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24 Sep 2002 (updated 4 Aug 2011 at 18:31 UTC) »
23 Sep 2002 (updated 23 Sep 2002 at 16:20 UTC) »
First Gem of the Day:

To regenerate the same is incredible; to regenerate uniqeness is immeasurable.

The human liver is the only organ in the human body that has the ability to regenerate its self similar to a starfish.

This is mainly due to the unique qualities of the human liver and also the sameness of the human liver as a whole.

In other words a doctor can cut off some of your liver and it will grow back.

Imagine, getting a flesh wound and not having a scar? To take it even further, imagine you lose a finger, it is cut off, and the finger can literally grow back exactly the same as it was before?

Basically what this entails is the ability for the human bodies healing agents to be able to remap the DNA that was orignally used to gorw the finger or heal a flesh cut to the exact same skin variations therefore making the concept of a scar nill.

A scar is a regrowth of skin in a dis-similar pattern than the previous skin, thus an akward appearance refered to as a scar.

The reason the skin regrows and regrows with imperfections is mainly due to the fact that in a flesh wound the flesh, primary word 'flesh', cannot be regrown but the skin can.

So we have skin regrowth, liver regrowth, and starfish regrowth.

They all share regrowth of generic properties the ability to use DNA and human healing agents to remap and regrow a unique quality such as flesh or an appendage would be a humna breakthrough unseen as of yet.

Second Gem of the Day:

There is a race on to see who can be the first to create a all-in-one, self-reliant computer that looks and feels like a real newspaper.

The PC's handicap is the PC itself. Taking the computer out of the computer will bring the computer to everyone.

Imagine real printable paper that was made with a stand-alone computer shell that can be pre-programmed with very simple user functionality.

Think of a musical greeting card or a visual hologram to get a basic idea.

An example of a self-contained use would be to have a hologram popup layer on-touch command to search for a text word on the newspaper and it reponds with a column and paragraph number.

Simple computers, small enough to not be noticable or cumbersome and usefull enough to make something common much more useful and easier to use.

This would be a true breakthrough and user-friendly implementation the bespeaks the purpose of computers in helping us all.

23 Sep 2002 (updated 23 Sep 2002 at 16:09 UTC) »

The two last big things i need to work on for PHPortal besides extensive code cleanup is site versioning and the full completion of the app builder in the control panel.

Site versioning is the ability to edit and view the chnages of multiple objects within a specific site version that is only viewable to specific users/roles while the main site is remains unchanged to everyone else.

This allows for greater, larger, and more global changes that you have made to many objects all take effect at one time at your leisure and pace.

The control panel application builder still needs some work to fill it out and make it a complete PHPortal application builder, I will get into those specifics at a later date.

The release of version 0.2.4 has been obviously postponed and I am hoping to get it public by the end of this work-week.

This is a minor release with minor enhancements and minor bug fixes.

Some changes off the top of my head are:

1. New GPL FSF approved license, I am now using the ZPL 1.0 license.

2. I have added a internal security check method.

3. Added a PHPortal method that can be used to restrict PHP vars and funcs used within the PHPortal Method Object.

4. Fixed the Document Parser 'eregi' to allow for spaces before the close tag.

5. Added a PayPal sunscription model and software download option to the Members App. The PayPal hook-in comes from a new Shop App cross-pollination and core user class tie-in.

And lots of general code cleanup and fixes.

How do your convictions make you feel?

Would you rather be hated and right or loved and wrong?

It's all about component based architecture.

Once you have the framework in which to build, building is fun.

Interface -> Handler -> Components

Interface can be a template based file.

Handler is the go-between that actually parses or converts the interface/template for the user request fulfillment.

Components are the parts that the interface/template references and that the hanlder replaces it with.

So the hanlder actually does all the active work.

The interface is what it is as well as the components, it is the handler that is the engine and keeps everything moving.

By isolating each phase of a process we get automation or what Henry Ford would call assemblies.

Each area is completely separated from each yet necessary for each other some are necessary while others are sufficient.

A template is only parsed if there is a matching component to its references.

The handler can only parse a template for reference tags to components.

A component can only be called by its initalizer or a reference tag name.

You can now get free XLog hosting and software by registering.

19 Sep 2002 (updated 4 Aug 2011 at 18:32 UTC) »
19 Sep 2002 (updated 4 Aug 2011 at 18:32 UTC) »

Ok, I am getting ready for a pre-weekend release of PHPortal version 0.2.4.

Not a major release but it does fix some annoying start-up bugs, other code cleanup, and general performance enhancements.

As far as PHPortal-Xpc lite 1.0 (http://4arrow.com/test/m/) goes the code release has been somewhat stymied as of late and maybe pushed off further to the coming weeks.

18 Sep 2002 (updated 4 Aug 2011 at 18:32 UTC) »

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