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With MindForth we are trying to create a classic specimen of AI software that will be studied and taken apart for years and for intellectual mastery. The program "Eliza" was such a piece of classic AI software, but it was nowhere near to being as complex and intricate as MindForth. The classic program "Shrdlu" was complex and sophisticated, but it did not "catch on" and it did not serve as a fan-out point for AI evolution, as we expect MindForth to serve. We want MindForth to be the first True AI and to be acknowledged as such. However, we realize that, if MindForth "catches on" enough to be ported into more popular and more prevalent languages than Forth, it will soon be eclipsed by AI Minds coded in the other languages. We want the version of MindForth just before it is eclipsed to be classically excellent software in such ways as being thoroughly documented; being optimized for functionality and for clarity; being lean and trim without left-over "Junk DNA" code that serves no useful purpose; having meaningful variables; and being as robust, bug-free and bulletproof as possible.

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Artificial Intelligence in German (Amazon Kindle e-book)

If your humanoid robot needs an AI Mind to think in English or German, a new Amazon Kindle e-book goes into great detail about robotic thought processes.

This e-book in English about AI in German (and English and Russian) contains the entire AI source code in Forth, which causes most of the editorial portion of the e-book (18 of 20 chapters) to be readable without charge in the free preview.

for Robot Artificial Intelligence (Mind-Module)

is now an Amazon Kindle e-book with a "Click to LOOK INSIDE!" free preview so that programmers and AI enthusiasts who may not have a credit card can get the gist of the information free from the product description and the first few chapters of the free preview. InFerence is available across the World Wide Web in Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom and USA America. So far the robot AI e-book has been reviewed with four stars out of five. The robot AI software is free to download in English, German and Russian.

64-bit Supercomputer Forth Chips for Strong AI

Imagine a four-core, 64-bit Forth AI CPU designed to run a not-quite-maspar but still somewhat parallel artificial intelligence in English or in German.

Such a specialized, Strong AI Forth CPU could devote one core to visual processing and memory; a second core to auditory input and memory; a third core to robotic motor memory and output; and a fourth core to automated reasoning with in English, German or Russian.

The 64-bit Forth CPU could be architecturally simple by dint of leaving out all the customary circuitry used for floating-point arithmetic, and Forth would serve as its own AI operating system.

JavaScript Artificial Intelligence Programming Journal

Wed.3.APR.2013 -- "nounlock" May Not Need Parameters

In the English JSAI (JavaScript artificial intelligence), the "nounlock" variable holds onto the time-point of the direct object or predicate nominative for a specific verb. Since the auditory engram being fetched is already in the proper case, there may not be any need to specify any parameters during the search.

Fri.5.APR.2013 -- Orchestrating Flags in NounPhrase

As we run the English JSAI at length without human input and with the inclusion of diagnostic "alert" messages, we discover that the JSAI is sending a positive "dirobj" flag into NounPhrase without checking first for a positive "predflag".

Sat.6.APR.2013 -- Abandoning Obsolete Number Code

Yesterday we commented out NounPhrase code which was supposed to "make sure of agreement; 18may2011" but which was doing more harm than good. The code was causing the AI to send the wrong form of the self-concept "701=I" into the SpeechAct module. Now we can comment out our diagnostic "alert" messages and see if the free AI source code is stable enough for an upload to the Web. Yes, it is.

German Artificial Intelligence Programming Journal

Thurs.14.MAR.2013 -- Seeking Confirmation of Inference

In the German Wotan artificial intelligence with machine reasoning by inference, the AskUser module converts an otherwise silent inference into a yes-or-no question seeking confirmation of the inference with a yes-answer or refutation of the inference with a no-answer. Prior to confirmation or refutation, the conceptual engrams of the question are a mere proposition for consideration by the human user. When the user enters the answer, the KbRetro module must either establish associative tags from subject to verb to direct object in the case of a yes-answer, or disrupt the same tags with the insertion of a negational concept of "NICHT" for the idea known as "NOT" in English.

Fri.15.MAR.2013 -- Setting Parameters Properly

Although the AskUser module is asking the proper question, "HAT EVA EIN KIND" in German for "Does Eva have a child?", the concepts of the question are not being stored properly in the Psi conceptual array.

Sat.16.MAR.2013 -- Machine Learning by Inference

Now we have coordinated the operation of InFerence, AskUser and KbRetro. When we input, "eva ist eine frau" for "Eva is a woman," the German AI makes a silent inference that Eva may perhaps have a child. AskUser outputs the question, "HAT EVA EIN KIND" for "Does Eva have a child?" When we answer "nein" in German for English "no", the KbRetro module adjusts the knowledge base (KB) retroactively by negating the verb "HAT" and the German AI says, "EVA HAT NICHT EIN KIND", or "Eva does not have a child" in English.

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