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18 Apr 2007 (updated 22 Jan 2008 at 12:49 UTC) »
The dead protocol and my task is to do some research on this project before coding a linux testing client for it :(. I hate you micr0$0ft.
The Shora CEO
I did a mistake in joining a company which it self was nothing just a piece of shit, and only because of the CEO (shora). The guy is horrible, I just can't believe guy like him exist in world. For me he is just "shoot on sight" kind of a person. I joined his company on 27 December, and coded a 10gig sniffer(kernel mamped sniffer), and front end application. He promised me to get an office in Pakistan which he refused. And instead of making a team in Pakistan he handed over the project to xyz on 12 march. and on 14 march, he behaved abnormally with me, just to make me feel bad and leave company. That's what I did and quit job on 14th of march. That was the shocking experience of my life. I worked for him 2.5 months and he ended up paying me just one month. I remember I was feeling so stress at his behavior. I was alone in home and my father was in Pindi. I decided to spend some time with relatives, just to keep my self away from the thought which kept coming and making me feel horrible. I did this and left for Pindi the next day. Meanwhile "Shora" kept calling me to make me feel bad and forget about the idea of getting my remaining pay and I kept listening quietly. on 20th, I mailed my CV to xyz and got an interview call on 22 march. I was in Peshawar at that time and rushed back to Lahore.
Interview went great and I got job. I was so happy because once I was not selected in my previous appearance in xyz. But that interview was so helpful for me to get the idea of where I stand and what's need to be done. I really worked hard on the missing/weak skill set and I had no problem in getting interview clear this time.
Now after getting job in xyz, new chapter of my life opened. On the next day I received call from "shora" saying, "masood It's nice you joined xyz and I recommended you as they were not sure may be to hire you or not. And it would be great if you join my project under xyz.". I refused straight away, saying "I don't wanna work for you". He apologies and said lets talk on Monday, 26th, which was my first day in xyz. I refused to work for him in front of my VP. He said, "ok,... If you don't want to work then I'll make you leave this job as I have a contract with xyz and it also state that they will never hire an X of my company". For me It was a joke of the day, as there was no such contract because when they signed the contract I was present there and I got the job same day I appeared on my interview so there was no confirmation left to be taken, which later confirmed by the VP. But he just wanted to make me work for him as he was struggling with the new guys he was working with.
So I decided to work for him on a condition if he pay me my remaining salary, which he accepted but his condition was to pay me half and the remaining half when the project finishes. I accepted it too and I started working on his project but under the umbrella of xyz. After two week there was no outcome of the commitment which he made. So I refused to work, again and now this time I challenge him to do any thing he want. I was forced by my mother not to take any illegal action against him. But in Pakistan it's hard to get some thing done legally. He threatened using the name of his uncle, who is a magistrate. And wanted to take an action against me through him. Now it was too much for me to hear all this quietly. I said look, "If I had any attention to take my money back, I would have don't it till now by hook or by crock. And do what ever you can do, let me see what you can do".
I reported my VP and refused to work for him, which he accepted and now I'm currenlty working with another team on a separate project.
"Shora" is now looking for a guy to help him out and finish his Idoit product. Some time I hate to see him around and some time I feel to pay him money to go and get your self a good book about human resource management. The two other guy of xyz refused to work for him because they find him mentally sick.

Back in the days of Mahvi, some one name Mishal meet me on naseeb. But she was more like a hello-hi girl in my list. We never talk most of the time and truly speaking, I even forgot she is SHE :). She wanted me to re join orkut which I left (truly cause of mahvi). Anyway, Mishal is from Lahore and she is nice. In fact not as good/Chilling as Mahvi was at first appearance/meeting. And the most important stuff, I'm not thinking other then to be a nice friend with her (Some thing I learned from mahvi).
I missed mahvi alot when I was in so stress because of my "shora" boss, durring the period of march 12 till April 1 but I know every thing will fade away as the time goes on. God Bless you Mahvi Where ever you are.
Today Ami going Canada for a full 1 year :(. Will Miss you mom.

Yesterday I tried network emulation for a Intelligent switch product, under development in Linux. It saved my ass from working hours to get a simulation work done.

There is some thing really bugging me for the last 20 days. I don't have the solution for it other then just to wait and see. The only question I ask, too often, Is there any way to spend life peacefully with every thing going smoothly around?
I lose my temper, not to often, specially when some one deceive me. But my reaction to what happen previously is totally opposite of my nature. I'm just waiting calmly for the guy to realize it himself. It's really hard to smile and talk to a person who has done some real bad to you and you fucking life. Parents only teach to respect the elder but they should also teach us how to treat elder bastards.

22 Mar 2007 (updated 22 Jan 2008 at 12:52 UTC) »
Finally, It's like my dream come true. I got job in xyz :) and monday would be my first day in xyz (ins). though I'm much happy today but bit feeling sad on Inzamam's resignation and the treatment given to him by Paki nation. No doubt he is a star of modern cricket. Pak won 1992 worldcup because of this Inzi, But how sad we forgot every thing, we now love n believe criticism.
What ever Inzi, this fan of yours will always remember you. You are proud of our nation and I love you.
10 Mar 2007 (updated 26 Jan 2008 at 22:16 UTC) »

Finally, I got some time to write my blog. Since the start of this year (2007), the work load starting to grow more and more. Some time I have to sleep just 4 hours to meet the project dead lines. No doubt, working day & night makes your boss extremely happy but at the same time this is not fair with the family. Anyway, my journey with AMD64 is going great. I learned some exciting things in last 2 months or so. And some cool optimization techniques. Also the kernel module for sniffing packet completed as well. Now stuck in sched_(*)affinity, this is some thing which changed dramatically in past glibc version and now I'm facing problem in implementing the right one.

Song of today's blog

26 Jan 2007 (updated 26 Jan 2007 at 16:27 UTC) »
Sniffing On Gigabit

Back in my college days, Packet sniffing on Ethernet LAN was suppose to be the easiest task in programming, using socket domain as PF_PACKET. Unfortunately, This old simple trick is of no use when we are dealing with heavy traffic. To capture packets in promiscuous mode on gigabit, Surely, this was impossible to achieve using lame LPF methods. While googling, I seen some advance research and implementation done by ntop's Luca Deri. His project PF_RING for enhancing packet capturing is really good. The good points about his project is...

1) Implementing hook on netif_rx, netif_receive_skb and dev_queue_xmit to copy the packet to mmap'ed space.
2) Use of mmap to directly access userspace memory. Although several Projects out there using mmap.
3) Keeping the records of each packet, dropped or received.

With the introduction of NAPI support in 2.6.x kernel, It looks quite achievable to capture packets on gigabit speed. Pooling defiantly helpful in reducing kernel interrupt load in heavy traffic. To understand the implementation I studied my 3com Lan card driver. The technique is to disable interrupt on the first packet arrival and switch to the pooling mode. After processing all the packets, re-enable interrupt (quite smart).
For the sake of understanding the concept and working, I modified the source code or PF_RING module and removed outgoing packet capturing routine from both kernel core and ring modules. It further improves the the performance but still it's wasting a lot of time in bookkeeping packets information.
Another project by Luca is nCap, which offers 100% packet capturing facility and will be the next project which I'll study.

Mavi (Happy Birthday)

Today is mavi's birthday and I can't even wish her, :( my bad. She is the topic of my blog today. Although she deserve more then just a few sentences in my blog but for me Blog is more reliable then my memory. At least, with the help of this blog, I can guaranty I'll remember her always, otherwise "Banday ka koie pata lagta hai".

We started our friendship in Oct 2006, during Ramadan and ended in Jan 2007. During this short period of time, the only/important thing which I learned from her was the importance of a Friend. And no doubt she was the lady of her words. It was me who thought beyond the boundary of friendship :) and I paid the price in the shape of losing her forever. And Again the decision was mine which she accepted as, for her, it was acceptable as compare to thinking beyond friendship.

It's all started when she gave me some importance and showed care for me. Yes! this is the care which I referring in my previous blogs. Well she was only doing for friendship or in other words, she only had the label of friendship in her mind and I took it completely wrong. And it took a while(1){} to make me realize that "SP your are moving towards wrong direction". I still remember each word we spoke on phone in our last conversation and believe me, In the middle of conversation I felt I'm forcing her make a relation. Although she refused clearly in her words, "My parents will not agree so drop this topic". I heard this typical sentence three time during our friendship period. That was the point which make me dig more to find out what she want but as she used to say "Trust is the only thing which matters more in friendship" and I guess I should have believed her words in first place instead of giving her hard time while digging more and interfering in her personal matters etc...

Anyway, her thought about more often than she probably can guess, and thoughts of her just naturally bring smiles of happiness. Now, that today's her birthday, may each and every warm thought, bring a wish for all the best in life, and all her favorite things. Ameen

As her chapter is now closed forever, the only thing which I regret is that she must have said once thats she likes me and I would have done every thing for her.

Good Bye Mavi you spent some memorable time with me and I'll always remember you as a good friend.

New Year & Eid Celebration

New year started with eid celebration and a sad incidence of saddam execution. Different people have different views about the execution, regardless of whatever it is, it shouldn't be shown on TV like this. I don't think there is any difference in keeping a person is prison and in graveyard, unless you have any personal fear from him/her.

Today is my first day of Eid and as usual spending in front of laptop, reading about different problems in Link List.

Girl Friend?

I'm doing preety well as far as my professional life is concern but as compare to my social life I'm unable to get a true friend willing to give me chance to show my care to her. I know the importance of GF in life and I feel really guilty about loosing some important true friends just because of my own stubborn nature and sachi I'm afraid to live a life like majno. Last few years of my life bring full success, as I did really hard in achiving my goals, but If I look behind It has changed my personality a lot. I learned a lot from my previous experience and had a really bad reputation of falling in initial love without even knowing a person :). The only problem which I can see and I don't have any solution for it is, I expect more from a GF as compare to friend, I know every one do but I don't have the guts to make some one fall for me, whom I like, and if any one do, It just because of my status not me, yes this is true. Anyway I can't say much as I don't have any successful experience in life till now. But hota hai chalta hai, aur haun "I don't give up yet". Let see who is next in 2007 :-).

27 Dec 2006 (updated 26 Jan 2008 at 22:22 UTC) »
Email Farewell?

Yesterday, It was my last day in XYZ and it went so bad. I spent 1.5 years in XYZ and guess what? email farewell... I was shocked when I received email of CEO, giving farewell in just a two paragraph email. I seen other employees leaving XYZ and they had given a good farewell in a good respectable manner, with some discussion on what he/she has done for the company. I'm not sure may be they are not happy with my work @XYZ or the way I refused the offer to stay in XYZ. But whatever it was I felt extremely unhappy about it. I was going on a one month proper notice while back in the time of joining XYZ, they forced me to join in 12 days.

New Job

My new jobs is really exciting and it's more toward embedded programming approach. Although I'm not strong in assembly but I guess this is the strong learning point for me also the strong reason of leaving XYZ. My job responsibility includes coding some heavily optimized application using inline assembly and using the feature of AMD's L1 and L2 cache. I was reading some documents on application optimization on AMD opteron platform and looks really exciting to me. Also my job responsibility includes device driver writing skills which is some thing not as new to me as assembly.

19 Nov 2006 (updated 20 Nov 2006 at 12:29 UTC) »
New Job

Last week I applied for a job and was succeded, no doubt the job was excellent and I was really excited about it but in the end, I had to appologies for not giving positve responce to the offer letter offered to me. Apart from other good thing, this job did have some assembly level of work along with inline assembly in C. In other words a mature C language programming job.

Naseeb Birthday

On 6th Nov we celebrated naseeb's birthday in Uptown LA. you can check few snaps from here. We had a bowling competition and I never in my life did bowling before this event and had no idea what so ever. One 5th Nov 06 I started googling howto's, And fortunately got some good video tutorials. I did pratice in home with a tenis bowl in my hand :), I know It's not cricket but I was so desperate to learn as I was afraid to lose. Thought we were up against players like me :) and my team mates were asra and shafiq. Mahvi kept telling me it's not that hard game but newbie always do silly stuff :). Anyway every thing went perfect although we were kicked out in first round but it wasn't because of me :). All the credit goes to Asra, according to her she do bowling regularly and no wounder she was the lowest scorer in our team. You can check one of my strike video. That was the coolest day since I'm in lahore and its arround 1.5 years now. I realy enjoyed eating, bowling, laughing and teasing Umar. I would have upload the bowling style of other coliques but i forgot, sorry.

NetMos Serial Card

I inatalled those multi port card yesterday on AMD64 in office but looks as they are, some how, not detected. I have to recheck/redo the hardware installation part.

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