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Early Christmas Present

I have an early Christmas present, to myself.

Missy decided that my laptop was finally dead enough to warrant an actual replacement. (The screen no longer displays mid-range grey as grey, it's bright blue. The display also goes utterly nuts if you dare adjust the angle of the screen).

She looked for an Eee PC, but none were available. Turns out she managed to get a Compaq C710tu for under $500 (after a cashback). Sweet! I was looking forward to the 7" form-factor, and the flash-only storage, but after looking at what this machine can offer I think this beasty is more useful for the price-point. (DVD burner, for instance!).

Since I didn't have my Ubuntu CDs that Anton thoughtfully procured before the holidays (they're at work still), I headed to Kerry's.

Since I wanted to eventually pass the laptop down to Missy and re-install Windows, I had to create recovery CDs. (They're too cheap to put them in the box...). That too around two hours, which is bizarre and ridiculous.

A quick reboot later and Ubuntu was running as a Live CD. I poked the installer and quickly answered all of the questions. It wouldn't resize the NTFS partition (not that I cared that much), so I've chosen a ~70GB root ext3 partition.

One neat advantage of using a LiveCD installer is that you can use the machine (eg. play games :) during the install.

Not 30 minutes later, I have my shiny new Ubuntu laptop - tonight I'll be setting up final drivers and migrating files over to it from poor dear kappa, who has little chance for a recovery at this point.

Long Live "theta"

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My Girls

It's been a busy time! We had Rachael's birthday on the weekend, even. Crazy crazy!

It's time I put some more photos up:




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DSL woes

Still no DSL here. Really over it now.

Work bought me a modem; I get 28-32k. Argh @ PGS!

Telstra Just Don't Care (TM). They supply a phone service, and it's a valid business decision for them to supply me a line that can't get DSL. TIO seems to agree.

Unfortunately the current legislation only requires a low minimum data rate - something you can run a fax nicely on :-/

Trying to get voice faults fixed, hoping it'll get me off the PGS and straight on to the RIM at least. Who knows. If not, I'm probably just going to disconnect the home phone line. It's not like Missy and I don't both have mobiles!

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Father's Day 2007

I had a pretty good Father's Day.

My girls kicked it off my giving me presents while I was still in bed; a copy of Loco Roco for the PSP (my first actual game!) and underwear (brightly coloured!). Rachael insisted on which pair I'd wear, too :)

Breakfast with my old man followed (he paid, double bonus!). Bacon and egg muffins FTW. Lunch was with Missy's folks, and doubled as a birthday lunch for Missy and her twin sister.

After lunch we travelled to IKEA, not exactly my idea of a "great" time, but we got a few nice things.

Dinner was home-made pizza, utterly perfect. Missy and the little ones all went to bed; I stayed up to watch Star Trek and play my new PSP game.

Great day :-)

Oh, and we're probably having a baby RSN!!!

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Here are your EQ SQ results:
EQ : 22
SQ : 79
Brain Type : Extreme Systemizing

What does your score mean?

Click Here to learn more.

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Month of Change

(First things first...)

Congratulations Cassandra and Luke on your recent engagement. It's been a long time coming, and I hope your lives are filled with wonders and love. (and children? :)

It's been a long time - a month - since my last blog here. I've been a busy boy!

Since Matt's obviously not going to mention it first, I sold him my house :).

I'm now living in a lovely rental overlooking the Onkaparinga river and the sea (and Matt's mum's house!). It's a bit weird and inconvenient being on a slope, but otherwise I'm actually really happy with it. The lounge area is MUCH more usable.

I also have a shed, where I can hang the things that Missy doesn't want to see (like a giant photo of her :), as well as store all of my stuff.

I've also bought a PSP in prep for a change at work (that I'll probably discuss later). It's absolutely great for podcasts, video and audio. Best (only? ;) money I've spent on myself in a few years now.

It's also been a month of reflection and contemplation. Things are afoot that I hadn't put together, but slowly the world is making sense once more. Well, as much sense as a hunk of rock with seven billion ugly bags of mostly water can. (No, you're not supposed to understand this paragraph. Stop trying or you'll give yourself a headache!)

I've been a bit slack here, largely because I've been really busy, but also because I've been updating my work blog. It's not going to include home life stuff, it's purely work-related. All the same, if you're desperate enough to want to hear from me more, you can check up on me over there.

In a final and sad note, I'm as yet unable to get DSL. Costello is hammering away trying to get it for me, let's hope it happens soon! (PS. I thought I didn't have your number the other day, but it was under "D" not "C". I nearly didn't even check there!)

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Will of the World

A broken boy, walking alone through a broken world,
Hears a voice from a lost friend.
Unable to speak, unable to look, he just tries to smile.
The weight of the will of the world,
Its toll is born in lost friends.
Like tiredness overcoming wakefulness,
The time has come to finally lie down.
Fate has its way, lost friends are lost,
Only time can show a path back.

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Laptop Woes, discovered

I think that, despite my thoughts to the contrary, the logic board on this beast isn't yet due to fail.

I have confirmed that tilting the display can affect the screen output - cable being crimped by the case again, no doubt. I've also had good evidence that the hanging issues are actually HDD-related - I managed to catch a DMA timeout error on the console one time.

Of course, there's no way I'm replacing the HDD outright (unless someone has a decent 2.5" HDD for free...).

I've found a PPC LiveCD of Ubuntu 6.10, which I'm now running - less chance of a crash, I figure. My data is still there (and I have an up-to-date backup, wheee!) but it's frustrating to crash every time I move.

Might see if I can replace the HDD with a CF adapter and card - should be a nice fast boot if I do :). Not going to spend any real money fixing it though, replacement has been on the cards for a loong time.

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Oh, this is a photo of the new PalmPilot I got after Matt broke my old one.

Cheap and fast. I'd love bluetooth and wifi, but it's still great as it is.

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