, despite the fact that the site is totally static it now looks outdated. So I'm re-doing it with some nice tables within tables and other good stuff.

Got up this morning at 4.30am to catch the plane up to Chicago for the week. Worked on the web site some more on the plane.

Grrr, Connectiv cancelled their installation. They were going to replace the electricity pole for our house and remove some obsolete wires. So I downed the server and the workstations for no reason at all. Not happy.

Woke up far too early, i.e. 4am. Couldn't get back to sleep so got up and beat php and postgress into submission.
Hint - When upgrading from postgres 7.0 to 7.1, pg_dump _all_ your databases and just re-do the installation from new, upgrading between the two versions doesn't work properly with Debian, far, far easier just to reload everything.
So the new library database at home is up and running using Apace+php+postgres :)

Then discovered that Netscape 4.7 doesn't pass spaces properly in a url so upgraded the iMac to 6.0.

Shit, how much memory does NS 6 want !!! Time to buy some more memory, me thinks.

Spent today playing with php, rewriting my web based library catalogue system for the home library.

PHP is the dog's danglies, it is just so much easier than other cgi programming.

Made the receive buffer changes in olympic and some of the simple fix-ups suggested by Jeff Garzik.

Other than that its been a quiet day - I've actually had to do some of the work I get paid for - eeek !!!

Merged in the ppc changes to ibmtr.c Nothing too drastic, just sorting out the byte ordering on 16 bit reads. Tested out fine on ix86 so we don't appear to have broken anything.

Just wait for some feedback from the ppc testers and we'll release it to the world.

Back to olympic now and the receive buffer copying issue.

It's actually managed to get above 80 degrees in Chicago. Everybody up here is complaining like mad, not me, this is my type of weather. Living in MD for 3.5 years kinda conditions you to the heat and humidity.

Bashed the ibmtr driver to death and it stood up to all the abuse. Finalized the fixes and send them off to a couple of testers to give them the once over

Put the patch all together to be send off the Alan to find out that Alan has released -ac9 with more updates to ibmtr.c. So had to go and merge in these changes with the driver. Got it all sorted out and sent the patch off for inclusion

Finished the new Terry Pratchett yesterday, pretty good, not his best but not his worse but a long stretch, and their is a hilarious reference to salad cream / mayonaise that's you'd have to be a Brit living in America to fully appreciate.

The Clangers videos have arrived, now to get a vcr in the US that will play UK tapes ;)

Fixed up the problems with ibmtr, a swift ioremap here and an ioremap there and everything is working ok.
Now I've got access to my test machines I am going to beat the hell out of the driver this weekend before I release it again.

Found out why ssh has died, turns out the debian package upgrade put back the file /etc/ssh/sshd_not_to_be_run, so, of course, after the reboot sshd didn't start up. I think I need to find the ssh package maintainer and slap them with a wet fish.

Douglas Adams died. A minutes silence please.

11 May 2001 (updated 11 May 2001 at 21:20 UTC) »

Got to the bottom of the problems with olympic. Turns out to be the pci hardware setup on the iSeries machines, not the driver at all :)

Working on the problems with ibmtr.c, shouldn't take too much to fix it up. I think we'll add the ppc support with this patch as well.

Life is good !!

Just heard that the one user having problems with cardbus olympic is now up and running after upgrading to 2.4.4 and gcc 2.95.3.This had been worrying me for a while.

Life is definately good.

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